Now the files and there's a link in the description to be able to do this is the dual boot BIOS it's on the website. There there's a link and the flash went. Ok, that was fine and I did download the windows files and I recommend that you do not do that. I found out that the Windows version they gave me is actually all in Chinese, so a real pain there. So I'm actually just done a fresh, install here of Windows and ran through a couple of benchmarks. That I'll show you so that's the kick bench 3 score and that's pretty much what we see on all the atom tablets that have this chipset the atoms in 3735. If it's, the same speed is the x5. Is it 8300 2 there, and this is the 3d mark Icestorm score, not too bad of a score really for what it is considering to say a 1.8 gigahertz maximum boost on this chipset. Now the internal MMC drive is quite slow, as expected in this price range. You see those write speeds, there are quite disappointing and the 4k write speeds reads are okay, I mean 112, read sequential as a wonderful, but I mean it is doable there now. I did also update to latest version of Windows and you'll see there from that menu. How it's slightly different original one comes up and white? Now they just drive. Is that b1 drive that I suspected it would have been generic b1, and I have found out that those drives are quite horrible.

Now you can run this on dual boot. Of course, just before I go over into Android there's, one last thing that you have to be aware of: if you are going to go this path and run Windows 10 on this tablet, it does run quite well. It actually runs a little bit smoother than I'd say then Android, but you're gon na have this problem activate windows. Of course you don't have a license key embedded and the BIOS see going to actually need to buy one. There are people on eBay who sell them for about, I think, 10 or 15. Us someone had someone, and hopefully I don't get a dodgy key, but least enough to activate at 700 and also 140. Maybe us 145, with the key to have Windows 10 written Intel that isn't bad at all, that's, quite a cheap price. Considering these used to cost about 200 about a year ago, now, I'm going to go over into Windows. I don't have a app set up yet it'll put me straight over, so I need to do the full, restart and I'll. Show you the dual boot menu. So here is that familiar dual boot menu, the same exact one you get on the x98 s3g or the er 2 it's, essentially the same hardware and just to click on Android. There you boot into Android – and I will show you that I actually flashed of Marik's version 6 of his latest custom ROM, to get rid of all that crappy launcher.

That was the stock one from tickle acid kind of bought the system down a little bit. This one now runs a lot better it's, definitely a lot faster than the likes of what teclast have by default I'm, not really too much of a fan of their launch of their BC Council Play Store. This is Marik's latest rom and even though it's for the x98 ear and the ear 3g, this is the lite version. It actually works just fine on the ear, through G there's, a link of that in the description. If you're interested in flashing the customer owned there, but windows does actually work there, and this has got all the apps you need on there. Their cameras work. Fine, surprisingly, I thought there might have been an issue with the cameras, but they do work both of them without any problems there, and you can also set the partitioning if you want using mercs files, they are to allow for a small, occasional sort. So on a system file – and you select how much user data you want, because I mainly use Windows 10. I only gave myself the five or six gigabyte. I think it was internal storage options here. This has got 4.5 free, so not a lot of room there for me to install a lot of big games, but I don't tend to game on tablets myself personally, so there we have it that's, the s3. So for 130, us you can convert this to a dual boot or you can run this Windows if you wanted to – and I recommend you just do – a clean, fresh, install of Windows, 10 and the drivers are the same as the air 3 again from Telecom.

Thank you for watching the video. That was a very quick look at that, thanks for watching and hopefully see in the channel, with more oven coming on Chinese tablets.