You could probably run this in 800 x, 600 and what actually says my resolution is 800600, but it's really not because I set my desktop to 1024 by 768. So if you said your disk top day, 10 times 600 that's how you can run a lot of resolution there so I'm, just gon na jump into a game here and see how it handles it. It'S gon na load a little bit slower. Cuz I'm, actually running this from an external hard drive via the USB port. Just right here, so we can take a while to load this okay, so jump to the game. Here you can see that it is running a little bit slower than when there was a lot of enemies on the screen, so the framerate is dropping down a little. So if I catch up this other player here and see healthy frames going it's not actually doing too bad anything, this is just an atom chip, so it's doing. Okay, if you want a French write post, then you're definitely going to have to lower it to 800 x 600, see it actually dropped down to ten frames per second here, which is not ideal, that's a little too low. There I mean with those kind of framedrops you different wouldn't, want to be playing in the hardcore league playing Hawk on this with those kind of legs there now you're, just gon na die straightaway eight frames a second it it's, definitely dropping down there.