It is not a super performance monster. This has just got the atom x3 sofia and a big lower end one and it's just a one gigabyte: dual core atom, so performance, wise, you're, not gon na get anything spectacular out of this teller, that's, pretty obvious to start with when you're buying this thing. This is priced at approximately around 55 us at the moment at retailers. Now this actually sells in China and the local market there for around about the equipment around. I think it's about 40 or 45 u.s., so it's very cheap joule. Some 3g tablet – and, as I mentioned in the other video is, it does have a very low resolution. So it's got a 1024 by 600 resolutions, not even HD VIP, F panel and it's, not really a wonderfully sharp scream. Coming from my LG g4, you definitely notice it that there's quite pixely quite block thick blocky, so we can zoom in here and you'll see some most of the time. The screen actually looks okay, but you will notice that some of the ticks does look really blurry and some parts. Now this is the Geekbench 3 score very low. As you can see now the multi core score is quite low. Bit was only a joke or member. So it's just 2 cores so it's a little bit below double the single core score and disremember again it's only running at 1, gigahertz, so quite low there, so performance, not wonderful! Now, if I have a look here, it's an another benchmark so rancis and for example in here you can see some of that text is looking a little bit pixely, but almost 15000 score that's about half actually under half of what an atom Bay trials in 37.

35, if would get so, is their score there in more detail for people that want to have a look at all those bigger. So you want to have a look at the graphics score. There it's a little hard to see okay, so those were the only benchmarks. I really bother with now. You'Re probably wondering can a game, though I mean it's got a Mele 400 in it, and that is to be an okay GPU back in the day. You know it's quite aged now, so not exactly the fastest, but you can play some games. I did test out, you can see. I have installed here asphalt, 8 and Dungeon Hunter 5 I'll show you those just to sit, but what I forgot to show you is the actual speeds that you can get with three gene. You know I managed to test that out and you can see here that these are the speeds I've got so on my wireless connection, which is actually set up as a 3G SIM card that I use because I'm in the rural area I don't have good connection. I managed to get Twinkie or two almost 20 megabits download speeds and about 4.2 there upload so that's, not bad. Now, when I put my sim card the same as XM cut into this tablet here, those are the scores I got so almost six megabytes and and one and a half one point: six zero in the uploads, so it's not the fastest 3G.

You know it's not that three 3G that could no 21 make up its first 24 megabits per second, not it's differently. These flowers thick one there so a little bit lower. So now we'll just quickly show you a game or two, and so you can get a good idea of how you can, if you can play games or not. No okay, Nicola area I'm gon na have to fix that all right. So I fixed a little problem in there that was saying a problem of my network at home. Now the speaker on this tablet is absolutely hopeless. It is so quiet it's, not loud at all. I mean that is. This is full volume now, as you'll hear shortly for volume does not sound good it's, not loud enough. Like I said already I'm experiencing a bit of lag here, you can see that it is quite slow and oh alright, it's big. I can get past that just want to get into the game. Okay, all right! Finally, gon na get into the game here, let's see how it runs. So, what you're hearing now is 100 volume on it and it's just got that tiny little speaker on the back. This one here and it is pathetic – really it's not putting out that much volume at all. Now there you phone, when you do get a phone call, it does vibrate. So you know let's chance of missing a call of it's in your pocket.

Then you can feel that vibrating at least it's, not that now the ringtones are optimized a little bit to be louder. I think so you can see that is actually smooth so far. Okay, definitely playable! So, despite its benchmarks being so low, you can see here that I can instill this play out. All right, yeah, which you know is not as super demanding game but it's. Definitely one hundred and ten percent playable definitely playable here. So so look at Dungeon Hunter 5 is the other game that I downloaded and see how that runs. Okay, so some Dungeon Hunter 5 here few stutters, you just saw them yeah. I can tell that the framerate is probably around about 20 15 frames per second it's. Not the fastest, so it is struggling with this title a little bit more than the real racing, so it is a little bit slow, but it does look to be still playable. At least frame rate does seem to have improved a little bit since MRI start apply. That'S slightly faster, it seems to be getting a little bit slow there. Well some stutters there, okay and very, like you right now, so I spoke too soon didn't I, who that wow I just gone down to a few frames per second. This has become a slideshow. Basically, and how it's gon na work – Wow – okay, that's, not really playable, now it's becoming a little bit too slow, very laggy okay.

So we exit out of that and show you some internet here with the browser the keyboard SC isn't too bad to type on. I found that it's it's, okay, the screen does seem to be responsive enough, that the keystrokes and well not unto bad just lost the chemo there for some reason, so the the home page obviously said to they tick. Last page there in Chinese, okay it's a little bit of lag there, so the CPU might be threatening a little bit from their gaming. They'Ve got quite hot hello manages to load up. Take tablets here gone into the mobile version of the site. It doesn't seem to be too bad hope a little slow there Ike here you go so if I flip it around, it should stretch you out to the whole screen now, perhaps no, I can feel it there's getting quite hot here on the back just by where The camera is so it is starting to struggle there a little definitely on this website. So if I reload the page, hopefully that'll load in okay, so now uh it was showing. So you need all the patience with this tablet, as you can see I'm here. Why can't even scroll at the moment – oh yeah, sure, if you're looking at some heavy websites but a lot of images like this one here then you're gon na run into this kind of issues. Their speed is it's very slow there. Perhaps I still have the game open or something? No.

Are they Play services? Okay, so the battery life it's hard to see how much I can get out of it, because I've been testing and using it, but mostly running benchmarks and things you're, looking probably about a day's usage. Now, if you're going to be gaming on it, probably about three hours, it has a 3200 milliamp hour battery, so it's not too bad of a size, considering it's a 7 inch tablet. So but you do need to bear in mind that using 3G and having 2 SIM cards in there, it's gon na set a little bit more power than your normal average 7 inch tablet here. So overall, what do I think on this tablet? Well, for the price you get, what you pay for don't, you really you! The positives are you've got your zoom, you have 3G, it is cheap battery, lives. Ok, but then, when it comes down to things like performance it's, definitely not a powerful tablet at all. It does stuttering lag a little bit, but you can do some gaming as you've seen that real racing run ok, but so I think Dungeon Hunter just pushed the GPU too hard and it started to throttle there a little bit. It has got a little bit warm. You could have phone functions on it and the cameras are not good at all, so you have a VGA front facing camera 2 megapixel rear. The other issue with the tablet is I've noticed, as the screen is not that bright.

The sound on it is very quiet. The speaker on the rear, but again, if you're thinking about maybe just a quick Chuck around tablet for 55 50, maybe something for the kids to play around with keep them busy for a little while, then you know this is okay. You do have other tablets out there for this price range, but I think they can probably even have worse, GPUs and CPUs in this one. That does have a newer atom x3 in it, but as you can see, it's really not that powerful. So bear that in mind when you, if you are gon na, buy this at the screen, not that bright, not that sharp but it's, okay, you know you can play movies on it. You can do all the stuff, maybe that you'd want to. But you have to have a bit of patience as you can see with this video, you need to take your time. Loading web slides up and you do need to bear in mind that yeah it's, not gon na, be out of play all the latest games, because it's just going to be too much some of the newer titles they're for it. Now the sound output also while and remember, is not to that at that there's, a tiny little bit of static on it, but it's about the worst of heard, coming from a cheap tailor. It'S, okay volume output over the 3.5 millimeter jack is much much better than the speaker, which is disappointing and lastly, I will just quickly show you know the weight of the tablet with my trusty scales here.

So the tablet comes in at 270 grams, a little bit hard to see that sorry, so 270 grams and the thickness of the tablets, not this thinnest tablet in the world to get. My gauge here is around a bell: 12 millimeters, almost 13 millimeters thick, so it's a little chunky, it's a little chunky, 270 grams. The weight of it is not too bad at all. All right, so that's the wrap up there of the video. Thank you for watching. I hope you found it helpful with you where looking at this tablet and hopefully I'll see you in my next video I've been coming one.