So what I've decided to do is open it up and have a look at the heat sink or the lack of heat sink. Perhaps it just put a copper tape over the anthem chip to see why it's getting up to 86 degrees and whites throttling is just getting too hot, which is pretty unacceptable. So I've just started to open up the tablet now before we just show you it open. I'Ll, just give you a couple of tips here what I've done here when I started to open it? The first thing I did was start from the top here with the plastic along the top. So what I did is just went along here with this frightful it's. Getting a little bit worn and it's, not in very good state, might all but just went along here and started from here now. The corners are pretty tough to get open, but you can do it. You just got to go around later. You can use something like a credit card. I just used an old credit card again member card here's, and I use that to go along and also use that just to help get the thing open too pried apart, because all you need to do this. Private plastic off now does have these little Clips. All along the side here my volume up and down and power button plastic button fell out, but that's easy enough to put that back in later on and go along here and just trying to unclip it now these clips, if you can see some of them, have Got a little bit of damage it's not really designed to be opened once you open this tab that I mean it's really meant to do just sealed and that's it.

So you can accidentally. I have damaged, and a little bit now that's pretty hard to avoid and I'm just going to go around here and later on, just pry that, apart a little bit more and just open it up and show you the inside here and we'll have a look at The motherboard and we'll see the apparent space for the 4G modem that they're going to later install that should be there on the motherboard. So I'll show you that soon I'm just going to pause the video and get to tell it open. Okay, so here's the inside of the tablet. We can see both the battery cells one there, one there so there's, two of them up here we have the wireless antenna it's a small, cable that's going along here, which connects into the wireless antenna. We have a crab logo here, that's the realtek chipset, so one of these is the audio. The other one is the wireless, and here you can see there is space right here for the modem, so it's going to be the 4G LTE modem that they talked about. That they're going to put in later this already room there for it, so they don't need to change the motherboard design that's already there. They just need to add the components now there's a full size, SIM card slot right here – and here we have the good ex touch controller for the touch digitizer panel that's on the front there just below here you can see the middle there and along the sides.

Here that is the IPS panel they're, the LG Retina screen, and we do have the five megapixel autofocus cameras right here: front facing 2 megapixel camera, so it's easy enough to change those modules out. If you wanted to do that, if you needed to if they were faulty or something where you damaged the camera right down here, is a little microphone now I'm going to actually go in and open this up and see. If I can have a look at the chipset to see if they put some thermal paste in it, perhaps my unit has it just didn't put enough sand will paste in there. Maybe they put too much in there. Maybe it's not got good contact with the middle. Here with the shielding so I'm, not transferring the heat over very well, but it should be, and my plan is to try and use a thermal pad. I have one right here: thermal pad put that on top of the chipset and then have that transferring hopefully the heat from the chipset onto the back of iminium case here, because the case doesn't seem to get that warm. Even though the chipsets reporting may be 70 degrees, it's not actually wanted to touch at all. So if I can transfer some of that heat over now advise some copper shims as well here, so I thought I might put a copper shim on if there's enough space using some thermal adhesive paste there so to stick it on and then use on top of That a thermal pad to transfer heat over so maybe and hopefully that'll fix my throttle in issue.

Now they could just be my unit just bad. You know I have a lot when I get in there perhaps is a bit a plastic inner or something stupid it's. Making get so hot, but it shouldn't be happening, and I shouldn't have to do is of course now we'll just give you a close up. Look at the motherboard for those interested. Then people want to do other modifications or they want to try and should USB ports or whatnot so there's. A close look now will actually be taking some photos of this. They will be up on tech tablets, calm, so I'll get some macro shots. Nice zoomed in and we can get a lot, a good look at everything there, so you can see there the space for the 4G modem right here as a controller. I talked about touch controller and is the camera real to just sits there, and this look? We right here our BIOS chip right there, the EP ROM there, so maybe you can use a clip on that flash it. Actually, it might not be this probably under here. This is where I'm going to find our RAM four gigabytes of RAM a emmc in there. The Samsung and the course the atom x5z 8500 heading away protected under the shielding here so I'm. Just going to remove this now and we'll have a closer look: okay, so I've just gone along and pried this up a little bit and we'll have a look and see what they're done put some thermal paste on there perhaps now be very careful with static electricity.

Make sure you've effed yourself and okay, they have your thermal pads and don't. Think those thermal pads are doing a very good job at the moment, so they have put a thermal pad. This is slightly off centered and that thermal pad looks to be on D. So I don't remove this here and have a look and see if I can use now that looks to be about a millimeter thick, those pads that are on at the moment. So maybe I can use a higher quality one. So we can see here we do have a round chips there, so there's one, two, three four, of course this is our hard to see eg MMC right there and, of course, just under here's, where the atom is so we have our atom CPU just under this Is going to pull that off right now and we'll take a closer look there: okay, so here's our little atom chips up there that's the x5z 8500! Now all it had was that then we'll pan on it. Now these thermal pads might not be up to scratch. I guess this there is ways you could go about doing this now. Obviously that shielding is there for a reason so I'm, not too sure whether to keep that put my own thermal pads on there or not. Now the thermal pads they have used. They are actually point: zero, five millimeters, so that's that's, actually half a millimeter, sorry that they're, not ammonia, that I mentioned just before now.

I could go various ways with this. I could just put some new thermal pads on here and put a thermal pad on top of the shielding the thicker thermal pad. I have here so I have one a 1 millimeter now I could put this on top of the shielding that would have contact I've. Actually used the 2 millimeter one, maybe without putting too much pressure on the back, so that will have good contact right over the top of the chipset, with the back of the mental housing of the tablet, and that should transfer a lot more heat. And now I could also use the compositions I have here now. This one is 15 millimeters by 15 millimeters square, and I could probably put one of those perfectly on the top here like so and then maybe perhaps still be output shielding over the top and use thermal paste. On top of that now I do have some active silver 5 lying about somewhere. So I could put some of that little blob of that on top, so that will transfer heat over to the shielding and hopefully cool that down and then use thermal pad on the top here. That would probably work quite well, and I could also go for maybe even a bigger one here, but could use that and then try and put some of the smaller ones on top of the RAM or just use the thermal transfer heat transfer pads the thermal pads On top of just the RAM and the emmc doesn't actually have a one on they're, probably not required, but it doesn't get hot enough for that.

So various options here that you could go with so I'm just going to have a little think about RM and hopefully just come down to size as well. The last thing you want to do: I want to put too much pressure on the motherboard, because that might push against the screen and you'll end up having some sunny colors on the screen there and it's. Probably not the best. Do that. So you have to be careful with this and again be very careful around this very sensitive components there touching that with any aesthetic I mean you could fry the motherboard and game over it. Won'T work and you've just thrown away 250 us the tablet I'm. Taking that risk now at the moment – and of course you can do this with the x98 air too, if you wanted to cool it down a little bit, maybe you're having a GT youth freezing problems at some of the earlier batches had so that, if 3G, you Can do it as well? We have to remove the shielding. Do the same kind of process and I'll see how that goes. Okay, so what we ended up doing was putting some copper shims. Now I used the 200 millimeter by 200 millimeter larger one right over the top of the excellent CPU there. Now I cleaned it all up with Arctic cleaning solutions, so Vinings all nice and clean clean them all up all nice feet as well as the copper shims obey they don't, probably look it on the video with a little bit of scratches on them, but that doesn't Really matter so don't wait with a larger size here now, it's, not touching anything on the side there, which is important because we don't want it to connect with anything there, because it could short out, of course, a short which you wouldn't want at all.

So hopefully I haven't touched anything and it's still going to be out of power on I haven't shorted anything out with any static and I've tried to be very careful there and also put on the emmc. I decided to go and just put copper one millimeter thick shim on there as well and that's 15 millimeters by 15 and it's, probably not even necessary, but I think they get a little bit warm, but there's it's overkill. That I'm doing. That really – and I also put my own thermal pad one millimeter thick across the top here for the round now I'm – going to keep the shielding they use, because that can still transfer heat away from these components onto this. And what I plan to do, then, is use a one millimeter pad just over the centre here right, where the atom is to transfer heat over to the back of the red case. So this should hopefully keep the atom a lot cooler and let it turbo or boost higher for longer that's the plan and hopefully it's all going to work out. Okay, so we'll just put me a little bit of thermal compound, so my C done and seven I found that I had lying around from my desktop put a bit of that on top to transfer and just make sure it's, nice and center move it around a Little bit and transfer that just so it transfer heat sorry from the copper onto the aluminium onto the metal on the top here, and that will help out.

And hopefully all of this is not going to be thick enough to cause any problems. With pressure on the screen, if not, then I have to remove probably the thermal pad from the top here. This one I'm, going to put on gon na have to remove that if it doesn't work out. Okay, so I've put the shielding the heat spreader back. On top of it – and it actually sits down flush, just as it does before, so I think I'm pretty good when it comes to the size of at the height of it, that it shouldn't be putting any extra pressure. Yet the only thing I'm a little bit worried about is the thickness of my heat pad my thermal pad I'm, going to put on top here to have contact with the back of the tablet. Shell, clear, the middle alpha casing I'm. Just a little bit worried that that's going to probably be a little bit too thick. Maybe you should have gone with half a millimeter, but I don't have any at the moment with me. So if I put that on and it's putting too much pressure on causing the screen to to touch the front of the digitizer, then I'm going to have to open it back up and run this and just go without it there and hot that the cop is Going to be enough – and it should be now – what I also did was remove to thee.

They have the copper tape on the top or not copper tape like a metal tape. I removed to this because it's it's only about and it's very thin, but I might need all the then this I can get when it comes to putting this on the top. Now just a little tip here to when you put the thermal pads on I've. Seen this happen before on our an old tablet of camera, but what it was. I think it might have been a mini PC that it comes with plastic on the top that you need to peel off. Of course, now I've seen someone peel off just the bottom. One and then leave the plastic on it and that's not going to help things at all it's not designed to have the plastic on it at all so I'm. Just going to put this here on the top, and hopefully it's not going to be an overkill now having a little bit of pressure on there, it's kind of good to for the heat, to help it disperse little bit better there so I'm, going to more or Less put this over the top here, where I think is that the middle of where the atom is around about there family matter too much as long as it's pretty much well it's on center, I think about there and make sure you remove the plastic on the Top I'm just going to do now, remove that and there we go.

This is, I think, about the best I can do so. I have the new thermal pad on top of the RAM and now have a 20 millimeter by 20 millimeter, one millimeter thick, copper, shim that's on top of the Atom CPU, and I also went over the top and put one on top of the emmc. Now you don't need to do that because they didn't even bother putting any thermal pads on that now. Don'T move the quality or the thermal pads that tick last use. This is blue ones. Here have no idea, but I mean that there could be fine. So hopefully, now, once I put it'll work together, turn it on I'm, not going to have any 86 degree thermal throttling issues anymore. This should hopefully solve it. I hope if it doesn't, then there's something wrong with my particular atom. So bad back for something who knows all right so I'm, going to put it back together and now I'll, just hopefully the books up and see if it boot and then run it and see just how hot it gets. Okay, so everything went together really well there's! No pressure on the screen with the digitizing IPS panel below so there's no marks. If I push down here, sometimes you could see maybe amount when people have upgraded the battery in these tablets and it's thicker, it will put pressure on the screen and you get like a bit of a like what people will say a bubble in the middle and That'S, just if I push down here, you can see not going to happen, but oh they're a little bit, but it will went together really well so using the one millimeter thermal pad on top of the thermal heat spreader there on the back of the chipset.

That was around it or than a problem at all. Now it all went together really well I'll. Just give you a tip to this. To start when you're, putting it back together is put the buttons back in keep it up that way and start from the bottom. First and then just clip it in and it all went well, it's actually gone together, really nice and firm, and you wouldn't even know that it's been opened or modified. It'S gone to get it really well and I'm quite happy with the end result and just be really careful with static, and what I should have really done probably was also unsold with the battery. Now I was a little bit careless and I didn't do that. But if you want to be extra extra, careful and protecting your tablet might pay to do that as well. Just unsold a disconnect the battery, I didn't want to go that and want to do it because I had to take my soldering out. I am out of the sit outside and put it on and a little bit lazy of me. I should have probably done that and use that as a step now so far, temperatures idle temperatures seemed pretty good. You can see right there that it's just idling at the moment, around 34 and I'm, going to run a couple of benchmarks here or we'll run Geekbench 3 and a couple of things to get a tablet. Nice and hot, get working and just see if it picks up to 86 degrees.

Again. The goal here really is to have no more thermal throttling and no more affecting your point of performance from the heat. So if I can cure that problem and that's great and again, you should never have to do this tablet, but it's happening a lot now these tablets, they some of the CPUs, are getting pretty hotter than their atoms and it's, just not sufficient cooling. Now, I think, tip guys did a pretty good job there, it's, not too bad, but maybe whatever they're using is their thermal pad here, it's quite thin, maybe it's, not very conductive. I don't know it. Doesn'T seem too bad and it's not like they lift the plastic on it or anything like that silly. So there was no actual manufacturing assembly fault or anything that I could see and all there, but maybe they need to put a copper heatsink. Something like this or even bigger across the whole, top chipset they're in contact with it, or maybe they could even just fix the problem by adding a thermal pad on top of everything there to contact with the rear housing rhythm metal housing. Now I know that cube. Do this cube had done this on the i7 status with its clorium, and that is a hot chip. It gets quite hot there and they what they did is also on top of where they have the heatsink, where they put a thermal pad to transfer heat from that onto the back metal casing, and it works quite well.

The casing it's really hard to tell but gets hot, but it performs well and doesn't throttle so it's, good, ok, I'm. Just going to run those benchmarks and I'll be back in on the video and report. How it's worked out all right, so I've just finished running a performance test here benchmark, and that includes 3d graphics too, and it pushes the system quite hard. Now, if you have it with the temperatures, we got up to 68 degrees. I get the camera to focus and I want to focus there so it's 68 degrees, and that is a hell of a lot lower than what it was before. I used it up to 86, so it's a huge difference, so this has really helped out, and I don't know whether it's made my score any higher or need to double check that, from my first run of the speech fact that I did before the mod. But it can see there that it's already improved the temperatures right now. You can see the current temperatures just idling there around about 38 degrees and the hotter set caught again 68 there. So so far, so good the results not bad at all. There it's definitely helped now visit like with your own motto, if you're going to do this, and I recommend only opening up and going through all of this, if you know what you're doing well you've done before you've got some experience in doing this. Otherwise, things could go wrong and you can completely ruin your tablet, which I don't want.