10 tablet that is powered by our core m3 7 Y 30 with 8 gigabytes, a single channel, ddr3, RAM and 256 gigabytes of upgradable, SSD storage, with a little hatch on the back, which is really good to see so I'm going to try and make this review A little shorter because in the unboxing I've covered a lot of the design, so I'll quickly just go over it for those that can't be bothered seeing the unboxing, video or didn't see it. So we have a magnetic detachable, optional keyboard, which sells for about 65 us. The tablet itself is 499 us at the moment. It'S got a really nice screen on it. So this is a twelve point. Six inch IPS panel, fully laminated and by far the best thing about it, really good. It supports a stylus and unfortunately, if you saw my unboxing video, I have the correct stylus but it's a complete dead on arrival. Dad I don't know what is going on. I bought a new quad, a battery for it, which it doesn't actually have in the box and nothing absolutely nothing out of it. I don't think it's down to software drivers are some people mentioned. I checked that it all seems to be there. It has like a good exit screen the digitizer and the pin should be working but hey it just didn't work for me, so detachable keyboard, as mention it is not backlit it's a high quality keyboard very nice to type on.

We have good travel comfortable layout as well. The touchpad works well with windows, precision drivers, but I find it to be quite annoying because I'm getting a lot of accidental touches from it when typing on the keyboard, so the palm rejection is quite poor. In my experience, I ended up disabling it I plugged in an external mouse, and things are a lot easier there, but typing for extended periods on this keyboard very good there's, a little bit of a bounce to it, but it's quite firm, I'm pressing down now quite Hard and you can see so four ports – we have two USB 3 ports on either side. We'Ve got type C. We have micro, HDMI out, which is up to 4k 30 Hertz as what that supports. So it has a good, build quality, kickstand and 35 degrees. So I'll just demonstrate that it goes all the way back here and you can press down on that that's not going to flop back any further. It is the firmness of this kickstand to firm enough that when you press on it it's not going to end up falling down it, won't fall down with the weight of this particular tablet as well. The tablet's weight, so the whole package so with the keyboard is 1 kilo, 0.24, okay, so 1.2, 4 kilos and without the keyboard. This is about a hundred and eighty grams. The tablet, just by itself so I've now swapped over to screen capturing just to demonstrate better.

The performance you can expect out of the x6 Pro, so this is my website here in Chrome. Obviously, as you can see, and it's one to demonstrate that I'm using my finger here now, this is very smooth. The scrolling speed here when you don't have a lot of tabs open, so we'll just click on the top one here that was my first video. I posted on this particular model here so that loads in very quick, as you can see the wireless performance I'm, not having any issues here. It is very good I'm on the 5g bands and you get transfer rates maximum of about '0, almost 400 meters per second. I also did a speed test here so it's, going through the signal through a couple of walls, so it's a little bit slower, but still performing quite well. Here is Geekbench, so we've got a good single core score here and monocle squeal. This is a little faster. Now and I'll explain why that is from my first unboxing, because I've actually applied a tiny bit of an under vault here to the CPU. The reason I've done that is I'll get into this straightaway now, as the thermals on this particular unit. Here are not very good, ok, so this is what happens so when you start doing demanding work on here. So a lot of tabs open in chrome, if you're I don't, know just encoding. Video 1080p 720p will be fine, but not 4k.

This is going to happen. Ok, so it got up to 97 degrees, so that's too hot it didn't and doesn't normally trigger thermal throttling, which is really strange because it's only a few degrees away from that happening. I think t junction max is 105, where this particular trip said the back up. It does get warm tug, so it does transmit some of the heat to the back of the case. It will get quite warm to the touch, especially when you're gaming I've noticed it getting up to about 40 degrees, which is quite toasty, so it's. Definitely a candidate for my copper heatsink mod that I have to sometimes do on these. So it looks like the copper that they've got in there or they haven't placed a thermal pad it's, just not doing a sufficient sufficient enough job here to keep that chipset cool. So we'll demonstrate performance very quickly, so I'm, going to jump right in here into Google typing on the keyboard again here so very comfortable to type on this keyboard. I actually do quite like it now, after using it for a while good key travel and the spacing of the keys as well as good the touchpad. However, I get a lot of accidental touches there, so the palm rejection not good on this I'm using a mouse and I've just got it disabled here at the moment, so I'm going to search something very generic cos. I think that's. What I did last time on the mini PC there as well just go along and open up quite a few tabs here, just to demonstrate what you can expect, because a lot of people do ask me: how can I run 20 tabs in chrome? Can I run this: can around that and we'll just go through this as quick as possible here, just don't think of all of these pages? Okay, so I think that's, probably enough their performance is not like a core i5 not at all.

This is just a dual core, remember maximum to us, 2.6 gigahertz, and it is with four three two. So I'll just walk between these temps here. So things are loading in and you can see that's pretty good it's, not too bad it'll come in and the scrolling speed yeah a little bit now of lag. You can see that is happening, just loading, those images, but this performance. This is better than say the Gemini Lake quad course, okay, because of the high turbo and just the way the chip. Is it just handles things better, more performance when it comes to graphics, it's, definitely in helping us. So there is a video here that it's just are starting to run there in the background, so I'll just close that off, and I wanted to do a 4k demo clip to show you that 4k streaming that, yes, it can do it reasonably well here a lot Better than that mini PC that I've just recently reviewed as well, so this needs to be set to 4k. Okay, enable the stats, of course, so we can have a look at the drop frames and you'll see a few drop frames. Okay, zero at the moment, so that's actually doing really well and their buffer health 29 seconds 31 seconds. Good again. I'Ll go fullscreen on this and you'll see it dropped a few, but that is always going to happen from that transition, so their performance there that's good.

So that's fine, so I mean it does alright for what it is: a fan, las', dual core CPU, now we'll step it up a little bit with some formats that are a little bit difficult, but it does have the hardware native decoding and that is HEV C Vp9, so I will play this right here. This is jellyfish 140 megabits per second for K, 10 bit a TVC, and this is very demanding. Okay, let's go run into that problem. Alright, so I need to use VLC player, which I should have. I know media play classical play, that's fine and you can see few stutters at the beginning, but it should get a little bit better. But no, it looks like no just tuna running this particular file bit rates when there Laura about a hundred that's when things smoother. So I'll just play this jellyfish one here and this one's HD, oh yeah. Of course they have windows, wants you to buy that don't. They, which is, of course, something you don't have to do there. We go that's now a little bit smoother here, so that performance is good okay. So we will take a look at those spreadsheets that have loaded up here in the background, so you can see maybe a tiny little lag there with that, just bringing it up loading and but over, you can do all your edits, adjust and change things without really Too much of a problem save the files and you're not going to notice too much of a lag with this light computing.

This is relatively easy stuff for the court m3. It doesn't have any problems with this, so I will test out just one game in this video to try and keep it a little bit shorter. Just to give you an idea of performance and that's a counterstrike global Offensive. So this is 720p on the lowest settings. You can see the performance is not great. This is even performing worse than the core i3 5500. You, we get an average frames per second that hovers somewhere in the mid 30s to low 30s, and it will sometimes dip down to about nine frames per second. So a little bit laggy and the temperature just dropped to 13. Just then too, temperature will slowly just start creeping up higher and higher and higher it's, currently at 82 degrees, but it will eventually make its way up to 97. So right now you are looking at a sample from the front facing 720p webcam 30 frames per second. The quality is it's, okay, its average, the audio that you are listening to right now. That has also been recorded on the tablet, whether it's dual array – microphones. That brings me on then to battery life. It'S not great khorium 3's have never been good for me. It doesn't matter if it's a Core m3 laptop or a tablet like this one, two and one I scraped 5 hours and 17 minutes. This was with the brightness set to 30, which is relatively low, but you can still make out what's on the screen.

Fine there and the charge time is also super slow. It took over three and a half hours to charge it and that's using the supplied 12 volt, 2 amp charger, so not too sure why it's so slow there. You can also charge it via the type C port. It does support power delivery and that will be a little quicker than bringing it down to about 2 hours and 40 minutes or so, but still slow charging, not amazing, better life here. So this area is disappointing, but also bear in mind too, when I had my surface pro for the court m3 model, I was only getting about 5 hours of battery life five and a half out of that one as well. Now, for those of you that missed my unboxing I'll, give you another sample of the speakers they're not loud enough. They lack bass, they're very flat, Music, all right. So that brings me to my recap now here with my pros and cons. So I really do like this tablet: I've enjoyed it but there's just some things there that make it kind of a hard recommendation. First off the thermals. It just gets too hot when you're doing demanding work. That is so normal spreadsheets Doc's internet browsing crime it'll be in the mid 70s that's about as warm as it'll get. But when you push it hard gaming or you start to benchmark or do demanding and coding, audio work or video work or something like that.

You'Ll see eventually it takes a while, but it will get up to 97 degrees Celsius, which is just too hot. So really it doesn't need my copper heatsink mod, and I can see the comments already. Will I do it? While I post a video, I don't think I will, because I don't know if I'm gon na keep this tablet. I mean I do like it, but the battery life five and a half to five hours, not so good. There either. I mean the surface pro 4. When I had the coin. 3 version was only getting about five and a half as well so coin threes. For me, I've always had terrible battery life if it went for seven hours or eight hours. That would be great. Then speakers are also very weak, my stylus, unfortunately, the status. Where is it's missing? If you see my unboxing it's dead on arrival, doesn't work, I replaced the battery, I got another battery for it. It still does not work. I don't know what is going on. It must have been damaged or in transit or it's. Just plain and simple did faulty unit with that which is not good. Of course, keyboard is great to type on the touchpad is okay, but it has terrible par predictions. So if you have it enabled and you're typing something, your cursor will go somewhere else, and it just makes it a bit difficult and I found to be very bothersome.

So I connected in an external mouse and set the settings to disable the touchpad. And then I was happy, so it is good to type on. You can of course increase the angle of it, bring it up and it is good, a little bit of bounce as you'd expect, but really quite a high quality keyboard. They have so I've got very nice screen good, build quality, but poor, better live speakers. Thermals, as I mentioned, you really have to think long and hard about if it is worth it 499 us plus the 60 for the keyboard. I yeah. I don't really think it is. I was really hoping for this to be an amazing tablet and it's almost there, but maybe next time around tick last can improve the thermals thermal pad, perhaps a bigger, larger, copper, heatsink and work on the palm rejection. And then I think we've got a winner from them finally from the Chinese tablets. Thank you so much for watching this review. Now, if you do like these longer reviews, then please do give a like, because that helps the YouTube algorithm and also think about subscribing for future reviews from me.