This unfortunately, doesn't seem to charge an allow you to have the USB port or the x98 Pro, but however, I've just received today from a new hub that one of the readers and the forum on tick tablets pointed out to me. They look almost identical, but it has white USB ports here and the cable is a little bit thicker and seems of higher quality and running it in mode number 2. Here so setting this to mode 2 it's allowing me to charge and what it's doing is maintaining the tablet at 100 battery life. Here now, just before I was running tomb, raider playing a little bit of Tomb Raider on the tablet and the charge didn't actually drop down at all. The good thing about with the cheery trail is now that it will actually hold the charge at 100 and stop dropping down to about 95 and it's starting to charge again like what happens on the x98 f3g, which is probably not good for the battery. After the long, the long in the long run it's going to keep charging discharging charging discharging, and I don't know if that's very healthy for the battery. But it doesn't do that here on the x9 8 Pro which is good to see, and I think this is going to happen on most of the a cheery trail tablets as well. The good thing about this, of course, is that this tablet has shorter battery life than the x98.

F3G only gets about three and a half hours four hours in Windows, depending on what you're doing and now you can run this as a desktop, so you can plug it in with the HDMI port here on the side plug this in and then have four USB To ports so I've got my drive just plugged in here and that works without any problems now, so that frees up the issue of having no access to USB ports when you're charging. Now, with this things, working, ok, so so far, so good with this, that seems to really work now, if you're interested in that hub there, you can get that from being good. There there's a link in the description, I'm sure Aliexpress and a few of the other online retailers also probably sell that, but I just this is just the one that was pointed out to me by someone in the forum. Sorry, I forgot your name and it actually works really well, so thank you. Whoever there was I'll have to try and hunt down there threat. Thank you for putting it out to me so that works.