I'Ve had have been a time on now with detect class x98 Pro and it's. The flow I'll give you my thoughts and opinions so far, using the tablet that, although I've done a lot of gaming to your story, you've seen the videos. I haven't actually talked much about the performance in general and I'm just going to cover that in this video here. So I found that people can asking me: how is the touch performance you know as its slowed as at lag now in windows, age? It is fine, as it's, very fast it's there's no problem scrolling. Now, if I were to head over to Chrome, I'll show you that chrome is running just like an absolute dog on Windows 10. Actually, I think it has memory leak, problems of just density leaking out everywhere and just consuming all my memory, but if I run the same website, this is the tick tailors website. Yeah, the home page is a little heavy because there's a lot of images on it, but you know I mean most tablets should still be able to run it well. It is adaptive as well so we'll depth to the screen, so you can see it's not as smooth. I mean it just doesn't want to there. We go to scroll as well, and so yeah don't use Chrome's at the moment, it's kind of hard, because I have all my bookmarks and things – and I do like the sync with my other, for example, my mobile phone, that syncs in my mobile phone that's.

Why? I use Chrome I'm gon na have to switch, and maybe just out Firefox as well. So overall, the performance is really good. That rotation is fine and I have no issues whatsoever with that and in general I just find that it just feels a little bit faster than the predecessor, which is right here in the background here. Just there and I've actually discovered something that I thought and assumed because of my old SD card, which was say as the Samsung Evo. I assumed that the USB to micro, SD card reader was used to be but extras wrong. It'S USB 3 I'll just quickly show you here. This is a nice little bonus there. These are the speeds I got here when I benchmarked my SanDisk driving in the centres performs a lot better than the Samsung Evo. I have seems to have become really slow for some reason and I need to format that, but you can see there that those speeds surpass USB 2. So the slot up here sorry on the bottom right there that actually supports full speed. So you probably want to look at getting a UHS microSD card, so you can take full advantage of that for me, that's the something big, because now I can store some steam games on there and I can move over files and when I record videos, for example, This one right here I can use a micro SD card and I can insert that and then upload it to youtube and just transferring over is a lot faster.

Now, with read rates, I've actually seen read rates up to about a hundred almost off this SD card micro SD card from Samsung, so from SanDisk getting confused there and it works really well so that's a good little bonus there. The other things to that. I do like about this tablet is the fact that now I can finally output via the HDMI ports here on the bottom. I can finally put out more than 1080p, because I have a monitor that is actually a 1440p monitor from azuz. I can enjoy now the full resolution and I find that it works quite well using that I haven't had any problems with the wireless everything that I can think of is all good. Apart from the negative that I've already discovered that you've, probably seen in some of my other videos, if you have been watching you keep out on my channel – and that is the temperatures that it seems to get quite hot now, what I think tick clust have done. If they've used the same heat, threader solution, they've – probably used on the bait roll. Tell that right here in the background – and that is all they do – is put like a tape over the top of the the system on a chip, the atom there emc drive and the round and that helps to transfer the heat around and cool things down a Bit they're probably doing the same now it might open up.

This tablet go around here with a guitar pick or prying tool, I've bent it right up and I might actually go and have a look and see if it has got that same tape on there and I think the thermal solution that you used it's, probably gon Na need, like a copper heat, sink or something on there. So this is the first batch and it's already read its ugly head it's, showing the fact that it just gets too warm. So if I go in to where it was my folder and show you some temperatures here now, these are temperatures that I showed in another video. I actually did some gaming for two hours straight, even though the video was only 16 minutes or so long, but to set up and do some gaming and record the different games. It was on constantly running games for two hours and these are the temperatures I got. You can see here, they're quite high, so it got up to 86 degrees, and you see up here. Thermal throttling happens – and this is what you don't want to see on this tablets, and this probably explains some of the results I'm getting where, although the benchmarks show that the graphics is twice as fast almost benchmarks, if you think about them, they're only short, really they're, Not running for an hour or two hours, and this is when the problem that is arising here, that it's been on for a long time and it's been using a lot of energy and the graphics has been running edits.

Fool full throttle just running everything, however, since if you use GPUs taxing the system and what is the result well, vs. is getting too hot, so hopefully, two class are going to address this in the second batch, maybe maybe in the international version. Now I do have to also say that I had to use my own windows image on this, so this is not the stock factory image that you will get from tich last when you do buy this, because mine came the first one. This is all owned. Chinese and the only way for me to get rid of that was to completely reinstall windows 10, so it's not the default image. Although I used the same drivers, I just used double driver to backup everything and put that back on the tablet and maybe maybe there's a few configuration files or something that's missing that's, causing some, maybe some issues. For my one I don't really know. I mean that shouldn't be the case, but maybe maybe that's possible so I'm, also taking some photos as part of my review process. I'M gon na be working on the review soon on ontic tablets. Comm. If you want to see a full detailed written review of this tablet, that'll probably be happen about a week or so does need a lot a bit of time with the tablet to get a really good impression of it. Now the camera is the same 5 megapixel autofocus camera on the back, and it actually takes an okay photo for these Chinese tablets.

Take one other benefit now, normally the photos are really rubbish, they're, blurry and horrible, and you can actually use some of these photos. So if you needed to take if you're on the go – and you wanted to take a for example – photos text – you said okay, I need I need to get that down – maybe you're in classes or something like that. This camera will actually work. You can take a text – oh 10, macros, if you can see here, that's, just the macro to us antics thereof, Game of Thrones and it comes out alright and you can actually use that now. This is something surprisingly that not even the surface 3 Pro could do. They mean that camera was fixed, I could not get macro photos and that was really annoying. They, of course fix that in the surface 3 and other photos they took, they came out: okay, not too bad, colors, the sharpness and, and normally this outside photo. They take just outside the front of my house, not normally that's all blurry a little bit on most of the cameras that I use and through the photos on they just come out shocking. You just never use it. I mean that's, ok, it's, not a wonderful photo like if i zoom in you're gon na start to see that yeah cats, 5 megapixel camera there's a few ghosting yeah yeah. Then you know that's not really that good of an image.

Now the front facing camera has 2 megapixel and I have used that in Skype and it looks ok, you know it's no FaceTime Apple FaceTime camera, but it works fine and looks okay. Now, what I have noticed is there's something wrong with my microphone or the configuration of the audio drivers, the real tech drivers. It sounds all muffled and horrible I'm gon na. Do it just a quick test of that, so you can hear just how bad that sounds, because it's not good at all what I'm gon na do is get the other tip up the older predecessor here this is the X 18 ear 3G model get that and Run that here and see if I can run both of them at the same time and record the sound. So you can hear what that sounds like, so, if I set them both up and get them to record at the same time just so, you can get an idea, so imagine you're in a Skype call – and this is maybe the distance from the camera to where The tablet is, if you're holding it I'm, just gon na quickly record, so this is gon na be a test just to see how sound sounds like on the excellente air and the xm8 Pro so I'll. Stop that and let's play this back on the x98 front. That just sounds horrible. That sounds like a 1920s recording actually fully 1920s recording. This would sound a lot better than that now.

What does it sound like on x98 f3g? Deep? That actually sounds. Fine and Skype sounds ready, go in this model, so I think something's gone wrong with the sound on my tablet. Maybe my drivers, maybe a microphone. Maybe the microphone. The hardware they have used is different, but it's still in the same position right here and really bad as you can hear, that's, just all muffled that's and apparently that's what I sounded like two people talking to me on skype, so not good at all, not good For Skype calls not the moment that is probably again because I'm, not using the official Windows image that took us for the release. This is probably my own fault, so take that into consideration. They'Re now running a 4k clip here. They just got some of the demo files that images here that I normally show it to Schaaf the the screens and how they look here then it's, not loading them for some reason. Okay and works really well there's, no problems with that. Now often, sometimes people say that when I'm using these tablets on the videos, but that I don't seem to be able to touch screens, probably often that is the case that I'm using it at a funny angle, because they have the tripod right here in front of Me and sometimes trying to actually touch the screen accurately can be a little bit hard and when does it's also not as touch optimizers, I find as Android or even iOS as well so run that 4k.

Video, sorry that my signals gon na run and this here's a 4k video that I shot on my Samsung Note 4, and it runs just fine perfect. Just like the beige rail as well so there's, no issues there, they just filmed it. What I'm, using both of them the tablet and I switched back and forth running the x98 Pro and then x9f 3G, but it just seems to feel a little bit quicker. Of course, it is faster it's showing that it is faster and Geekbench, but just with using things like the menu here, I've noticed that just bringing up the menu tapping on the battery. Sometimes that will take a lot longer or even just swipe across to bring up the Action Center. When I do this on the except having a really fast pin but and often it's a little bit slow, bringing that up – and it just seems a little bit quicker and the other thing also that I thought I'd quickly show you just jump on to YouTube again And just let you hear the speakers that day they still not the best now. I should actually probably be writing this Intel at large in mind, because that's, probably what windows want us to do well switch over here to tablet mode I'm still getting used to. One knows 10 and I'm I'm, not sure if I really like it that much as I liked Windows 8, when it kinda came out of what, when I say it was okay, they came out windows tyrannous, mmm different.

It takes a little while to get used to, of course, with the change of they're going to start menu, bad Kim that's great. But I just don't like how every time the tablet boot up as well at boots in the tablet mode – or maybe I wanted this top mode – that's yeah and slightly annoying so skip over here, go onto YouTube now typing on the keyboard is just as it is On the older model it is, it is good, it's, good typing, on the keyboard. I find it's easy just to hold it here in portrait for typing, because I can use my two thumbs there. So nothing load up something here. There'S two K, video there we go that'll do now again I'm using each here. If I use crime, this is gon na lag and it's, not gon na be good at all, so Jurassic world trailer there and 2k stuff are scrolling fast. This knows stuttering there get back to full screen. You know just turn the volume up here: okay, so that is full volume coming out of the two speakers of the rear. 50 Shetty Kray popped up okay, so you can hear the speakers aren't entirely wonderful, I've heard better on the tablets. I mean the surface 3 tablet speakers and surface 2 pro the front facing speakers. Also the Dell Venue 11. Those are really good speakers. I find on tablets, these ones are pretty average and they have a real muffled kind of sound, not muffled.

Sorry, it just has no mid range bass, they're, very tinny, sounding and they're, not that loud. That will separate now even the chewy VI. 10 now that's got better speakers as well, and there are eaters either side, and that tends to sound a lot better. So, overall, I do think this is a step up from the original model. It is fast I mean you've got double the RAM benchmark, so it's faster there it's just that issue at least maybe it's my model there is that issue there with the sorry with the hey Turner I'm. Just telling a little kid now. That'S got a lot of videos embedded in that, and that is very smooth, no problem to run all that. You know: it's, fun, it's, fine, it's, good talent, but it's. Just when you gain this is getting too hot at the moment. So can I recommend it to people who already own the x98 air 2 or the air 3g? Yes, is it worth the upgrade? Ms depends on your needs. If you're someone like me that wants to output via HTML 1080p, if you want a faster micro, SD card slot, and if you want to have that more RAM for multitasking and overall quicker experience, yes go for it, but maybe wait. Wait! Maybe, until teclast address these thermal issues at the moment, because you might want to this wait, hold off and see what they do about it because I'm hoping that they're going to release another revision there, they always seem to release lots of revisions.

Now, at the moment, my model here is be gon na, be able to zoom in on this it is they Wow, I can't even see sorry, I have that going up in the background, so this model here is actually thought if I can just read it as The canine c3 so k9. Is it a dog, our bad joke, bad joke? No, so it is worth it. I think an update, but yeah hold off for seconds, oh well until they released the second batch, and the disappointing thing is here: Micro, USB to not USB 3 and no type c. Usb 3.1 5c would have been great if they had that on it. Well, it would have been a top selling tablet instantly. I think a lot of people have gone for it because just would have been amazing, and I know a lot. People want dual boot as well in this tablet. That is coming. Dick last mentioned that in their Weibo account, which is they like Chinese Twitter equivalent, they posited that yeah there was gon na come with 4G. There was this space apparently on the motherboard for 4G, so eventually gon na see that alright, I think I've talked enough there and I hopefully I'll come enough that people get a good kind of idea of the the new exciting Pro and, as I mentioned before, there's Gon na be a written review, that'll be up, hopefully within a week or so, and I'll go into a bit more detail as well and some benchmarks, comparing that to other models that you can check out there.

Thank you for watching this rather long video.