I just wanted to have another look at it on a different map because it wasn't happy as well running it in 1270, so 1280 by 720, that I ran it on the last video. So I just decided to change the resolution right down to 800 x 600, so it looks a little blocky and pixely, but you can see the framerate is so much better and it's, probably helping, of course, because this is a larger open map. So it's probably running a little bit faceted as well you're just running around on foot here you can see staying around 3 frames per second, it does dip down to about 25 or so, but very playable here to get into one of these tanks here and see. If I can try and kill someone or not die straightaway, it surprised how well it's running really, because considering this is just an atom tablet, because it is running on the newest cheery trail, which does seem to run quite a bit faster. And now I have applied the copper heating mode to this model right here that I have so it's putting a little bit better than the stock ones, and I will check the temperatures should be soon on this video, so very Bible. You could also reduce the scaling down. I'Ve got it set at hundred cents. So if you set that down maybe to about 50 or 75, they could even give you a few more frames per second okay.

This is completely labeled here. How is she I'm dead? Okay, so I'm, just going over the temperatures now very quickly before this video drags on too long here so I'm. Just going to have a quick look, we can see that okay it's gotten up to 83 degrees, so not quite thermal throttling. Just yet going to this node, no thermal, certainly so there's another look better at battlefield 4 on the tech class x98.