You can see my poorly written labels here on both of them and the x98 plus, so the Estonia pluses a newer model that has four gigabytes of RAM and it has the cherry trail atom. X5Z 8300. Now this one here, the x98 err 3G, which I've recorded too many videos on this one has the atom: z3580, 6f, so there's a bit of a difference between it. When it comes to clock speeds, this one actually runs a lot faster. This is a 2 point. 16 gigahertz maximum clock speed and has a GPU with 4 executional units and this GPU atom generation 8 has 12 executional units, so it should be faster, but I'll show you shortly with some of the benchmarks that it's actually not now the CPU clocks a little bit Lower as well it's only one point 8, 4 gigahertz, and it is the low end, x8 atom. The neutral x8 cell to the lower end versus a sort of medium level bay trail here, that's in the x98 here 3G so physically, they both have the same exact iPad, air Retina screen and then that's the LG screen. That is very nice. It has a 264 PPI. It has the a very high resolution of 2048 by 1536, so very high resolution screen and really quite nice to look at it's very sharp it's, almost as sharp as my surface pro 4 screen, and it looks really good. Very nice. Color contrasts very good.

Viewing angles are also quite good. Now I have a lot of lighting on here at the moment. Just for the purposes of this video and the screen cover is actually still on the x9 8 plus, so the screens probably going to look a little duller and not a sharp and probably as good as the x9 83 G here. So the design did change on the x9 8 plus they've gone with a more squared off look here and, of course, it doesn't have a 3G SIM card. This version this one does, if I put them side by side here, you can see the, although they are the same thickness they're, both eight millimeters thick, the excellent 8 plus on the top here, tends to look thicker due to the squared off corners versus the rounded Off ones there and you can see that it does have a SIM card slot. Now the microphones, the two little dots there they're in the same place and the rest of the ports all in the same place there. Now, what has also changed as the 3.5 millimeter jack on the now supports microphones. So if you do have a headset with a microphone, it will work properly. This only supports stereo two pole jacks and that supports the 4 pole audio jacks there and the weight both of the weights are exactly the same, so they're around about five hundred and thirty grams between both of them. The camera hardware is exactly the same, so 2 megapixel front facing camera and both of them have a 5 megapixel rear facing camera, which does have autofocus, and the speakers are the same exact hardware, but there's a difference on the actual output from the speaker's.

Quite a large one, the x98 ear speakers sound a lot louder than the the plus ones do and I'll just quickly show you now here. If I run a benchmark and just quickly run icestorm demo mode – and you can hear the difference between the speakers so run that on both of these I'll show you the benchmark results very quickly soon, I'll show you them I'll just go over that. So this now here is maximum volume on the x98 EF 3G, so rather loud, and it does put out a reasonably decent sound for a tablet. So I'll just meet that one turn that one right down and I'll turn up the speaker's, a Maxima on the x9 8 plus, and we can hopefully hear now that that doesn't sound as loud as a belt I'd say: half the volume maximum volume of the x9. Eight year 3G, which is a shame there, I don't know whether it's to do with audio drivers. I mean, perhaps that is something that can be quite easily fixed if I was to use the x98 a 3G drivers on the exonic Plus. Maybe that might help the bet, so I did let that benchmark fully running here. The results of ice storm 1.2 and surprise. Surprise you'll see that the older machine with the last generation Bay Trail is actually scoring higher than the Adam x5z 8300, which is interesting to see, but I think ticklers have actually clocked it down or reduced the power limits or the turbo times on the GP.

On this one here or the CPU, this does run faster. It'S got a 300 megahertz advantage on the CPU side of things. So, but obviously this one should be faster because it does have more executional cores on the GPU but interesting enough. It'S it's, not there it's not faster at all. Now, if I switch over to have a quick look here at Geekbench 3 you'll see the scores of the x5. 0 8300 are very similar to those of the atom. Z3580 z30 736 right here and you can see that the scores on the single core score slightly higher, so they're about a hundred and 55 points and a little bit of a difference. There 63 points when it comes to the multi core score, which isn't much about that faster clock. Speed is definitely helping out there now. There are also some other differences between both of these tablets that the sony has two gigabytes of ram, and this one here has four and it's running Windows. 10. 64 bit. This is 32 bits. So if you have a 64 bit application, then you're obviously going to have to choose this model. If you need more RAM, if you're going to be needing that full 4 gigabytes of RAM, then obviously again you're going to have to pick this one here now this model is dual boot. I can boot up into Android 5 lollipop, but account at the moment on the x98 plus. It also doesn't have 3G SIM card support, like the x98 f3g does now I'm expecting ticklers later on, to release an update of this one here as dual boot and possibly maybe even in the future we're going to see hopefully 4G or 3G support on the x9 8 plus or the x9 8 pro, which isn't featured in this video now in terms of performance of the operating system here, Windows 10.

I find that it runs pretty much the same on both of these. So if I'm going to load up here now a tick tablets – calm I'm using an external keyboard load this up here and see how that loads up on both of them did I find the performance to be about the same on both of them and the animations Tend to look a little quicker, though, on the x9, a tier 3G, if you see they're minimizing maximizing, just looks a little smoother, I think a bit smoother on the VA 3G. The older model there to go back into that now scrolling around up and down. That is reasonably smooth there with windows edge and the touchscreen is responsive on both of them. There'S no need to press hard or anything that it's similar to an iPad, probably not as good as an iPad, but it still has the same kind of touch response. That is very responsive and the accuracy of the touchscreen is good on both of them, so there's no real difference. There there's also one other key factor that I almost forgot to mentioned and that's the fact that the micro SD card slot up here on the x98 plus supports high speed card. So you can get read rights of up to 100 megabytes per second or more, whatever your card supports and the excellent a tier 3G, the SD cards micro, SD cards actually limited and caps to around about 22 or 23 megabytes per second that we see on the Bay trails and, unfortunately, there's no way getting past that limit unless you use an external reader through the micro USB port, you could please an external reader, but then you get limit of usb2 there with around about 14 megabytes per second through those ports on both for The both of us b2, unfortunately, no USB 3 support, was added to the x9 8 plus, which is disappointing to see so here's the Resident, Evil, 5 benchmark and what I'm going to do is run both of them in 1280 by 800, with the exact same settings.

So the same quality settings I'm going to used here so both of them are on high texture quality. So just the default settings that it actually came with the game now I'm. Controlling this, I have a USB mouse wired up here and a Bluetooth keyboard wired up to the x98 plus so that's how you're going to control it here. If you're wondering how I'm doing this, so the benchmark is going to be the fixed benchmark, because the variable one wouldn't really make sense to use that needs to be both exactly the same, so run this at the same time, in 1, 2, 3, so 11 frames Per second on the x98 err 3G and 10.6 on the X 98 plus, so that is slightly slow because of the lower clocks and the fact that, as I mentioned before, that, I think tick lust has struggled down the GPU on the Plus version. So interesting results. Err: what about maximum temperatures after running at resident, evil, 5 benchmark? The x9 83 G got up to 69 degrees. If I move over to my right and have a look now at the x98 Plus that have got up to 71 degrees, so basically they're they're running around the same temperatures, those different chipsets there and none of them had any throttling or any issues running the benchmarks And one other thing to note that the x98 err, 3G tech lust have actually started to use a lower end processor in this one, and they put the atom's e 37 35 in here so that's if she runs slower, so those scores i've showed you up for The 037 36, if so, there's going to be a little bit slower with that older processor they're, starting to use old stock, and this tablet now, but all in all, if you're going to choose between these two tablets, you don't know what to do first off to Say if you want dual boot, then you're going to have to get this model here, because that's, the only one that's got dual boot.

If you'd like to use a microphone headset, then you have to go with the x98 plus if you'd like a faster microSD card slot, you want to use your high speed car that you've got a 64 gigabyte SanDisk Ultra. Then you have to going to go with this one here, the x9 8 plus and what it comes to battery life. Both of them are really quite good. You get around 6 to 7 hours on both of these, and I think actually it looks like the x9 8 plus might have the slight edge there. When it comes to battery life, it could actually be even longer, and if you're going to be gaming on both of these, then gaming performance is similar. But then again this one has this slight edge. So you might want to consider that one, there price wise they're very similar to there's about 137 from at the time of video and this one right about the same. Using discount coupons. They come to round about 170 each so not a bad price they're. Both 64 gigabyte versions and, of course, you get less space with the dual boot model, and I do have a feeling with tickle us moving to use the older atom V trails on the x98 III G. That this model here will soon cease to exist because they will stop production of it. I think, maybe early next year, when they start to run out of bait rail stock, then this model will just disappear and you'll be left with just the cherry trail models.

So hopefully that was a helpful video for you, if you're trying to decide which one to get here is kind of a hard decision, but just keep in mind those factors that I just mentioned there. So it really depends on what you want now, if you do want to a tablet that has some really good gaming performance and it's got the for basically Retina screen in it. Then you only have really the tech last x98 Pro which so far nothing can beat that one yet it's, a very powerful retina tablet, Atom tablet that one thank you for watching the video and hopefully see in the channel with more up and coming videos on tablets.