This is now the dual boot version, so I'm. Keen to see just how well the Android side of things performs so in this particular video I'm just going to have a look at the ROM, some benchmarks and a little bit of gaming, so let's check it out. So the typical banggood polystyrene box – here, unfortunately they haven't given me the original box. They repack it package things that's one of the downsides of them, but they do ship out quite quickly, which is why I like using them. So on the box. They declared the value as 21 – us, of course, it's worth a hell of a lot more than that it's actually about well 200, and they have to pay any taxes on this one either. So I've just gone around and cut the tape around the edges here. Just to help make things a little easier for the video alright, so we have the usual instruction warranty guarantee cards. These are all in Chinese, so that's useless to me, because I don't understand Chinese and have a micro, USB, cable, OTG adapter. So we can connect up USB devices with the full sized port there. A EU adapter there for the power supply – that's handy for me – and here is the typical teclast power supply, so it's 5 volts 2.5 amps there and the tablet here is nicely packaged up. Ok, so just quickly we have the micro USB port here, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

Now this does support remotes and microphones it's a 4 pole port, which is good, and we do have a micro HDMI out now. The build is mostly well metal. On the back. The touch screen is glass it's, a written panel, and you can see along here that we have middle round on the housing. This part here is plastic for the antennas. We do have a 5 megapixel rear camera. I will take a few snaps with this one to show some samples, but it doesn't normally take a very good picture. Those cameras on these tablets two loudspeakers here and we do have a microphone micro, SD card slot and volume up and down power on there and the front is a 2 megapixel camera which again is not wonderful, normally tend to be quite hopeless. These cameras, they're, okay and good light and that's pretty much about it. Now the trim around the outside here the front is actually plastic and overall it's quite solid. It does feel nice there's, no flicks or anything like that. There'S no bending, I can't, hear any creaks or noises or anything, so I real it does feel quite nice in hand there so let's power on now and have a look and see just how the aromas and how much space we have ok. Luckily, there is a little bit of battery in there, hopefully enough for me to quickly show the ROM okay, so there's, the familiar tick, glass, dual boot menu menu.

Of course there. So we have Windows or Android, and you can disable this too at the top. So if you uncheck that little box and the last OS you select, it will automatically just go straight into it. Alright, so Wow there's, a lot of bloatware on this ROM that's, incredible tick lust, always seem to do that they cram in a lot of stuff that's. Only relevant to the Chinese market, so they don't really gear up the ROM for export it's more aimed at the local market, of course, and just have a look well what, obviously, in Chinese, going to need to change that? Where are we, English, English, English, English, okay? So have a quick look at the information, so we are a droid 5.1 and this is rob build 1.04. I have a look now at the downloaded app so there's a lot of apps in there that we can remove all that bloat to have a look and see freer, and we have on first boots to the guard 3.2 gigabytes of RAM free there, which gives us Plenty of waxey 3.3 plenty ram there to do a bit of multitasking and overall yeah that's. The typical tick last launcher that I'm, not really particularly fond of cable, to see if these can actually be uninstalled, they should hopefully okay. At least it looks like I can uninstall literally well most of these bloaty Chinese only applications, yeah that's good. Well. Sorry before I forget, I just wanted to check out this storage, of course, and we have eight point: eight seven gigabytes free so that isn't too bad.

Now, if you missed my Windows version, unboxing I'll just quickly have a look at the thickness here of the tablet. So it is eight point five and you can see that now you can't really here we go eight point. Six actually eight point: six millimeters and the weight won't be changed or different from the Windows version, so have a look and it's 533 grams there, okay, so I'm, going to connect to the internet and get Google play's set up, which i think is right here, Play Store and then I'll install some benchmarks, some games and we'll run through those using the capture card, so you can see just how well the ROM runs or not. I'Ll just tell study readers, so we'll have a look at that now, so I managed to uninstall. Literally, all of the bloat applications that already installed in Chinese there's a few that remain, and you can see well that's the folder name there. I can actually change that over and Google is onboard. Their Google Play works. Just fine. I didn't have any issues with it at all. I managed to install everything I needed all the games. You can see the lag that the launcher has look at, that typical two class launcher, really that they all do that, and I honestly don't like this launcher very much as mentioned before, just for the initial hands on there. So I recommend you do just dump that launcher and maybe get apex or Nova.

I know I think it is super cows on XDA forms does have a custom ROM for this particular model. I may check that out, but that probably would help things here in terms of speed and performance. So we do have the standard Android browser. Of course, teclast is set up as the home page and, if I just go over quickly to tick tablets, comm I'm, using the tablet itself, not a keyboard, anything so I'm, just touching on the screen here, with the touch keyboard and by the way I'm capturing this On an hour ghetto capture card for those interested, so let's have a look and see how this loads in and how's the scrolling performance is. You can, of course, install Chrome, probably would be a little bit better, maybe than this, but I rather it's not too bad a little slow down there with the images pop popping in and actually I know, that's not very good, really, quite sluggish Chrome. On the other hand, should be a little bit better, I would say than that so back into the home screen here now I did go through my usual benchmarks that I normally run on these tablets. So just quickly show you those there under the gallery. I just took screen grabs of each of them. You can also see there there's a couple of things that popped up there, that from my SD card, that's already inserted so I've got a 16 gigabyte, Samsung Evo and then it's working just fine.

Now, apparently, on the forums inter class forums, people who are using large cards like 200 gigabyte ones or the 128 are having trouble with them working or being recognized as sandesh model. So I can't actually personally check that out, but I don't have one that large. So go through the benchmarks that I ran first, so I looked at first off of the speed of the wireless here, so we got 24 download and 28 up now the upload speeds really good. The download I don't know what happened. Normally I get around 40. I could have been because there was traffic on the cell tower nearby coming down to that, but overall been the upload. Speed is good, but the download not too happy with that anyway. Moving on to Geekbench 3 school here, this is a little lower than I would have expected, but only marginally lower than than other atom. X50 8300 advices at the end to to benchmark score. This is lhara differently. I think it should be a little higher than this. It should be around the 60 K mark. I storm, of course, that max that one ounce only 720p and then the ice storm extreme that runs in 1080p again a lower score. I would have hoped for around 10000 11000 here so a low score. I saw unlimited score. I would have thought bit higher again so benchmarks overall disappointing a little bit now there. There were a couple of people that mentioned on a thread in tech Telecom that the Rams only running at 1066, megahertz instead of 1600, and that could have something to do with that slingshot score again.

It should maybe be around about 1300 for the particular chipset and the the camera. This is the red camera. Major, take a few photos, so our macro photos come out all right. You can see there and capture a few details, but overall you mean your cell phone. Is going to take bit images than this, I will quickly go through this. The outdoor shots are quite washed out disappointing. If you have a look around here, the pine tree, yeah that's a mess. Look at that not really brilliant the cameras and have never been really good, apart from the meat pad to the knee pad to has reasonably good cameras for a tablet. So nothing amazing, dear I'm, going to go now and just have a look at a few games. Here and see how they run just a couple of popular titles, solos fortune, I haven't, actually run this yet so I don't even know how to play this one so bear with me on this one. My gameplay could be her in quite a pricey game to actually for an Android go six years. I think of what would you like to see? I should but I'm going to say no just to say time here: okay, graphics, look really nice, and this is running. I think okay, but um. I have no idea on what I meant to be doing how to get the guy to jump. Okay, you've got to charge it up. Oh, I have no idea.

Okay, not not a good game to show you so I'm gon na skip at others one, but for now I mean while it's looking like it's going. Okay seems to be smooth enough, and it certainly looks very nice, so I'm going to get out of that one, because I have no idea what I'm doing. Okay, you have to swipe up to make him jump. Okay, I want to kill that one off now RAM management. We have normally about three point, two three. So if I just clear the memory at the moment, what have we got so yeah three point: two, there gigabytes free, which is quite a lot I'll, go into our clash of clans. Now, okay, so scrolling around the map, there there's a little bit of stutter there. There'S some delay like a little bit of lag there with where my finger is moving on the screen. But yeah performance is a pretty average there now being a 2d game. You would think this isn't really that demanding. But when you get bigger towns, I think like the level ten or nine towns or whatever really huge on the map, then it can actually get quite laggy. So just have a look as if right out and I move around there yeah I mean you can see there. The animation there has a bit of lag so quickly, go and attack someone just to see how that performs. Yeah. It definitely seems to have a bit of slowdown here, okay, so it's playable, but there is definitely a little lag there and it's not running as smooth as it certainly does.

On my note 5, this one here is Dungeon Hunter 5. I all right so Dungeon Hunter 5 that's running. I think, find this there's a few bits of slowdown there, but that is normal with all the effects and things on the screen there. But I think this one's perfectly fine, so I'll move on now and check out one of the more demanding games which would be Mortal Kombat X. This one I've seen lag on most tablets that have the Retina screen. I mean it's even giving me a warning here that it's on below the requirements – oh well, that's, a real slideshow, so we're running literally, like 10 frames per second here now, okay, I've seen enough of this game. This is just a slide show. This is horrible, and here we have ashphalt eight airborne. Now the game automatically set the settings to medium I'll. Show you even under display here so it's on. Does your quality medium I'm just going to leave that go that and see how it runs. So I think it's safe to say that this game is actually running fine, perfectly playable with these visual quality, ed medium, no problems really I'll move on now to another game, we'll test it out and have a look at Real Racing 3. So another racing game I'm. Not going to go into too much detail on this game here, but I think this one even just from this quick little preview here.

I think it runs perfectly fine on the tablet. It looks like the display quality visual settings have been reduced automatically. I think it Auto configures when you first launch it, so I move on now and check out the last game which is sniper fury on your co2. Moving around there yeah there's, definitely a bit of stutter there. The framerate is suffering somewhat and it's. Definitely not a smooth 60 frames per second. Definitely not. I think I just shot him in the arm, even though this is just one of the earlier first missions I can, when I see so far, I can tell from this that it's gon na be playable just, but there are gon na be different moments of lag With this game, alright equip the assault rifle nice you're, ready to rock alright. So all in all, you can see their performance. Definitely. When I looked at those benchmarks, there is not as fast as the other Adam x5z, 8300 I've looked at and the launcher the typical teclast launcher you can see. There is a little sluggish and I'm, not at all fond of it. So if I was going to be keeping this tablet, I would definitely get rid of the launcher body put nova launcher on an apex and gaming. Well, you can see demanding titles like Mortal Kombat did come just complete slideshow, not playable at all. Really, I would not want to play the game like that. So bear that in mind.

If you want the best gaming performance from a retina tablet, a dual boot one then have a look at the tech last x98 Pro because that's a lot faster and can play the game quite smoothly. But you do sacrifice battery life now in terms of battery life. Now I don't actually know because I've been benchmarking and gaming and really it has gone through about a good 40 of my battery doing that. So I have no real clue yet on the battery life, but I will update that later on, probably in another video or perhaps on the website there with it to albert's thanks for watching this video and making it this far.