The air 2 is on the left. Here the system is identical to the air 3G, which I have on the right. This system has the SIM card slot and this one doesn't they're, basically exactly the same, but there is a difference with this software I've found out the air 2 seems to be a lot smoother than scrolling. So if I scroll this page here, I'm, not sure everything's going to come out in the video, you can see that either the touchscreen or the graphics driver, there's areas or the difference here when they are operating now. If I go to the desktop I'll show you that the refresh rate on these systems is different, and this is a game down to the the ROM and, should I say, the windows image being different. So when I go into display here, you'll see that the air. I don't know where that's coming out of the video is running at 60 Hertz. Now, if I check out the ear sorry, the air 3G you'll see it's running at 48, so there is a difference there. The other difference is the cameras. The camera on the ear 3G is upside down and then their heaven there is no fix for that. There is no effect for the moment. I'Ve tried the drivers of the ear and it doesn't seem to fix the problem. But if I also just show you on generally using it, the it just seems to be a hell of a lot smoother.

I know if you can see when I'm selecting like that and how it seems to have less response on the air 3G and which is down to the ROM. Now, what I'm going to try and do is see if I can make an image, a Windows, Backup image of the er 2 and then flash that or restore that, should I say onto the 3G and see if that makes a difference because just running them now There is a noticeable gap in the smoothness and performance. Maybe it won't show in benchmarks, but it definitely seems to be obvious here now, if it's not really a fair test, because I've had ad blocker installed on this one, hopefully that's coming in the video, but you can. I can definitely see that with my eyes here anyway, that's the ear tube and the f3g just comparing them both identical systems. Almost apart from the GPS and the 3G card, which the air has software ones, they're not identical. This one has issues because it originally did ship with Android and I have flashed Windows 8.1 Bing ROM onto it, so it now has Windows but there's a difference. So I'll put some more videos.