10. Only model this now is the latest version with dual boot on it. Now I have covered Windows already so I'm, not going to look at that, so this is just basically an Android review very quickly. Just give you some of my opinions on how the ROM is, how it runs benchmarks and then the fun part I'm gon na do some gaming tests, which will be shortly I'm, just going to cover a few things on the ROM here. So what we have is android 5.1. This is ROM version 1.3 that it's currently running so it's tick, less tickle, ass, bloated, leggy launcher now. The overall ROM is reasonably stable and I say R is me because I haven't noticed some screen flickering from time to time. The screen has flashed, but I roll it seems to work quite well. Temperatures within the Android side of things actually really good. You might have noticed right here that I have this 34 moving around, keep an eye on that, because that is the actual temperature of the CPU I'm going to keep them on the whole time, CPU temp running in the background, so I can watch the temperatures when I'M gaming on this thing, so no rule it's just so much cooler than it is on windows and I think that's down to the way the governor is controlling the CPU, so it's, not too boring as long. Maybe the GPU has clocked a little bit lower, but overall, if I share the benchmarks, the scores that I'm getting are actually this same as Windows 10, if not better.

So this is the ice storm unlimited score, so 26000, almost just showing twenty six thousand three good score, considering the hardware, because this is an atom x5z 8500 that support this four gigabytes of RAM and thus the Epic Citadel school here so 52 frames per second average. Very good score, not bad at all, considering the resolution that's running there, if you ever got that you might think. Oh, that should be 60 frames a second with this hardware yeah. Not at that resolution, though, maybe four it's ranked in ATP – and this is the Geekbench 3 squall which actually the multi core score, got higher than windows in my windows test, but about 300 to 350 points. High they're not really sure why that is maybe because androids a little bit lighter than than Windows 10, so it had more resources and here's the slingshot score for 3dmark, and you see up here next to it, the 34 degrees is just there is 43 degrees. So that's as hot as it got during that test, here's the antutu five point: seven point: one score: not a bad score. If you have a look at the cpu scores, they're compare that to other tablets. I think it's reasonably good, and so they compared so it's a little bit faster than LG g4, so benchmarks aside, actually sorry one last benchmark, I do want to show you just this one right here. This is the wireless speed I found.

Wireless stability has been really good, it hasn't been cutting it out. I haven't had any problems with an asterisk, showing up saying, limited connection or anything like that, which could sometimes happen on these Chinese tablets so far so good, it runs really well and those speeds there. I got 20 III upload and 43 download make a bits per second that's it around about the same speeds that I got from my desktop, but it wasn't too far from the wireless router when it did this test, though so, if the further I am away, if The speeds do start to drop off a little bit. So, if I'm running this from downstairs, which is probably through about three or four doors and the first floor onto the bottom floor and then those speeds – probably half because of because of that it's got a lot of stuff to pass through, but overall, I'm. Quite pleased with the the wireless speeds – and I have actually seen worse or better, but those speeds definitely find there's, no real problem at that at all. So it does have this look Maggie horrible kind of launcher. Now I could dump this and put a nova launcher on there, apex launcher, which I highly recommend you do, but for the sake of this review here, I'm keeping it stock and I'm also keeping at the stock resolution. You probably notice the borders either side here so that's, four by three people's I'm, going to keep it the same.

So you get an idea of what it looks like on the screen, but it's gon na be a lot sharper than what you're. Looking at on this video here, because I'm outputting in 1080p, so we do have the logo there to boot to Windows. If we hold that you can boot straight into Windows from Android, which is a recent thing, they add they added this in the tick Las x98 Air 3G and the last ROM built and it's quite a good feature. So no more rebooting the tablet again to restart the whole thing and then move over to Windows. So you can do it straight from Android s, which is really good. Cameras are working, unlike the first model that I flashed over to dual boot. The dual boot vias there's still a problem present with the cameras, so they don't work at all. But these cameras do actually work just fine front. Okay, it doesn't want to it just crashed on me and it crashed on me because I've got HDMI connected. I think it's the reason why that crashed, but it does work trust me it's, just because I'm doing this recording alive it's playing upon here and this bound to happen that something's going to crash or not work there. So, overall, the rom is okay performance as good and, as I mentioned, it's a bit instability now and then what it does flash. But you know it's, okay, they are pushing out updates tick.

Last the auto update tool. You should run that now and then just to check for updates, but I do have the latest version at the moment. A funny thing is that saying excellent 80s 3G. But this is definitely the pro that I'm running here and I'll just quickly show you the free DRAM. So I go over to apps I've, just downloaded a lot of stuff at the moment that have been running so normally around when you first video up, you get about three point, two or three gigabytes free RAM, which is ample for Android. You can just go multitasking crazy and I've got a few things running here. This is a standard task manager there that you get with Android 5. Now you can see the bottom this all those mini buttons as well, which we don't particularly like they've, got the screen shot, one so yeah I can go and take a screen shot and then the volume controls the home in the back, but it's not really centered. Right now, don't particularly like that so enough, the wrong anyway it's it's, fine, it's, stable it's works let's, get on to the fun part of think of blabbed on enough I'm, going to focus now on the gaming side of things here. So, to start now with modern combat 5 – probably the most demanding game that this tablet has to run company you heard him come on. I got ta reload check it out.

Let'S get out of here. We'Ve got gum shopper. I think we're in the clear you you you, FIFA, 16 ultimate team. This game, I think, is running and the native resolution so it's not actually just upscaling the resolution from a lower resolution. I think it's running natively, which might explain the lag you're about to see here a huge amount of lag. You know you can see just how slow this is now. It'S got nothing to do with me running the HDMI, because I did actually run this without HDMI hooked up and, and it ran exactly the same, so this is just painfully slow. This is like a slideshow. Basically, it looks like a slideshow to me: it's running Meister made around 15, maybe less sake. He like ten or eight frames per second, so it's not playable at all FIFA 16. You might just want to forget about this one, but I think you're gon na have to otherwise. You just go crazy and less EA issue a patch for this things. I can finally actually just get the ball here and pass this on if you've got a huge amount of patience in me – and maybe you can play this but there's no way, I would play replaying this game and this kind of frames per second. This is horrible. I'D hate to see what this runs like on the bay trail, maybe it's something wrong with the the app I don't see why it couldn't play this, because I think when I know that here's 2016 runs and Windows, but again that's using a different engine that's enough Of FIFA there that's just running absolutely horrible I'll, actually be using accelerometer on money on the second mission you've to start playing this game, but it plays very similar to that in Miami hotline game.

In fact, you could call it a clone, or is it the other way round sure this is a kimono kind of old school games? They used to play. Look down like this on my amiga 500 it's a long time ago, thanks a lot of gates to the stand going just yet so straightaway in the lobby, there's quite a bit of lag. There is it's loading in the richly other place here online, but that's. No more, I think, but reminds me of Table three nothing we'll move on to the next one show me your life, so the amount of free storage that you have on board is about 16 17 gigabytes. Here I have 11 gigabytes used to install all of this game, so I am very grateful that this is not a 32 gigabyte only model, because that would be horrible, because things are partitioned up between the two operating systems. We have Windows 10 partition the Windows 10 recovery. Then we have the Android side of things. We have the user partition and system partition. So really it doesn't give you much free room there, but at least I can store all those games and you do have a micro SD card slot. So you can't expand that now in terms of battery life I'm, actually charging the table at the moment. So that's not good at all. I know, but I can tell you that you get around four hours, so four hours, four and a half, maybe if you lower it down and if you're gon na be gaming non stop, then I think you're looking about three and a half hours which isn't ideal It'S definitely a step down from the older generation, the last model, the x98 EF 3G, which could get around six hours six and a half seven, so a bit of a step backwards there and overall, the wrong.

As I mentioned, it's, not wonderful, it'd be really good to probably just dump the stock launcher getting over on there or Apex Launcher, and hopefully the likes of America. 190 from XA formas will come along and make us a wonderful custom ROM for this, and it can work as magic there, so that's the the video they all hope you did enjoy the gaming test there. I thank you for watching the video and then hopefully catch you in the next up and coming videos.