This is the dust tube map here at counter strike. Now I have it on 1024 by 768 resolution and everyone just gets a hundred head shots stars just as stupid until the frame rate is hovering around the upper 30s. Here he wants us running bots on this. This is just ridiculous. Only hit shots. Everything is just kidding it motors getting head shots. What is this crap anyway? You can city frame right there yeah I got another head shot, everyone's just running hunting, BOTS hey. How can I compete with that that's for just anyway other reasons why I stopped playing this game years and years and years ago, so you can see the frame rates, probably about double that of why not double, but a good 10 frames per second or even more. There need it's not running a boy, it could ten frames per second more than the bay trail, x98 air, two or three g4 play ball before I leave a map. I just show you my settings and he get shot me here anyway in a second, so you can take out 1024 by 768 everything's on low disabled. All those antennas you don't want any of those really because this going to slow down too much so low low, low, low low fullscreen it's running really well yeah, I hit shot someone. Okay, let's have a look at playing against bots now so the same map again, but this time with some bots medium setting, bots and normally does have quite an impact on the frame rate, because the CPU needs to calculate all the AI down to about 20 to 20 per second there.

Well then, when the bots start to move around yeah, it takes quite a massive hook that you can see down to 10 frames per second calculating what the bots are doing, so not really their play boards, not too bad it's improving. Now, to get away from all their bots they're slowing things down, there's a few stutters there, but definitely works a lot better online, which most people going to be doing anyway playing online. I don't think it wants me playing with bots. Are they no? You play this online it'll run a lot better boom, okay, so that's a look at counter strike there global Offensive on to the next game. Alright! So now it's a bit of Team Fortress 2 here same settings as before so 1024 by 768. Everything, solo, okay, fame rate is doing slowing down now, let's link to be quite playable. There definitely seems to have a slightly better frame rate than the older model. The x98 here will your 3G then even get a glimpse of the card actually last time around. Where is it it's up there? Okay, you killed someone and, if you alright, so I think that's enough of Team Fortress 2 there. You can see that it's unplayable, it does have some stutters. The frame rate is dropping right down there, but overall it seems to be playable enough now some dota 2 here this is on low settings again, 1024 by 768 and on the lower settings.

This is a game against bots here, so I filled the game up with bots and that's. What'S are probably going to have an impact on the frame rate, as you can see out here, because it has to calculate all those bots movements them attacking the other ones. All the AI, etc now I've got the render quality set at 45. So I mean it's not looking that great and it should help keep the frame rate up. So it runs a little bit slow around where the action is all the animations and everything here but move around the map – that's reasonably quick, cuter duffer's here and there the other 15 frames per second, not the best. So if you play a game online against other players without any bots it's going to run probably a lot better than this could even be twice as fast. Okay, so let's go to to check out half of exile next it's right before I go and to show you the settings here so 1024 768, as mentioned, and everything else here and the Advanced tab it's all off the game screen render quality 45 low low to Carry any lower than that so now on to path of Exile here, it's a quite dark, unfortunately pretty hard to actually see it on the screen, because it is 100 brightness, but these screen is just done at the moment with the setting here, I've been on the Beach at night time so hard to make out now to get this game to run ahead.

Takes you put the screen scaling to 100 and everything's running on low, again I'm using 1024 by 768 lucien, as if you start us here and there, but overall the frame rate seems to hover at just over 30, so that's good definitely play at all I'll see If I can swatch switch over to a character that actually has parts of the map that a bit brighter than this, if initially see things okay, we can actually see that map a little bit better. Now press up skill tree, it was a new patch. I haven't played this and so long got to reallocate all my skills again. I want to be doing that so here's a few plays on the screen here and still the framerate is keeping around 35 mid thirties dancer, that's good. I think it's safe to say that this game is, it played what definitely try and see if I can get a lot of enemies on the screen here, I'm going to die. Ok, so that's a quick look, favorite path of Exile, now it's, a quick look here at call of duty. Modern warfare 2 shown settings everything's on the last. Well, you could change the ragdoll board impacts, so the framerate seems really good. I bet it all did dip down a little bit they're. Definitely all batata like this is playable. Okay on to the and finally, a look at League of Legends here to shoot video settings so again: 1024 by 768.

I find that's the best for this tablet and medium life settings. You could probably lock them down even further if you want it to drop that down to low or very low it's going to keep it there for now see how it runs. So if I move around on the map, you can see the scrolling around on the map. Very quick, no problem here. The framerate seems pretty good now. Remember: I'm playing against bots here. Let'S write the next in Internet in the start, so it's not any game against. Other human players, so that will take up a little bit of the CPU, calculating AI right. So that's, a look at legit League of Legends, their seats, very playable – should run just fine. I mean it even ran on the older generation Bay Trail. Just fine on a lot of settings here now I'll just exit out of this game and have over the temperatures and see what the core got up to over this hours of gaming. Ok! So if I come down here, never look at HW info. Hopefully, you can see this alright, so the core max over the two hours. Now that I've been running the tablet to install all these games and run them all and test them all out, for you guys, 86 degrees it's the hottest it got and that 86 degrees it looks like it's, come from the graphics, maybe no its core power and Is fixed on the first and second core, so quite warm they're quite does get quite hot.

This is a little bit hotter than the optimum. Is it 37 36 F, but I have seen nets if you also get up to about 88 degrees on the on the V. 1. 1. 6 W. So it does get quite warm, but I've notice that when you're gaming it it doesn't really get that hot. At all, maybe up to about 60 65 degrees. This gaming really seems to make it quite hot. Do have another video up, actually testing other temperatures would be they will probe in everything, and the surface of the tablet around the back here does get quite warm, but it's run about 36 37 degrees there. So not that hot, so there's a look at gaming there on the tip glass x9.