I did to my tech last x98 Pro. If you see my other videos, we've seen that this gets very hot, get up to 86 degrees – well at least it used to. But I did a modification now there's a card and link in the video description here that will show you that modification, if you're interested in doing it now this is a follow up to show you the results of that. So I've been doing some gaming here and running HW info just to keep an eye on the temperatures, and I can show you that it still does get up to eighty degrees. We have a looked at eighty degrees, so it still does get very hot, but it's not 86. So I have to lower down my maximum in temperatures and you can see up there. It'S still throttling so I've got a faulty unit or the cherry trails are really running super hot. Now the back of the tablet, speaking of super hot, it does get very hot now, because I put that thermal pattern into its transferring heat around this area and it's getting quite toasty. There does get warm when gaming now the benchmarks that I did run before when I was throttling and getting up to 86 degrees they're here, and you can see that my modification has made quite a difference to the performance. Just have a look at the graphics score. There and the physics score: this is 3d mark 11, and this is the result afterwards, after my mod there, you can see that it has definitely improved the performance and those scores have increased a lot but I'm still not entirely happy with the mod, because it's still Getting up to 80 degrees now I am running the Windows: 10 image that's, not from the factory.

Here I had to install an English one, because the factory had just the Chinese is the Chinese model here that I have so I'm. Actually, gon na read review this tablet. Once I get the International Version, which will have at least the original ROM from teclast and I'm hoping they have addressed the thermals of the tablet, because at the moment it's just not good, the performance is better. You'Ve got double the RAM, but I cannot at this stage, recommend at least not this model. Not the Chinese one is just getting too hot. I shouldn't have to do this kind of mod toilet really. You should never have to do anything like that. It should come out of the box perfect from the manufacturer if they've designed things correctly, so the thermals are good and you're not going to have those kind of issues. No, I was running a little bit of gaming here, in the background run on the background actually had this full screen before now. I'Ve done that, for if you have a look for about half an hour to the first started, recording this video, so it's taken about half an hour to get to 80 degrees and to finally get the throttling there and that doesn't happen on the older models. So you know not good, not good, and the performance does seem a little bit better. The tablet, because of the mold that I did probably because it doesn't zoom or it doesn't, run as much even though it does say it has toddled now just put that on full screen, it's going to run that to her just a little bit longer and get My thermal probe here and just have a quick look at the temperatures on the actual skin of the tablet, so there's the runt front of it 40 degrees that's, quite warm still getting quite a hot 41 there and I'll flip it over now and have a look.

It back keep in mind that this mod probably has made this quite. It has made it very hot, actually, 41, 42 42 degrees. Almost 43 there now that's starting to get just a little bit too hot and it's not very comfortable to hold that if you're going to be gaming on the tablet. So in hindsight, with my mod, I don't know it might work on the newer models or perhaps it's. Just my atom is running extra extra hot. I have a bad one, it's, a bad batch of tablets. First batches on these Chinese tablets can be bad. You know they can be what I call first batch blues and sometimes it's best just to avoid the first batches. For some reason I can't play that there we go so even though it did improve benchmark scores, that's, just a temporary. That was only running, I think, to do the whole bit of 3dmark. A living benchmark is around about 19 minutes or something so it's, not that long. But after half an hour yeah those those temperatures I'm, just gon na go back and have one more look at that and okay it's not going past eighty degrees. So I guess my mont has helped, but you know i just can't recommend this tablet at the moment. At least to stay away from the first batch, the chinese one here and i'll have follow up. Videos later on will i'll get my hands on the the new international model.

When i have ordered one with DHL shipping, so hopefully have it, maybe in a week or so, and if the film was aren't improved, the tablet is just no. I can't recommend it at all. If the film was good, it doesn't rot all and yeah. It looks like it's gon na be a good tablet anyway, thank you for watching the video and do keep an eye on the playlist, because i will have new upcoming videos later on.