So does it look here now at the system menu you can see it's running a Windows 10 home, and it does have that 4 gigabytes of RAM right there, so I'm capturing the screen with a capture card. This should not actually be affecting your performance at all of the tablet, but to give you an idea of just how it runs, you can see shortly just how fast the animations are and it's fully activated. So no problems connect it up to the internet activation it's. Ok and your see here when I click on crime hell that lags a little bit it's a little slow that animation to load up, so it is struggling a little bit when it comes to things like that. I just noticed moving around the tablet. It'S. Definitely a lot slower than the tick last x98 Pro just doing multitasking here at the moment I am doing quite a few things at the same time and downloading a game in steam I'm. Just installing Counter Strike global Offensive, so that's downloading. In the background and at the same time, downloading also asphalt 8 just to get an idea of just how it runs. But if you have a look, if I try and let's do a couple of animations here, you see that that loads in a little slow and it's to be expected. I never expected this tablet to be a monster when it comes to performance well at least perform as fast as x98 pro, because it has a faster chipset in it.

That'S got the x5 z 8500. It clocks up to 2.2 4 gigahertz, and this only clocks up to a one point. Eight four and 400 megahertz might not seem a lot, but on the atoms it actually is quite a lot and the GPU also runs the generation. 8 GPU runs a hundred megahertz lower, so that's gon na affect the schools differently when it comes to benchmarks. So this is cloud gate. 1.1 icestorm, 1.2 score came out a little slower than it expected now seen this chipset running on the under v 820 wch. The same atom, x5z 8300 said it run a little bit faster than this, so the school there is a little disappointing, I'm, not too sure whether tick last have done something the actual clock speeds. But you see me there now scrolling down in chrome, just using my finger now touching the screen. You can see that that is not that fast it's a little bit slow there and that's probably done to Chrome, but as a little slow there – and this is the 3d mark eleven score. Quite a house – well, not a high score actually for what it is. It'S. A little bit higher than the likes of the x9 80s 3G, but not by much here, was L Geekbench score. This pretty much puts it on par with the atom bait. Rousey 3735. If it's, a very similar scores there and again that's a lot lower than the x98 pro score, it's, your leg, it's just lagging there a little bit the animation just scrolling is just not that smooth, but that, as i mentioned, could be down to Chrome.

If I I'll launch here edge and just use the on screen keyboard go to the tick tablets a website, even here it's a little laggy, you can see. Let me holding down the backspace there. It took a little while now, each year things are a little bit better. You can see now that the scrolling loads up a little faster as it seems smoother it's, probably down to Chrome, has been a little too heavy for this Atom. Cpu now battery life seems really good. Battery bar pros are not picking up the capacity of the battery there correctly, but you can't see the elapsed time one hour and 20 minutes since 99, I'm, now an 84 that's quite good, so we're looking around 6 or 7 hours. I think battery life in total that's gon na be able to get out of this tablet, which I think it's good that's kind of levels there or what you'd expect on the x98 ear so not too bad at all there, and that is loading in the page. Okay again that animation, even then there's a little bit of stutter, so the device manager will just quickly show you what we have when it comes to that. So we have the distro that's a Toshiba, 0 60 G, 70 it's. Actually not bad at I'll. Show you the speeds crystal this Mach 5 school here, so it gets a write of 91, which is really good, and you consider that my surface 3 they've got about 60, so these skills are quite good.

What I am impressed with is definitely a 4k random right right there of 26, not bad at all and 16. So those figures – they are quite good, at least for a ETA mercy: 4.5 one spec and the microSD card again as we'll seen on the cherry trails that it does support. Now the high speed cars, which is good we're, not kept 23 megabytes per second, so can't get read rates they're reasonably high and those 4 KS, 4 n, SD micro, sd card and bedded, or this one has a short ad airborne and they want those stored. You can see that it's running rather slow now this is being displayed on the tablet screen at the full resolution so to make this playable. Probably it would be best for me to actually reduce my desktop resolution down to something like intensity for my 78 and then include up the game, and then it should have playable framerates thing. So what I did is restart asphalt, 8 airborne II. But what I did is to drop down the resolution on the desktop to 1024 by 768, and now the frame rate has increased significantly, but it's still not really as smooth as I'd like it to be. Ideally, I did like it's 60 frames per second. It seems to be running somewhere around I'd, say about 25 30 over maybe in some parts, but you can see it's still a little bit choppy and I crash the gate.

At least it has improved things, so the question is: did it throttle or not? Good news: is it didn't? You can see the maximum temperatures right here, that's, 69 degrees Celsius and no throttling whatsoever. Those temperatures are perfectly fine for this kind of tablet. This is a fan, less atom chipset, and there is no problem with it. Getting up to 69 early 70s is fine there. What was happening on the x9 8 Pro and the other cheery trailer that I looked at the andhe V 820 wch. They got up to 85 86 degrees and they did trigger thermal throttling affecting your performance. Now I do have a feeling here that tick lust has done something to maybe tweak down the turbos on the CPU or perhaps even lower the GPU. Although the clock speeds, if you have a look same, they do tell me that the GPU did actually get up to 500 megahertz, which is the pretty much the top speed that it can do anyway on the atom x5z 8300. So, on all pretty good there, the temperatures are good it's good to see that tick last have got that under control there and really I'm happy with those results here so that's, a very quick look there, just a little bit of the system and the temperatures and Some gaming there I'll have a lot more up and coming with this tablet, when I do the full review there will be a lot more gaming tests as well so I've gone over the likes of Counter Strike global Offensive.

You can see here that I've got the icon sitting there, but I'm, not actually gon na show it in this video that'll be in some other videos up and coming.