Basically, you can see 10 frames per second I'm running on the lowest settings as well. As I think I can go an hour, you could try and tweak the configuration files and and spend an hour's messing around trying to squeeze out maybe two or three frames per second, more and it's not really going to help, but you can see it's just so Slow it's that leggy that sometimes it the controls tend to just sort of stick. So you start walking somewhere and then he just gets sort of stopped walking. Even though you you want him to walk, lifts or something he continues to walk straight. For me, laughs, there's, a step bad, so that only really needs me. One thing to do and that's probably just with this kind of lag. You just want to just jump off this wouldn't. You let's put it one minute. There we go hey yeah, too slow, wouldn't. Even bother with demanding games like this you've got to remember that it still there's an ad from cheery trail tablet and it's gon na get pretty hot to running this and battery life when you're going to is quite low. Unfortunately, can't seem to charge and game at the same time on this tablet, a little happier that I have which allows me to charge and use the USB port on my tea glass. X98. A 3G doesn't work on this model, unfortunately so anyway, which is three crosses. Three, the money kind of games like that they're, just not gon na work on this tablet at any kind of framerate, is playable.

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