0 8300 powered 8 inch tablet notice run through here in this particular video, just a few benchmarks and a couple of things in the device manager, tiny bit of gaming and also test out the web browser. We can see here that it's a running Windows, 10, home and there's no problems with activation have a quick look at the device manager now recording this particular video using a capture card and it's, just an exact duplicate of the image so it's, 10. Sorry, 1280 by 800 resolution, then I'm recording there's been upscaled to 1080p, so it should reflect the performance of how the tablet is running exactly how I'm seeing on the screen. So the other drive it has is a samsung BWB C 3 R, which is good to see because often with the likes of the chui VI, 8 plus or the under, or the Q, by work, 8 they're, all using B, one drives which are particularly slow and Not very good at all, I'll just show you the drive speeds. You can see here that I just ran a couple of benchmarks, so here's the internal storage speeds, so the write speed of 38 isn't particularly good, but do take into account that the surface 3 that has the atom X 7 on it. It gets around about this right right here around about 40 megabytes per second, the 4k speeds here, they're, not bad at all, for an emmc Drive and the other test I did do was I tested out the microSD card slot and it is a high speed slot.

So it will support up to a hundred megabytes or even over if your micro sd card supports that this will say particularly slow card that I used not entirely speedy. This one it's only an 8 gigabyte card that I had in there. So if I quickly go back the last thing on the device manager and to show you that the wireless chipset we're using is the very common real tick, so that is only Wireless in 150 megabits per second 2.4 gigahertz band. Now I did run some benchmarks and you see that animation then was a little bit slow. That is very common on these cherry trail atoms. So the geek bench 3 score is more or less the same as other 8 inch territorial tablets that I've been testing out. Maybe about 40 or 20 30 points high on the single core score. The I still 1.2 score is a good fifteen hundred or a thousand points higher than other tablets. I have tested out – and this is the Cloud Gate one point one score slightly higher again. Then the likes of the under 820 wch definitely faster than that one. I think, and PC mark 7 score similar score really to other chair tail tablets. Now the battery performance looks to be around four to four and a half hours or so at the moment I'm. Using battery bar Pro here, it's giving me a current remaining time of four and a half hours and a full runtime of five and a half I'm.

Actually writing the screen brightness at only 25, so around 50 brightness you're. Looking, I think around four hours sounds about right really for the battery size. This has a four thousand milliamp hour battery and it's there so I'm just going to test out now the gaming performance actually before I do that or to show u HW info that loads up for me. So temperatures I've run three D: Martin ten tests and everything like that at the moment, pushing in the tablet reasonably hard actually been charging it at the same time and thermals up to eighty degrees, but it hasn't triggered any thermal strata lling. So it doesn't seem to be too bad at the moment you can see along here thermal throttling. No, no, no nothing's happened there and it doesn't seem like it's going to really get any hotter than about eighty degrees. Still quite warm, of course, eighty degrees for a passively cooled tablet, but the most of the Adam x5 8300 s get up to around 85. So this isn't too bad it's, slightly cooler than those ones. So I'll move on now and test out a bit of gaming on the tablet, so I'll test out some asphalt, 8 airborne and see how that runs. This is a Windows Store game. I have my xbox 360 controller plugged in so see the other two, this game at least the still game runs just fine it's running in 1280 by 800, medium settings and another problem, and this is of course modern, combat 5 blackout.

This one is the most demanded store game, so we'll see how it runs strike two tomorrow: racket using my mouse to control this Audrey moving to cover I'm gon na have to switch teasing the touch controls actually because this is not running very well with a mouse. This game is just too damn lucky to play: strike to the monarch target eliminated, confirm extraction, location over hold up come on, let's go every other atom. Zi8 thousand three hundred runs is just the same, so it's, just a slide show here and Streatley frustrating to control. Normally about let's give up aiming is just all over. The show i mean it's literally running about 10 frames per second tractor, kill this one off now now onto Counter Strike global Offensive going to run with these settings here which pretty much the lower settings you can go with I'm, just going to try setting the wait For vertical sync to triple buffer to see if that makes things a little bit smoother, this is the dust2 map. Wow, it completely is jammed up there. So it seems that what the vertical sink enabled on triple buffered. It definitely seems to be bit smoother to me. We'Re getting 30 frames per second, but we're getting also big lockups here I don't know what is going on. That is completely frozen up on me here, and this happened. Csgo crashed on me so not good at all, but until this happened, the frame rates were actually some of the better ones.

I'Ve seen for 800 x, 600 on an 8 and x 5 is 0 8300, so I'm going to have one more go and let's see. If it can run without crashing and it's jamming up again, look at that five frames. A second I don't know what's, going on with counter strike on the X 80 plus here, but not good must be something wrong with my unit. I don't have enough time to troubleshoot this one, but not good at all and lastly, I'm just checking out some 4k video streaming this over YouTube running the stats there. You can see that there's no dropped frames. Oh, but it's running an HD, 1440p. Okay. So now I'll increase that to 4k see there. Now the resolution make that fullscreen. Of course, we've had six drop frames, so it's not doing too bad, but it seems actually my internet connections not keeping up with it really so just pause that for a second now turn the sound off, because YouTube will give me some copyright issues which I don't Want so you can see there, yeah 4k is playable so overall start a bad tablet, the performances as expected for them Adam x5. 0. 8300. You can play a few store games. You can play some older games, but when it comes to things like counter strike and then modern, combat 5 too demanding for it – and you just have to remember – really it's a under sub 100 tablet, it can only do so much but overall it's not a too Bad one thing I don't like particularly is the gap between the glass touch screen in the IPS panel below it's, rather large, one of the largest is seen around, probably about two point: two and a half millimeters.

If you see my unboxing video of this model, you'll see that the gap is quite large there, but other than that the temperatures are good. It gets up to 78 degrees gaming, not up to 85, like some of the other ones, so temperatures, okay and overall for the money. I don't think it's too bad of a choice, but I would check out the chewy va8 plus, I think, that's slightly better, even though you do have that USB type c port, which is a bit of a pain because you need adaptors. Ok.