So it’s got a nine point. Seven inch 2048 by 1536 resolution screen that’s the same screen that is in the Apple iPad, air and the air too, and all the previous tick last x98 models. Now the design and build of it has changed slightly. I personally see it as a step backwards and I’ll explain to you why? Because here is the x9, 8 plus sorry, x98 ear 3, but it’s the same. It has the X 8 plus the build of it, but it has smaller bezels and a more squared off design, which I actually like better, because it just feels a little stronger. It feels a little bit more quality, whereas the new one, the x9 8 you’ll see the build is different. It has more plastic bezel around the top here and there are a few things with the build quality as well that I noticed if I just get the camera to focus here, you see along here. I notice there’s a bit of a gap here, and my volume down button sometimes sticks a little bit, so the quality has dropped somewhat. It doesn’t seem as good as it used to be before and there’s a slightly cheaper feel to it and cheaper. It is yes, it is slightly cheaper, it’s around 160 us vs. about 109 to 80, when the x98 Plus first came out so it’s still a dual boot device, Windows, 10 and android 5.1, and it has a eight thousand milliamp hour battery in atom x5z.

Eight thousand three hundred four gigabytes of ram. Now the ram is running at 1600, megahertz, not 1066, so it’s running at this maximum speed there. So I’ve just been running some benchmarks here that I will show you in Windows 10 now, which is the start of this review. Now. This review is going to cover various different sections and will also cover Android, so there’s some time codes. It should be popping up right now, so you can check those out and skip here to parts of the video you’d like to see that are more interesting for you. So benchmarks just been running these ones here. The typical benchmarks I like to run so here is the ice storm extreme score that you just saw and that’s the ice. Storm 1.2 score a little lower than expected there, and so is the Geekbench 3 score here, the little low norm. You see about 700, 720 and close to 2000 on a multi core score, but it’s running a little lower they’re, not completely sure. Why could have something to do with the thermals? It has been getting up to 81 degrees, but no thermal throttling. So that was the ice dome extreme score there. So on first boot, when you get into Windows, you have 23.4 gigabytes of space free there and I’ll just quickly show you the device manager. So the disk drive is a high. Nix deserve proper brand, which is good to see it’s, not a be win or one of the slow ones.

Network adapter is the realtek chipset, which is just wireless in so I will show you quickly the benchmark speed of the drive. So this is the internal storage. 130 reads and 81 write sequential and the 4k speeds there are ok, they’re, not wonderful, but not bad. For an e MMC. Four point: five point: one spec drive, so the screen itself as mentioned, has a gap in it. So you have a look there. You can see there’s a quite a visible gap there and the brightness of it is good. It gets up to 550 lumens of brightness, which isn’t too bad at all, and the colors of it, the black levels and the whites are good and the calibration it’s. Neither too cool or too warm it’s good somewhere in between there and overall, a very nice panel that has a pixel density of 264 PPI. So all the ports have now moved to the top of the tablet, whereas on the older ones, it was all on the bottom here, so you got there on the bottom. You have the ports and the micro SD card slot on the side there, but now all on the top, so yeah we’ve got the microphone audio Jack DC 5 volts and for charging now. So you can charge using that and you can also charge using the micro USB 2 port. But when you charge with this, then you still at least have Micro USB freed up now, which is good that’s, a positive that this new design has a micro SD card slot that can take up to 128 gigabyte cards.

A rare 2 megapixel camera there and the front facing camera is also 2 megapixels and, as you saw before, the power on volume up and down on the bottom, nothing and the whole back of the tablet made out of this metal. That has a matte coat to it and the great look that you can see the speaker design has changed slightly. They put a new grille on the back of there to try and give us a little bit more volume, and I will test those speakers out. Just now and see how they sound if they have improved or not so just going to play a clip here of carbon based life forms now. The reason I play these guys is because they don’t give me any copyright issues and YouTube. Let’S turn the volume up to maximum. They can hear lots of Distortion, okay, there’s a lot of thought distortion coming out of those speakers and, to be honest, I can’t actually hear any improvement in loudness from the whatsoever compared to the older models that I have listened to and in Android it does sound Slightly louder the volume I think, it’s something to do with the drivers. It tends to always happen that for some reason, these dual big tablets and Android – the speakers always perform a little bit better they’re, now scrolling and using edge browser here, it’s very fast, no problems whatsoever. This can also play 4k video stream 4k video without any stuff, or anything like that.

Now, if you use Chrome chrome is going to be a little bit slower still hasn’t been optimized to work with atom, chipsets very well in Windows, 10, and if you do play 4k clip there, you will have choppiness and dropped frames everywhere, very stuttery at streaming. Anything over 1080p and chrome is horrible, so, with 50 brightness and web use you’re looking at proximally six to seven hours of battery life, which is okay, wasn’t as good as the first x98 plus that I tested they could get up to eight hours. But this dual boot version doesn’t seem too bad, so the capacity is mentioned as 8000 milliamp hours, the same as the older models there and in Android you get around six hours slightly less. For some reason it seems to consume more CPU, so just finished running a wireless test here and the performance of the wireless is really bad. I don’t know what is going on, but not good at all in Android, as you see later on, when I get to the Android part of the view, it’s a lot faster Android, but still not as good as other tablets and the range of the x9 8. 2, here is very poor as soon as I go downstairs, these speeds will go down to even half of that, so very poor wireless performance and if you hold the tablet right about here, that will also affect the the range of it and the speeds you’ll be Getting so it’s got something to do with this area where they do have the antenna, but they seem to have used a very poor antenna, setup or perhaps that’s the drivers.

Looking figuration of the realtek chipset, because other tablets with the same chipset can perform quite well and get speeds. I should be getting speeds here of about 40 megabits per second and then around 25. So you can see how far off that really is so not good. At all, to see this kind of speed on it, so the only game I’m going to test out in this particular review is Counter Strike global Offensive. Here these are the settings, so everything is on the last possible seating here can run with us and see how it performs and because of the poor wireless I’m, getting very high latency. You can see this only about 138, the lowest I can seem to get normally. I get under 50 or under 100 at least okay, so it’s running approximately 30 frames per second at the moment which isn’t too bad, but there aren’t many players on the server. Ok, so here on the train map it’s about 14 frames per second is they’re, not running very fast. At all, down to 20 looks like the service waiting for players to join their, but it’s it’s enough, at least to see how fast this is going to run and not really fast enough, as at that framerate see, it gets down tubes down to about 16 15 Min so the overall performance in Windows and touch accuracy and the fluidness of the screen, everything seems to be fine, there’s, no problems with that.

It seems just as fast as any other atom. X50 8300 tablet that I have used and and doing most things within the operating system. Pops up quick, there’s, no problems there whatsoever with that. We’Ll, take a look at the temperatures now after I did test out that one game that I tested so 81 degrees seems like it’s, going to pretty much be the maximum there, because I’ve been running benchmarks and did that little bit of gaming there and, and that Really isn’t too bad at all, because I can see these chips getting up to normally about 85 degrees in here, it’s still quite a way off from that and no thermal throttling. So I move over now to Android. There is no app here to load Android to boot straight overhead. It seems they have an installed one. This time I want to quickly do this switch over to Android now here it is actually sorry it’s right there, so this icon that will boot over into Android. So here we have to enable or disable the dual boot menu and switch over switching process of going from windows over to android, and vice versa takes approximately about 40 seconds to a minute it’s, not super quick. So here we have the rom it’s using a stock. Like launcher, which is good, they don’t use that T launcher they used to use on their earlier versions. That’S now gone and gone for good. It seems which isn’t a bad thing at all, because that was really laggy.

That old one, so performance of the rom is really good, no problems whatsoever with it, and we have a look here in settings. The amount of storage you have available is, I think, on first boot was 15 or 14 gigabytes. They’Re free I’ve got nine at the moment because I have stored a few applications and some games and have a look at these. We have installed ram 8 gigabytes and we’ll. Just have a quick look at the RAM usage, so you can see here that we have used our 708 megabytes of RAM and there’s three gigabytes of RAM free there to use. So you can do quite a lot of multitasking with that, so we did run through my normal benchmarks, which I’ll quickly show you those. So there is an over the air update, but it seems to always crash. So here is an update, their 454 megabytes, but it always results and the package cannot be finished or download cannot be finished as an error. So that’s not good to see so I don’t know how we’re going to get the latest update if it’s not even working properly. So there we go there’s. The amount of free space. 15 gigabytes is what you get on. First boot, this running android 5.1.1 and the android security patch level is dating from march there here’s the end two to six point. One point: four score: slingshot score: 3d mark i store maxdale ice storm extreme.

You can see that scores better than Windows and here’s the work better life score so 5 hours and 6 minutes, which is about one hour less than what you can get out of Windows, that’s, always the case. That seems to always happen. There’S always a difference of about 15 or so or 20 between Android and Windows for some reason and that’s how the battery wins. You can see that the main user, of course was the screen and the screen on hours, 4 hours and 30 minutes. It still had 20 left, though, and here’s my wireless speed test. The result is better than what I got in Windows, but still slow, only 18.6, their megabits per second download, whereas I can get around 45 from my desktop upload. Speed, however, was good. My desk got about twenty nine, which is connected right end to the actual wireless router. They have so those speeds there’s still something going on with the wireless and there’s a breakdown of the scores there. 4. 2. 2. So I do have a few games installed here that I will quickly show you some of them how they perform, and mostly the games that are more demanding like a Marvel champions here, that I have see how they perform this one is running perfectly playable, good, framerate And next up is modern combat 5. This one is also performing really well that’s, very smooth, not bad, and the final title I will test in this review is Dungeon Hunter 5.

Our scouts reported seeing surrond heading into the a protected, also in addition to Basra, this game is performing quite well, and I must admit these speakers in Android do actually sound a lot better than Windows and probably even better, maybe than the first versions. Okay, so get out of this now and test out the e book reader. So we do have installed play books on here. Have a quick look at that so with the 264 PPI that the screen has, it looks really good text looks really good nice and sharp, and the performance of it is fine. Now, if you try to skip ahead and while the it will play a little bit of catch up, trying to load the pages that that’s normal I’ll try something a little more heavy than this book, so I just try now. I actually just went straight back to Dan Brown’s book. I try a magazine here so say: pc magazine starts having to load it up, so it’s, taking a little while there you can see. I haven’t loaded this before and it’s a little bit slower, especially when you want to skipper here with the pages and see how long that is taking, of course, that’s all pulling that information through from the internet. There we go and that doesn’t look too bad and it just crashed on me wow, so that’s not very good to see. So, to recap my findings. Here I find the excellent 8 plus 2 here to be slightly disappointing.

It has a, I would say, downgraded build compared to the earlier model, the first x98 plus and the larger bezels as well, that it has short, has a great screen. It’S got that same brilliant screen on it very good, colors, really nice and and sharp good brightness that’s. Fine, the Android ROM runs really good. The speaker’s, I would say yes in Android, they are marginally better, but in Windows. I can’t really tell the difference, but the main problem with this tablet is the wireless reception is very poor. The range of it seems to be aa very bad it’s. It really is when I move downstairs, I just despise just completely drop off and even close to my wireless router I’m, not really getting the speeds, I should be getting compared to the tablets, so there is definitely something going on with the antenna they have used or The the card of the way they have it configured and the windows performance there was fine. Okay, some of those benchmark scores were maybe perhaps a little lower than I’ve seen in other devices. The battery life is more or less on par, with some of the earlier versions, not quite as good as the x98 plus. The windows only version that I reviewed that got eight hours. This one gets a little less and the cameras. Well, I didn’t show you them. They take pretty awful photos but they’re okay for video chat. You can use them a video chat as long as you’re in good lighting.

So I can’t really recommend getting this one. I would get the x98 plus the first model or get the x98 pro. Those are the better 9.7 inch rated tablets from teclast. Thank you so much for watching the review Hofer.