Now I pick this one up here from you can see. This is their typical packaging. I'Ve cut the Box open already and let's have a look inside, so the Windows version that I got first model. I didn't actually come with a power adapter that banggood have put one in here for me, and so I can see that's rated to 10, so 5 volts, 2, amps and so look and see what else we have and the box here so there's a few instruction Leaflets and whatnot – these are all actually in Chinese, so kind of useless really to most people that don't understand Chinese, that is, the micro, USB cable for charging, and here we have a micro USB to normal size, USB adapter and the tablet. So if you've already seen the unbox the Windows version you might want to skip ahead, this is boring. This is the same same exact tablet. Physically anything has changed now as the software on it. So here we go the FileMaker, sorry 2 megapixel front facing camera on these ones and there's a tiny little starless LED right here. You probably can't make that out. Another 2 megapixel camera on the rear. We have, on the left hand, side here, micro, SD card slot and the loudspeaker there on the rear. Now the Windows version. I was not particularly happy with this loudspeaker, it's very quiet, not loud enough and not good at all and on the right side.

Here we have the volume up and down power on button. The bottom, you can see there's a tiny little hole there that's for the microphone and the built of it is it's all plastic. I mean this is a cheap entry level, dual boot device. Here I mean this is only about 85 us or so the quality and the build overall is nice, but I do prefer the chewy, which has a little bit of a metal trim around it, a couple of Torx screws in it and slightly better build. I think, but overall it's not too bad, and on the top there we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. We have our micro USB in there for charging and then the HDMI out, which is good to see on there. So hopefully there's some power in here under see if there is turn it on let's, take this off as well. Okay, so there's the familiar teclast dual boot menu. We have the options here, so you have Android or Windows, and if you uncheck the little box here, then we can just get rid of the dual boot menu. If you don't want to see it, then you can disable it let's go straight into Android first and have a look at the ROM all right. So this looks like it's on a Maxima screen brightness. You can see there's a lot of bloat on there that typical teclast launcher there roms are really geared towards a Chinese market, so they just pump them full of so much bloatware.

That is it relevant to anyone outside of China. So most of it, you should just be able to uninstall, which is good, just clear, the memory and we're. Looking at how much remember we have available of the two gigabytes, so we've got one point: six gigabytes free and pull a store there we go. My store is there: I will later go through and set that up set up my wireless download some games and benchmarks and go through and do the usual check out and see how it performs. So we have android 5.1, just like the excellent eight plus that i've just looked at, and the build number is of the wrong 1.04 and storage 4.1 when one gigabytes free. So not a lot of storage there available to us. But you know we only have a 32 gigabyte drive so sharing that between two operating systems as well, so overall, first impressions, the typical two class launcher, although it does seem relatively fast it's only running at a 1280 by 800 resolution and not like the retina tablets, Are seen which tends to be a little bit more sluggish and laggy, that doesn't seem too bad. So well, as I mentioned, benchmark let's go through with another video and take out the Android side of things. I'Ve already looked at Windows, but I will boot over to Windows just to see how much free space we have available to us and have a look at the device manager too.

Perhaps they change the emmc on the dual boot models. I don't know have a look. The process of swapping OSS is a little slow okay, so an account has already been created, that's normal, because what happens is when they ship these out. Normally they log into them and make sure it's in English and do a quick check of the cameras and things that there's no defects at least that's. What Aliexpress sellers have told me in the past? So we have nine point. Five one gigabytes free and the system have locked. If Windows is activated on what version it is and go into the device manager. Okay, so it is actually running 64 bit windows. I thought they would have opted for just 32 bit interesting just to save on some space there, because we don't have a lot free with nine point: five, one gigabytes and the device manager. The wireless chipset would probably remain the same as the Windows version. I looked at yes, it is real tick and the disk drive is, I think, the same. I think it was either to sheet real Samsung I'm, actually think that's pretty much the same model so it's good to see they haven't gone with cheap, be wind or foresee brands. So they're still keeping with the brand name drives there. So that's, good, okay, so that's the unboxing and just an initial first look there at the ROM and I will focus on the next video on the Android side of things since I've already covered windows on this particular model.

So if you want to see the windows side of things, then do check out the playlist and have a look at the Windows, gaming tests and the benchmarks. I did on this to get an idea of how that is, and if you wan na see the Android side then check on the playlist and a week or so. I should have a video coming up.