A lot of people have had difficulties getting it to work. I found the best thing to do is to turn off the system or restart it, connect up everything and with the teclast systems, to use point number two here: the switch on position. 2. 3, I think, also works if you use number 1 that's, just basically a hub that doesn't charge. So if you need to boot into your BIOS, then you select number 1 and you can boot into the vise using a wireless keyboard. I just have a Logitech receiver connect up at the moment, so the keyboard and a mouse here so with that connected let's, see if it's going to charge and let me use all the ports on the teclast x8 eh. So I just power the system up. My monitor now should oh it's just giving me the battery signal, so it's working there with HDMI our button hold it down just a few seconds longer there we go I'll go to get the dual boot menu. You can see that my mouse is not actually working for some reason: won't work in the dual boot menu, so I need to switch it to the one position and now it works so they're charging. I think only work for charging and the USB ports only work under windows and Android. You just get charging only or switch position. Number one gives you the USB ports, so don't flick that into number two and hopefully and it's, going to work, ok and charge you.

It might actually be easier to start the system up with the HDMI cable removed, select Windows. Do you want to put into Windows? Proceeded to put into it, okay, so my mouse pointer, is working let's go onto desktop here and have a look down at the battery icon, which is just here. You can see that it is charging plugged in charging. So that is good. So what I thought I'd do is try and disconnect up a few drives to it. Flash drives here, okay, so I've connected in three drives term, which USB to go into sb3 and you're, going to get used to be two speeds over this anyway. So don't really matter so having a look on the screen here, you can see, I have four. Their folders are now opened up, so that is working fine. I can access the contents there of my USB sticks and we hopefully are still charging I've done charging. I think it's going to one percent if you find out that, where there's a charge right there according to battery battery bar Pro, you can see there so hopefully we're charging, if not the best probably bit to do, is to reboot the system. Keep the USB cable connected and remove the HDMI yes or remove that then use the selector if you're going to select Windows boot into Windows and that way the color cable will still be charging without any issues. There'S, probably me switching it to number one to start with, so I had mouse use and they're putting them up to two as causing a few complications.

Maybe the charging I don't actually think that's charging anymore doesn't seem to be so. I reboot would fix that. So get it to probably book without the USB connect it up. If you're using the dual boot on just the normal X, a th that doesn't have the dual boot, just the Windows version, then you won't have any problems. You leave it on position. Number two fiber system up and you'll be charging and have four USB ports there and you can use it like a desktop. Ok, so that's just a demo of the hub there and it does work on the tick last I tried it on the Honda V. Nine one nine that I have and it didn't work at all this tablet here: didn't work. Well, this is specific to the tick last systems. I think don't think it supports the unders I'll. Try it later on with my v1 one 6w and see if that works. Alright, so that's the video thanks for watching.