I have the tech class x98 ear 3G here with me now. This is a two hundred US dollar cheek tablet from China that I've been using for the last three weeks or so, and I just give you all a rundown of my impressions of the tablet. The pros and cons of it, as you can see from the teller itself here that it is pretty much like an iPad air clone it's, a seven point: four millimeters thin, and here you have sim card slot and a micro SD card slot. Now the sim card only supports 3G 2100 megahertz band, so you need to check whether your network will support that if you're in the u.s. here in Europe, it's working fine there's a microphone down here, volume rocker power, one camera on the rear – this is aluminium plastic. At the top, where your antennas are for your Wi Fi and your 3G, now the display itself is a Retina display, so it's really sharp it's one of the best points of this tablet. Actually, that is, this display is brilliant, it's really really good, and I think the brightness, if she's, not even on full here at all it's about three quarters halfway. If I turn that up, I don't know whether the cameras going to struggle, but it is very bright and I never actually use it on the full brightness, because it's blinding really be good for daylight. Now the screen it seems to be glass.

There is a gap between the LCD panel and the touch resisting blast here: that's a glass of about millimeter, so it's the same gap that I would say that the iPad air has is that Holloway's on that people were complaining about. I will turn the brightness down here, it's so bright, that even when you use it at night, a video or something a movie I tend to have it turned right down to the lowest hitting and that's on its lowest right there. I posted a few other videos on YouTube if you check my channel about multitasking on this unit, it's pretty good it's only an item, but it does have a turbo of 2.19 gigahertz which isn't too bad. It was one of the higher speeds of the Chinese tablets that that are out there. I did iron for a short while the onda v9 7 w, which was a reasonably good tablet, but I had a very poor battery life and the battery life on. This is pretty good, getting around six seven hours out of it, whereas with deonda I could not even get close to maybe five hours four hours, and if you have a look, everything is pretty smooth. I recommend using Internet Explorer, which is very quick and smooth compared to Chrome, but you can start a little bit overall. The tablet there's is really good value for money. Oops that's, not CNN that's CC in just show you how fast they have loads up.

It took a little while it's, probably my internet connection, it's, not the fastest but it's, not too bad speed, wise it's, pretty good and there's. Only one fault with this machine, which is on Windows, you have to install it yourself, which is quite a pain. I'Ll put a link in the description to that, but the problem with the unit is the camera it's upside down. So you can see here my speaker's upside down and there's no fix for this yet tickle. I seem to be quite slow with updates. It was a Windows beta. So hopefully, though, I have a final release soon that will fix the camera now for 200. Tell that you can't go wrong with this one that's pretty good. I definitely recommend putting windows on Android vision was quite stuttering and laggy.