It is the x89 kendo now I think that's a bit of a play on the word Kindle because they advertise this. One has been a dual boot ebook reader, almost so it's got a 7.5 inch Samsung screen with a very odd resolution, because it's a four by three display it's 1440 by 1080, and has two gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte emmc as powered by last year's, atom bait. Rousey 3735, if so that one can tube up to one point: eight three it's interesting: they didn't go with the cheery trail, maybe they're using up old stock. So we've got this one here from and I opted to get it just without the original packaging because there's a little bit of a saving there. If you pay, I think it's an extra seven or eight US. You can get the original box, but it is well packaged up in there. So we have the usual teclast warranty card and all that stuff that's all in Chinese is the tablet have a micro USB to USB for charging and data in Android. This is a dual boot here's, the OTG adapter, so that's going to convert from micro USB to full sized USB. So we can at least plug in some hard drives and flash drives. Whatnot they've included a gyro to us adapter for the power supply, and here is the power supply in a rather messy looking little box that has got and of damage to the front of it's been all ripped up so that's.

The standard pick last charger there, which outputs two amps and is rated at up five volts there. So let's have a look at the tablet. Okay, so we see it has a rather well the top and bottom bezels are quite large they're a little bit larger than what I thought they would be. Looking at they're photoshopped, promotional images and it's, quite common fatigue, last I've notice they do tend to do that. Then make the images of the screens look a little larger than they really are, and the bezels don't seem to come out in real life as good as they look at those photoshopped up images – and we see here that builder is blaster kind of seen plastic. There is no metal housing on the rear. You can see there. The kendo marking there seee for those that require that, and countries like, I think it's. So the Germans need that they want to see that customs. They have put the sticker on there. I don't know where, if that's official, marking or not the back here, we have a 2 megapixel camera. You can see one tiny little loudspeaker here and on the right power on volume up and down just along the top here are all the ports. So we have a microphone there. Microusb and a micro HDMI see us be there and I'll 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. And finally, there is also a micro SD card slot, so we can at least expand on the 32 gigabytes of included internal storage equals that is separated between two O's OSS Windows, 10 and android 5.

1. I think it is so we're not really going to have a lot of free space. So let's get this thing powered up. Hopefully there is still some battery in your life. There you go tea pad and this is the typical teclast launcher there. That is there jewel boot launcher. They have been using this now for some time, so you can either disable the menu. Here we have Windows or Android Android, so just move over into Android first. So here we are in Android. You can see already that they had a few bloat applications on there. Normally you can uninstall this and definitely there's, actually a lot of bloatware on this. Most of it we should be able to get rid of. There is tickle us over the air update system, and we also do have Play Store, of course, think we should be able to get rid of most of it. Now they have gone with a stock rom again, which is good, then they're, not using their own custom. Launcher I think they have actually just ditched that recently and they're, not just going with it at all, which is a good thing, because if you've ever used the first models they used to have the first dual boots, like the tick blast x98 ear. They had the teal or on it and it's quite heavy on resort, so it takes up a lot of RAM and can be a little bit laggy and I didn't actually particularly like it.

So not a bad thing losing out on that. So Oh Android, 4.4.4 didn't expect that I thought they would have at least gone with android 5.1, so interesting, they're using now a quite a dated version of Android and also if we've got to mention before there is a front facing camera but it's almost useless because It'S only a you VGA camera, so the resolution is 0.3 megapixels, I'm sure that's going to take an absolutely hopeless image and it won't actually even be that good for video. Probably did you have to remember that this is a bottom entry level budget tablet at the price range of around about 80? Us you can't really expect too much. So what we're, getting at least a better screen, then definitely those 1280 by 800 ones that you normally see. Speaking of the screen here, I do have it set to maximum brightness and it looks okay. I mean I have a bit of lighting on at the moment. It'S supposed to get up to about 350 and it's a brightness and there is definitely still a gap. This is not a fully laminated display, their promotional material made. It look like it could be, but I knew that at this price range there's no way you're going to have a fully laminated display there, the gap, I would estimate to be probably around 2 two and a half two millimeters doesn't seem to be too distracting like It can be on some tablets and there's.

A pre applied screen protector there. So before I head over into Windows, let's have a quick look on the free available storage. We have so not a lot. You can see there. We'Ve only got five point. Five. Five point: eight sorry gigabytes, they're free. So if you install some of those really big new titles games, etc, that is just going to be eaten up straight away, and I don't really like to see Joule boot. I haven't for some time him as soon as they came out. It'S got to be on a 64 minimum. I think each M C Drive in 32, while we're pushing it here when it comes to space so to move over into Windows. I think we can launch here now. We can actually normally there's a toggle right there that we can just flip over, but we have to run the icon here. The application sorry boot to Windows comes up. Do we wish to boot over to Windows? Yes, okay. Let'S check out the weight of it so 323 grams and the thickness of it as well, definitely not the thinnest device. So it comes in at nine point one: six, millimeters, okay, so here we are in Windows. I can clearly see that it is Windows. 10. Whatever look and see, if it is activated or not so, Windows 10 home probably need to connect up to the internet, to activate that is actually already activated all right, that's, okay, so the device manager see what we have on board with the network.

Adapter that's the realtek RTL, eighty seven, twenty three BS, which is a 2.4 gigahertz wireless in chipset, very common from real tickets, either this one or the Broadcom that they use in these tablets, especially at this price range and the destroy. If we have a generic v1. Oh dear, those are normally of some of them, aren't too bad okay, but some of them do have very slow write rates. I will be testing that out in a later video to a benchmark of that so run crystal disk mark 5, just to check out the sequential reads and writes and the random 4k speed on that one. But from experience I know that be ones are not particularly good. They are, I think, a cheaper component and, of course, in this price range of about 80 us they are going to be using some cheaper parts there, okay, so the screen on here look at this is when windows brightness up to 100, then it seems reasonably right. Right there and just turn a look at that I'd say that's, probably going to be the claimed 350, or at least over 300 and that's a brightness there and in the viewing angles. Doesn'T seem too bad. I mean most of the other tablets. We have, of course, have the 10 16 by 10 ratio, this one being 4 by 3. We don't see too many of them. Now their course. There was the tick last x89. They did have with a Retina screen in it for some reason now that they're priced this one, a little different Retina screen is probably are definitely are more expensive screen to use.

So they found this cheaper substitute. I do find it very curious. The fact that they have gone with the Bay Trail and not a cheery trail now down here we have a little icon there that will be to switch over back into Android of Android if we wanted to go through to that. So, just simply touching that now is going to ask us if we want to boot over to Android, yes or no and available free space. To is another thing I do need to check out so seven point: eight two gigabytes there free is not a lot to play around with, especially with Windows updates, that'll, probably eat into at least another gigabyte or two very quickly there all right. So this is just the first unboxing and the initial hands on first look at the tick last x89 kendo. So far, the I'm a little disappointed with the bezels, but I guess that's because of the the media press, release images that they put out there. They tend to falsify the bezel dimensions a little bit. They make them look a little small, they really are and the build of it. I mean okay, it's plastic. I did expect this really moving for the price range you're not going to get a premium. Unibody definitely have to be a little bit more expensive for that and over I mean that it doesn't seem to have any flex of it. It does seem quite sturdy fit, and finish is good.

I can't see any shoddy workmanship or glue coming out of it or rough edges, or anything like that. It does seem to be quite clean, so I can't – I guess I can't complain again for that price range, what you are getting there, so I will have somewhat up and coming videos on this particular model. Hopefully soon, if you are interested in seeing more on this one to keep an eye on the playlist there that's, where I will upload them once I work my way through that so we'll benchmark out Android and Windows as well and probably a little bit of gaming Too, just to see how well it performs, although I have I have covered Android gaming on these tablets now very thoroughly I getting an idea. They can play some of your latest games, but on low resolutions and settings there.