Let me know if you like this kind of new format: I'm trying here I'm recording the screen via HDMI out and I've, kept it an aspect ratio, so the correct ratio 4 by 3, just like what the tablet has. So when you get the wrong. This is the stock version here that comes with the the dual boot version here, Android, of course, and you can see that it does have bloatware on it, I've understood most of it, you can understood all of it. Actually, all we needed to do is just get the icon and then drag it and hit delete and it will uninstall it for you. So completely gone there. Now it comes with a few bloody applications that you can just drag and drop. Get rid of their app search is another one but that's. I know it's gon na. Let me remove it, so you need to do that. You need to spin a couple of minutes. Well, probably that ten minutes is tidying up, removing the Chinese bloatware from it. Then you get an okay kind of wrong now the launcher is not particularly fast here. If I use my finger there and just slide it there, you can see if it's reasonably smooth the animations. This is one you don't want to remove here. This is the tick class auto update, keep that on there and we need to do is just run to here. The online upgrade now on there just check see if they have any over the air updates and patches.

For you there. Sorry all the wrong performance is. Okay, you can remove this crappy launcher. I don't really particularly like it too much. You can put a pics on over on there, which is quite a bit better there. So I've got Real Racing 3 downloading there. In the background, I thought I just jump on here and show you the amount of free RAM that the system has at the moment so go because you can see. We have available free, almost three gigabytes now on first boot, you get about 3.2 or so free, which is quite a lot to play with there plenty of RAM and the internal storage you get. There is, I think, like nineteen, but used a bit of that. Of course, now downloaded a few games and that's there check things out now. I'Ve already shown this actually in some of my other videos, but it just quickly show you, with the gallery there's a couple of benchmark scores here that people like to see and that's something that that came pre installed on the ROM. I have no idea what it is. I don't read Chinese. There are a couple of benchmark scores here and they're pretty good here, but this version I have has been modded with the copied sake. So we've got fifty one thousand and two to benchmark there, which I think it's quite a decent scores, very good school. That really I mean my note, five twenty thousand higher than that it's an octa core as well.

So I just swipe here and handle this from the other images this, how it compares really taste that's like the Nexus 6 kind of speed there more details there and that's the Geekbench 3 score high GPU bench slingshot. I still unlimited now when I ran this without the heatsink mod I got. I think it was about 24000, so it's only increased it a little bit that mod, so it's, not like I'm cheating that much, but these are the scores with the monster. So when you get a stock version, it's gon na be a little bit less than that, because it will throttle a tiny bit here. Okay, so jump out of that and just another couple of things I wanted to show you as well as just how fast websites load up so it's gon na go to seeing in here something I haven't loaded up before cnn.com and see just how long that takes Played up I'm actually downloading real racing there in the background, so it's going to be slowing it down a little bit so smoothie versus this is held Scrolls here. Sorry with my finger, you can see that it's relatively smooth there it's going to look a lot smoother on the device, of course, because this is limited to 30 frames per second the recording. But when you run this on the tablet, it's definitely a lot smoother than that. So even there pops up quite quickly there and that's typical kind of performance.

They'Re, not not bad at all, so I'll jump out there and just see. If I can give you a quick demo of a game or two here as well, so you can see how that runs in the system now, because this one, I have at the moment, isn't the original dual boot version. This is the one that came first with Windows. You get this problem here: camera doesn't work because the BIOS has a problem with the cameras, but if you're buying the the international the new version, the dual boot version, it comes out of the factory with dual where you won't have that problem whatsoever. There it's not gon na, be an issue there so I'm just going to run. I think Real Racing hasn't finished yet doing its thing and no it's, probably still it's running here. In the background. Alright let's get into it's a little slow loading, but not as slow as one accommodates come on come on okay. So this is the first race when you still look I'm using the touch screen or not touch screen. The actual tail of the sphere I get out of here: hey tape, music. I wish that really changed. That music definitely need to do that. Okay, so I'm. Gon na kill some of these things off here and just before I end this video show you quickly model combat and it was at logo right there, an icon, if you click that it and go straight into Windows, you might have seen out there boot to Windows.

Okay, now this is going to take a while to load I'll speed. This up. I think I can I'll get it loaded, and then we have another loading screen here. I'M, not gon na lose this because of how many little turn into started anyway. Go ahead. Oh, my god, you anyone who takes it out of that dignity, even demanding games there that's using the Unreal Engine they're more comics, and it runs really well. So, as I mentioned here, this icon just before I let it in Mortal Kombat X, this is one. You click here so type that they're in a boot over to Windows. Now so quite handy, you don't have to use the dual boot menu all the time. Now, when you first boot it up, you give that option. You get that option either to go into Windows and Android, but now you can just do it within the operating systems now, so I clicked that now it's going to reboot and hit over thanks for watching the video.