It is the tick last x6 Pro I even forgot. I had the thing ordered and it just showed up because I just thought it was never actually going to come, but finally they seem to have solved their problems with stock tech. Last I’ve got the tablet, of course, twelve point six inch screen. It has the core m7y, thirty, eight gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabytes of storage worth, I believe, the easy access hatch underneath the kickstand, so you can easily upgrade that SSD as well got the keyboard here, of course, is toe, and I do have this stylus, which is Around here somewhere, so let’s check it out now, we’ll take a look at what we get inside the box, so we have here an instruction with leaflet here. So this just basically, I think, a QuickStart guide, okay, warranty as well as there and just a little QC inspection pass good to see. That means that someone’s actually checked it out. It shouldn’t have any faults, and we should have under this, of course, the power supply. All right so it’s the same one that we’ve got with the, for example, tick last f15 and other tick of there’s, the European charter so white with the DCM, but it will support also type C charging. So this is rated to 12 volts two amps there it’s a positive in the middle if you’re looking for a replacement one – and this is the keyboard right here.

So if you want to know the model of it, it is the TL t 6 keyboard. I believe that is very similar to the keyboard that I had with the tick last x4 they’re, basically, the same family of 2m 1 Windows tablets, so that one was quite a good quality keyboard, very good finish to it. I, like the paint job they gave it, which was like a purple color. I think this hopefully will have that same color. So I’ll have a look, and yet it is really basically this same keyboard but much larger. As you can see so good sized touchpad here it is plastic. The finish this has like a rubberized paint job to it and the keys themselves, aren’t backlit, so there’s no backlighting on this, which was really the only complaint I had and the smaller touchpad with the tickle us X, fours keyboard. This looks good. It is quite strong and there are magnets in here as well, so I will show you what it’s like dr. of call the x6 pro and good key travel on this as well. I wrote it’s a very high quality type cover style keyboard, but just before I do dockets the keyboard to the tablet. Let’S just wait here because it feels quite heavy okay, so 885 grams with the keyboard. That brings it up to 1.2 4 kilos, which isn’t too bad. I guess considering it’s twelve point six inches this tablet, so I will just clip in as you can see right there, and this is the furthest.

It goes back the kickstand. So that is a hundred and thirty five degrees. I will check the second level on the keyboard as well, because that’s, the most comfortable, of course, due to the angle, okay, and even with the kickstand right back, you can see it still gives us a nice increase. There for typing comfort, pressing down hard there’s a little bit of bounce. Maybe if you are very heavy handed with your typing and just to show you the tablet to slide on so it’s, eight point: five millimeters, the thickness of the tablet and close. Now, as you can see, that is now fifteen point: five millimeters, the overall thickness for ports on the right side. We’Ve got dcn for charging with the included power supply, then we have HDMI out, which is HTML 1.4 a spec. So sadly, this is not HDMI to at least in my testing I’m, not able to get full 4k 60 Hertz out of it another USB 3 port, which will power external hard drives, and our type C port, which is fully SPECT I’ve, got it plugged into an External power delivery power, brick that I have and it’s working, fine it’s charging and the tablet. So that is good if you wanted to use one of those or you have a power delivery power, supply type C, you’re able to use that as well. So you’re gon na get data out of this and also 4k 30 Hertz video output on the top here we’ve got our volume and power buttons.

Now these feel okay, I think it could be made out of plastic or just painted plastic to imitate metal here. 3.5. Millimeter headphone jack with mic support a full sized US, be three port here and it’s marking microphone. So we’ve got one microphone right here and then another one, just off camera, so either side flanking and the rear. Five megapixel cameras where you’ll find the dual array mics. You can see that right here, so this camera on the rear is an autofocus one as well. So you will be able to focus up close on text if you want to do a quick snap, but it won’t have amazing quality. Oh and I almost missed showing you this and that’s the micro SD card slot, so this is owning a B, USB 2 spec it’s wired up, but it’s not going to be a fast card reader using piece a anything like that. So it looks like the cats. Will sit in flush, but I wanted to test that no, it doesn’t go that way so other way around here. Let’S push that down, so it clicks in nicely and that’s good, so we’re not going to hopefully lose them. I doubt it. I don’t even think we’ll press up against this because it clicks in quite hard, so there is a bit of bezel on this as to be expected and you can easily get hold of it too, without accidentally touching the screen. So this webcam I’m, showing you here up front, this one is 2 megapixels.

There will be a sample of it in my full review of the x6 pro so here we can see the hinge mechanism and it looks quite good it’s all screwed – into place. There’S no plastics involved – and I do believe it’s going to be quite reliable, there’s a magnetic strip along the top here will be a main let’s just test that’s. Actually to keep it closed, so it won’t be flopping about rattling or being a pain there. There are little gaps either side, so I can easily get my finger in there and to pull that up and the hinge kickstand hinge here. It does feel quite stiff now. What I wanted to point out is this, so we do have just like the tick. Last x4 and easy access, SSD hatch. Now this is something that not even the surface pro has that I wish it had so I’ve just opened it up and we have a 20 to 80 sized SSD. So, if you’re gon na upgrade this, you want to put a terabyte in or 2 terabytes, just make sure it is set. A3 speak okay, because m dot, 2 PCIe s will not work in here, it’s only set of three, so it first boot. Here I wanted to go into the BIOS just to check if it was fully unlocked and the good news is yes, as you can see, we have all the options you can imagine for this. Now it does display thunderbolt configuration there.

These are just settings that are in here. Ok, it doesn’t actually support thunderbolt here I know that. Does it support nvme, even though you can see that I know some people in the comments will say: hey in VA. It does support it, but there was actual slot. Will not take it because it’s slightly different, you won’t, even be able to fit it in there. So we’ve got access then, of course, to our power and performance. So you can change some things here. With these CPU, we could increase the power limit, which it looks to be all set here by default. Okay, because they’ve not really made any adjustments here, our boot performance has even set to the non turbo performance. I could in fact change that to turbo performance just to help it boot up a little bit quicker and if you wanted to go in and change some of these settings here then feel free to do so at your own risk. Okay, because some of these settings can get you into a lot of trouble and it could even end up with the tablet, not booting, so I don’t recommend messing about with us. If you want to increase power limits, I highly recommend doing the software method first before going and then sending it in the buyer, so you can under voltage intel’s x tu, which is their extreme tuning utility and here are sell through by to display so initial impressions. This is a very nice looking display now there’s a bit of shimmering going on it’s only on video, i don’t really know what’s happening it’s.

Sometimes the pulse width, modulation that they’re using to control the brightness will affect into shop on camera, but in person I’m not seeing it all, the touch accuracy just wanted to quickly demonstrate that does sing really good and this screen is fully laminated. So that means no ugly horrible gap between the touch, a digitize, a glass on the front and then the IPS panel below so I have it with the default scaling in Windows. The textures, probably gon na look a little bit small here, but it does look very sharp. The screen so far it’s a really nice panel. This is what really makes this particular two on one tablet here, because it does have a pixel density of 274 PPI. So the power limits oddly core m3, the KB Lake for seven y 37 watts for the power limit level limit one sorry and then power love at level. 2 is 15 watts, which is fine, it’s, not really gon na hold it up too much. But I have noticed that they have the RAM configured, the eight gigabytes it’s, just single channel configuration so not Joule. So we are missing out on a little bit of memory bandwidth there, which will affect the performance somewhat and the RAM speed as well as 1600 megahertz. The highest the court m37 way. 30 supports is 1866 megahertz, so we don’t have that here. So the internal storage that tick last branded one here – 256 gigabytes decent kind of speeds.

This is what you kind of expect really for a set of 3m to drive. Perhaps the writes a little bit long, because it’s tech lasts own brand here now free space. I will just point that out as well. You get 218 gigabytes. Windows has a legitimate key here. It was actually already set up, so it just went straight into the desktop here. With that background, as you can see, that tick class seems to like so the touch accuracy, I want to just give you a little bit of feedback on. That is also very, very good. No problems with that whatsoever so find us now bring up our device manager and show you that we have intel’s dual band wireless AC, the 3165 very common chipset here, it’s, okay, at least look at the dual band, the speeds top out around three hundred and eighty. Ninety megabits per second with that one so it’s, not the fastest wireless LAN out there and there’s that drive listed there, my SD cards and there as well and of course it’s a dual core CPU this one fanless and it does have two threads more so it’s. Four threads and the two course with this one: we do also have an accelerometer on board for the screen rotation, which is working just fine and our Geekbench fourscore here. So the single core score is kind of what I expect multi core score, a little bit slower. Probably because of the single channel memory configuration here, but overall it’s not too bad, for they call em three seven Y 30 and to give you some feedback on the touchpad.

So, yes, it is using Windows, precision, drivers pretty much everything does now and it feels okay. It’S not the best touchpad. I have used the surfaces. Alright, the accuracy is fine, it’s, quite usable moving it around I’m, really not having too much of a problem with it. And, of course, all your windows, 10 gestures are supported there, so that’s great. Now. What about these speakers? So they are stereo ones and they’re front facing which is good, but they sound quite behind here. Paul they’re, not very loud. So almost exactly the same hardware probably is the same hardware as the tick Las x4, but here’s a sample of these. Rather, weak speakers – Music, Applause, okay, so what about the stylus? Now I got. What I think was the stylus for it, according to gibbous and it’s, not working at all now replace the battery. In fact, it doesn’t even come with the batteries, so I went in bought some more batteries because I’ve got lots from lying around it’s, quite a battery and nothing absolutely nothing. So this must not be the stylus or my stylus is faulty, which is a real shame, because it’s meant to support a 4096 pressure level active stylus. I think it’s got the two buttons on it here as well. So why it’s not working? I don’t know Linux support not looking very good, because the touchscreen, nothing ok and the touchpad as well. Absolutely nothing so you’re gon na have to hunt around and try and find drivers and get that working, which is a little bit of a hassle.

So there we go, it is looking very promising. I think this is the best surface pro alternative out there for the price that people are looking for, that if you don’t want a fan as well and you don’t wan na spend a lot then really. This is about it that I can see so. Unfortunately, my stylus doesn’t seem to be the correct stylus for it I mean I check the battery. I bought a new battery it’s fine it’s, just nothing’s working with the stylus with this and then one that I got so it must be incorrect. There that’s the only conclusion that I can draw from it, so the kickstand is working well, it’s, quite a stiff hinge, pressing against that’s, not going to fall back. You can see that’s the maximum angle right there, 8 gigabytes of RAM but it’s only single channel. Unfortunately, both the USB 3 ports are working, the type c port is working. Fine. It has a proper legit Windows 10 license. Now why this stock problems and the delays in me getting this as well was the supply issue with the chipset, so they caught m3. There 7 y 30 apparently it’s very hard to get hold of short supply, and this is why there’s could actually be limited stock on this one as well. So I don’t know whether it’s gon na be out of stock again later on so we’ll have to see what happens with dad, so the keyboard quality typing on it, a good feel to it.

Touchpad good feel as well, and as mentioned, the build is really good. The main thing that sets it apart is a very nice fully laminated screen, it’s 400 Lux bright, so it’s got a very decent brightness. It not the brightest out there, a very good touch, accuracy, it’s, very responsive to touch as well and it’s. Good that I can see now, I’m – probably Oh, will break out my spider v Pro I’ll measure the color space that it has so that’ll, be the Adobe RGB srgb that’s, all gon na be in the full review, along with thermals gaming, general performance or checking out Documents Excel spreadsheets things like that 4k streaming will all be tested. That will all be in the full review with a webcam sample, but I can tell you now the weaknesses, battery life, five or six hours, webcam doesn’t, look wonderful speakers not really doubt enough, and that is really about all I can find so far. So it is looking very promising here, so I hope to see you back with that full review.