So it has 8 gigabytes of RAM in here 240 gigabyte, SSD and also wireless AC, with a very familiar design. As you can see, it is like a surface pro 4. It has a removable keyboard, it’s very easy to dock here it just clips in you can push that to an upright position and then a two position. Kickstand, you see that’s the first position right here and then later that can be put down like so so. Let’S have a look at it now in greater detail, so port wise on the right. Here we have the DCN for charging below that is micro, HDMI out, then a full size, USB 3 port. Now that will power external hard drives and does run at correct, USB 3 speeds and, lastly, the type C port. Now this type C port is meant to accept charge. I have tried a 12 volt 2 amp charger in there are the charges that I have and I can get nothing to work charging this tablet with the type C port. So perhaps my unit is faulty, I don’t really know, but you can at least get data out of this port and that’s running at USB 3.0 speeds on the left side at the top, we have the power on button below that the 3.5 millimeter audio out. Now this does support microphones and it also has reasonably good quality, there’s, no static, good minutes, good bass coming out of this perhaps lacking, and a little bit of volume there.

Probably so we don’t damage our ears now below. That is an interesting micro, USB 2 board. While I say interesting is, it looks like it will accept charge because there’s a charge logo behind there, but I can’t get any charge out of this port connecting it up to my various charges. Doesn’T seem to work for data either, so I don’t even know why. It is there and, of course below that is the volume up and down buttons. They, like the power button, are made out of metal and on the back there’s a five megapixel autofocus camera that is good really for Skype and taking the occasional photo of a diagram, for example. But you wouldn’t want to be taking photos of your family and friends with this kind of camera and anyway, what kind of person holds up a tablet to take photos and strip along the top? This part is made out of plastic. That, of course, is for the wireless and Bluetooth and tenor reception. So just like the Microsoft Surface series, the microSD card slot is located behind the kickstand here. So here we have the layout of the keyboard, which is perfectly fine, it’s, 12 inches, so spacious good to type on, but not as good as other type covers I have used. The reason is, it’s got a little bit of Bounce and you can see that when it’s in this upright position, when you lay it flat, it’s, not really that bad to use put it down in the lower angle.

Here there it’s fine. You also notice too, that it does have shortcuts, but one of the shortcuts I like to and often use is print screen and that’s, not on the keyboard. Now the touch pad down here – it’s, okay, it’s – not the best I have used – does support gestures like double tap, swipe down and things and double tap to scroll. But you can actually disable that you need to do a registry hack to get past that if you don’t like those gestures – and there is even one tiny little stylus led right here for the caps lock and all folded up like this. The keyboard acts also as a screen protector, just like the other two and one tablets, so there’s, a two megapixel camera located just above the screen here, with average quality decent enough for Skype. But really that is about it. So the panel it uses as an IPS panel 1920 by 1200 colors are good, deep blacks, viewing angles are also good and the maximum screen brightness is where this this panel is lit down. I don’t know whether it’s teclast or the panel’s they have used, but I found the same with the the t book power 16 that they have set or have a brightness that’s, just not sufficient. It’S me about 190 Lux, which really is not good enough. I feel, especially since this panel isn’t fully laminated, so we do have a gap between the glass on the front and then the IPS panel below so it really should be I’d say another 50 Lux brighter.

I would be happy, but it’s perfectly usable indoors. Just don’t expect to use the screen or be able to see it correctly or properly in sunlight or really really brightly lit environments. You will struggle now performance of the seven way. 30 Cory M is a step up from the six way. 30. The last generation model. So here we can see now the single core score is over 3000 points with Geekbench. For now I just tested out my mean notebook 12 with the corium last generation model and that got 2500 single core and then 4500 multi core score. So you can see a real nice jump up there in performance, at least when it comes to this benchmark, and you can feel it too when using it. It just feels to me a little bit more quicker, a little snappier now the performance of the corium. I would say is good for everyone, apart from people who want to do some serious video editing like if you want to edit 4k videos, then it’s a no go, but if you want to do everything else, even some light gaming, it’s, okay, but heavy games like Triple a titles that’s not what it’s good at, but but the core m3 for me is quite a good chipset. I really do like the performance it gives so did run some benchmarks, just a few other ones here to go through so n2. Someone asked me to run this almost 200000.

Now the core m36 130 gets around one thousand and seventy thousand points. Sorry 170 thousand points so there’s quite a bit of a difference here, it’s a substantial bump up around 10 or so when it comes to that benchmark and here’s the OpenGL score for a Cinebench r15 and then the CPU score, not a bad school there – and here Is my micro SD card to the micro SD card slot on the back? Those are the speeds I got out of a Samsung Evo 64 gigabyte. You can get up to 100 reason rides if your card supports it, and here is the internal drive, which is a 240 gigabyte for cm2 SATA 3 SSD, not bad there. The 4k is a little low, 4k reads: 4, otherwise, not bad performance. So audio is something that normally the Chinese manufacturers skip over a part for Michelle. Michelle may tend to put decent speakers in so we’ve got one speaker right here and another in the exact same position down the bottom front, firing speakers that’s a good move, but let’s have a listen to how they sound Music, so there’s, some distortion. Yet 100 is a little bit of a crackle coming through and those speakers. I would like them to be a little bit louder. They have some volume to me to them, but the quality really isn’t, the greater so so rate those speakers as very average. So, just how is it at gaming? Well, here you can see.

This is battlefield. 4, I’m still getting reasonably decent frame rates considering this is running in 720p and it is a demanding game. But as you see in my gaming review of the x5 Pro that you can actually get away with playing some games with very good frame rates over 60 frames per second, the popular titles like Counter Strike global Offensive and League of engines are very playable on the Intel HD, 6, 105 graphics, alright, guys so that’s. My review there so just to quickly recap. My pros and cons build quality, excellent, it’s, very solid there’s. A well put together tablet now performance of it also very good, and I like the fact that it does have a type C port on there, but that comes to the calm that I can’t seem to charge via that type C port now, teclast claim we can Charge for it, then I couldn’t find any of my charges that work on it. So I don’t know whether my unit is faulty I’m, not sure what’s, up with that also the port locations a little odd, because we have the USB type c port at the top and the USB 3 port at the top. I would prefer this to be shifted down to the bottom, but of course we have the dual front facing speakers left and right at the bottom. They’D move those to the top and put the ports down the bottom. I would be a lot more happier with this design here and the kickstand as well.

We only get two positions that’s a minor complaint. I don’t find that to be a deal breaker for me, but it would have been nice if we could lay the tablet down. Nice and flat now the keyboard experience typing on it, it’s good, but it’s not going to be the best type cover you’ve ever used. I find that even the cube ionised keyboard is a lot better than this one. The problem with it is, it has a little bit of bounce and a little bit of flex in the middle. The outer edges seem more solid, but I just wish it was a little bit more rigid there. Now the touch pad as well isn’t, the greatest it’s usable but it’s, just lacking a little a bit of accuracy, annoying gestures as well. I just don’t find it to be that good, really, besides, that, if you can pick this up for a decent price, it’s, not a bad tablet and we’ve got the airport eight two gigabytes of RAM on there. What we don’t normally see on the Chinese tablets here so that’s an editor benefit there, oh and almost forgot to battery life five hours. If you like, he isn’t really that good. I would like to see a lot more, but that tends to be the trend with core M tablets that you can’t really squeeze out and much better life in there because it’s not like the atom M’s, which are more efficient there.