I should say on the x98 procure this is wolf face. Azul, request and I'm running on the loves hitting tier 800 x. 600 game actually looks. Okay, then let's hit man on low settings and it's very playable and have a good play with this, and that I'm going to die very soon because I'm, not normally very good. At these kind of games, yeah dude straight away, you can see the framerate is keeping around 30 frames per second, which is good and overall you a great play. Ball Wow dead. Again, then I'm, not good at this kind of games useless. So he runs voting air base. Let'S have a quick look at the next map and see how that one rise quickly, showing my settings here before the next map loads, video, 800, x, 600 and everything is on the lowest there. All that was very quick. I basically all the settings on like the preset low setting for everything does take a little while to load, probably because it's running off an emmc Drive here and other people here running a map of pretty runny it's. His knee drives and a lot faster desktop. Some things other no, unfortunately, it's quite a dark map, so it's very hard to see what is going on here boy. I died straight away again now. I haven't played this game before it's. My first time used to it don't use to at all. Okay, one will go and I'll move on to the next game: oops pretty fun yeah.

I still got me okay, so just that Knicks game that's a look at Worf under here it's running on 1024 by 768 resolution on the low settings. So it could go down to the minimum settings, but it recommended not to do that, but I think maybe I might have to keep that frame rate up. Oh did I crash yeah it's, not my first time playing this game and a long long long time. Alright that's a quick book beer, so it's it's your own fine play ball. You could lower the settings to minimum if you want to boost up your frames per second, but the visual details I think lowered drastically so work on to good on to the next game and finally unlock area Neverwinter. This was another request that someone asked me to play this game. I'Ve got the settings on 1024 by 768 and it's on the lowest settings here to show you so I set it to rendering quality there on the video card. Stop here, loan CPUs medium. You could lower that down as well. In fact, I will I just put that on low. Now you can tweak a lot of the sitting temper. You know you could go on for hours tweaking it and probably get the maximum amount of framerate that you need from it now new to this game. So I don't know what to do now. I'Ve just basically started got a weapon. Breastplate and I've got to kill some there – zombies or monsters out here so it's safe to say this games going around perfectly fine perfectly playable framerates hopping around the thirties.

Here, of course, that's gon na drop down there's a lot more on screen, but I mean this early stage in the game. Doesn'T seem to be an issue at all. I guess laying around with big spells magic spells anything like that will probably dip down again but I'd say it's, definitely playable. I mean it doesn't. Look that pretty look at this on a lot of settings if things do not quite blocky. Now, if I can skip past that, oh you can jump to spend on the fire. Okay, so that's, never one to run find another playable game thanks for watching the video. I hope you enjoyed it bit long, maybe try to make it as short as possible. Best hisses games out do keep an eye on my playlist. I have more upcoming videos for this particular model.