Is it has an input, so it allows you to charge and use the USB ports or four of them. At the same time, which is really handy for tablets like this one here, which has only a micro USB port here, so if you are running a keyboard or you wanted to connect up a USB Drive and your battery was running low, you couldn't charge at the Same time, well, this is the solution, so just test it. How can show you what it's all working this is my power right here: I'll plug connect that up son number two and then connect this up to my tick. Last x98 err. 3G, and if you can see here once it's right down, you can see we have charged okay, and I should also connect up my wireless receiver for my mouse that works. I have a mouse now and anything else. You wanted to connect pendrive, not a problem, so good for people that maybe want to use their tail and desktop mode. You next up the micro HDMI here, oops all the way around you can see here. I have everything and desktop mode, so it works quite well. Elsie to use your tablet as a desktop, if you wanted to do that main thing is charging and using the USB ports all at the same time and it's a nice small little package here with the four ports on it. There'S a link in the description here of the video.