Imagine that – and I don’t look at a lot of them nowadays, because really there’s just hardly any out there and especially Windows 10 tablets that are more budget orientated. So, yes, the prices have been going up. There’S really only two major brands that are dominating now at least a dash engine there’s a few others that I used to look at before, but they’ve just been releasing a lot of real lemons that’s. Not even worse me, risking it really with me spending that money. Dedicating a week or even more testing it to find out what I probably already knew to start with that it’s a lemon, so I mean yes, I’m, being more selective and at least finally we’ve got a Windows 10 two and one tablet here. So this is called the tick last x4 it’s 11.6 inch IPS panel that’s fully laminated and I do happen to have the keyboard here with it now stylus support. I believe it supports a stylus, but I don’t have it so I’m, not actually an abyss insurer. Well, I’ve got about 20 styluses in a drawer right there, so I will try all of those months. I’Ve got there, and hopefully one of them is at least going to work on this. So this has the 8 gigabytes of RAM. People want Celeron in 4100. So the cheapest lysol, this particular tablet selling for was 329 u.s. and that was on banggood, it’s, also selling on Aliexpress, gearbest and other online retailers.

Now this is the keyboard you can get for it, which I highly recommend because it’s a torn one. You really do need to get this. I don’t believe it is backlit, but I will be checking that and this is a authentic unboxing, because I have not seen any of this yet ok, so they’ve got a hard plastic case. Well, it’s, like a soft matte, finish synthetic that they’ve used on it. The callus is very different. In fact, they do actually like it it’s like I, almost a dark purple that they’ve gone for here, alright and the keyboard. Actually that doesn’t look too bad good. Spacing the keys, they have a matte finish to them almost like a rubberized paint job they put over the top of them, and no that does not look like it’s gon na be backlit at all. To me, in fact, I can’t see any back and lighting sitting there. I don’t think it no definitely it’s painted on those keys, so the palm rest that’s made out of plastic. The thickness of it, as you can see, doesn’t seem to be too bad rubber feet here, to keep it away hopeful from scratching up the screen protector, which often happens and a very small touchpad. I hope it’s running Windows, precision, drivers at least so this feels rather heavy and we have a typical tick glass bill to it. So you can see on the back here. This is an alloy.

It is in a dark grey color, with a 5 megapixel camera kickstand. Now do we have yes, we do. This is what I wanted to know for sure. Sorry, my autofocus is going all over the place right here, just left it on for the unboxing part and it’s SD slot so expandable, so two screws there. We can remove this and that would be to me it looks like a 22 by 42 or maybe 22 by 60, but I check it out: a5 poker port pin connector at the bottom, of course, for our keyboard and here, on the right hand, side. We have DC in it got the micro HDMI out, which is HDMI 2.0 spec, USB 3 port and type C, and charging data and video, apparently, which is good, so they haven’t skimped on ports at all for a tablet and we do have a micro SD card Reader at the top, I prefer that location and then underneath the kickstand we’ve got a power button right here and plastic. It feels like it is yeah, maybe metal. No, it feels like it’s plastic. I have a good feel two of them and doesn’t have any real rattle there, 3.5 millimeter headphone socket with hippo Jack, with microphone support and another USB 3 port, so that is good. I’Ve got Vince all around the top here now that’s just to let hot air out, but this does not have any active Australia, yes, active cooling, it’s, all passively cooled right there and the hinge doesn’t feel too bad and all and yeah I’m really digging the fact That they’ve put this in here that expandable slot magnets should just click it in which it did it brought that up there quite nicely, so you can see all that our kickstand.

It goes back, it’s stiff enough that it’s going to hold the weight of their tablet. Now I’m gon na measure this, of course, I always do with my unboxing I’ll, give you just the weight of this overall carry weight and it goes right down about that far right. There she’s actually quite good, not too bad. That lifts the keyboard up a little bit, so we do have the second sitting here so very similar to the surface line, so you can see magnets now, they’re gon na hold it in that higher position. Now a lot of the time I found that the magnets weren’t strong enough when you were actually typing on this, that it would drop down, and that seems to be okay, so I’m, applying applying a bit of pressure right now to this get a little bit of Flex but overall, that keyboard seems quite good, so the build quality for me overall is actually quite good, not bad at all. Considering this is about 329, you to kind of expect that now, with the higher pricing from what they used to be a couple of years ago – and we do have these tiny little front firing speakers. So for that size and knowing the history of Tek last I’m, not holding my breath that these will actually sound decent, but it will give you a sample of them in the video but let’s just check the overall weight now off the tablet and keyboard.

So 872 grams for the tablet itself, isn’t bad, considering it’s all made out of an alloy and as mentioned the build quality is quite good. It feels very solid now, with the keyboard of course, that’s gon na bring it up to one point: eighteen kilos, okay, so just ripped off the screen protector and I have powered it on, as you can see so it’s gon na take a while to first boot Up – and here we go so we have to go through the Windows setup that Oh looks to be in Chinese now notice, because it’s a fully laminated panel and IPS. You normally get this even on the Microsoft surfaces, I’ve seen it and I’ve seen it really bad. So we’ve got some light leakage around here, a little bit of bleed around the corners. This is due to the lamination process, with the glass digitizer and pressing up against it. Okay, good we’ve got lots of languages here, so it wasn’t just Chinese that actually worried me for a second. So we have English, German, Spanish, French, Italian. I know there’s gon na be like a Korean Russian Portuguese there as well. So I went through that typical Windows setup and it didn’t take too long to get me in and up and running here now it is using a complete, valid legitimate Windows 10 license. Now the touch accuracy of the screen seems good initial impressions of the screen that the brightness is borderline, it’s enough, it’s, 250, Lux almost 250 Lux so being fully laminated indoors, is going to be perfectly fine.

But if you use this outdoors in direct sunlight, no okay, that’s, not gon na, be great for an IPS panel. I can see a typical trade here that it is definitely leaning towards a blue tint with the white balance. Now you can see all these styluses around. So I’ve just tested seven different, active statuses that I have. I have another couple that I think are at home. Nothing’S working so far thought it might have been the batteries so went out and bought a couple of new quadruple, a batteries and nothing’s working so far. But Windows is reporting, as you can see right here, that it does support a stylus of this tablet. It’S just I don’t know which one it is from teclast and I couldn’t buy it at the time of picking up the x4 here. So, just a few things here to report that I like to always check on when I first go over these particular tablets, and that is the free space we get, because we’ve only got that hundred and twenty eight gigabytes of storage, but it’s. So great that we have that expandable slot. I will show it to you in this video but it’s. A 22 42 tick class branded one that’s in here, so I don’t expect it to have incredible write speeds. It will be about 500 reads and probably about half that in terms of write, they tend to be the smaller cards. So there is one surprise here that I was not expecting so normally when we take a look at our wireless chip in here they go with Intel’s dual band AC V: 3165, almost 90 of the time, but here we have the wireless AC 94612 comment quickly on The touch pad and the keyboard so I’ve just briefly been typing on it.

This is all just first impressions, this video, but there’s no issue with the keyboard. There’S no missed keystrokes at all, with the spacebar. Every single key on here seems to be working, fine, which is good and, as I showed you in the beginning, guess it’s a tiny little bit of flex when pressing down. But overall, the base of this type cover is very firm, which is great now the keys themselves, the shortcut for the brightness, the audio disabling, the touchpad. There is a direct control, so I like the setup, so you don’t have to hit function first andor to just lower or increase the brightness. Now the touchpad is controlled by Windows. Precision drivers, which is great so I’ve, noticed that it does seem to be especially a lot better than when you get those generic ones they used to have before at least you’ve got a bit of control over it. Now I know it is a little bit overly sensitive. Now I can see why they’ve probably increased the sensitivity being so small. They want just one motion to go from one side of the desktop to the other and just make that a little bit easier there and as for memory, so to confirm that we have, of course, eight gigabytes and the good news is it’s running in dual channel. I have confirmed this as well with HW info, so I have some good news here in regards to that SSD slot.

So, as you can see, it’s gon na be able to take a larger 2280 sized SATA, 3 m dot, 2 SSD, and also this one right here, which is the 22 by 16 millimeter size, one more positive to the list. We have a completely unlocked bias and that also includes our power limits. So if you didn’t want to go with the default setting they’ve gone with, then you can simply go into this menu here and change that you are able to tweak. In fact, everything a lot of settings that could even get to it into a bit of trouble, so those tiny speakers are probably the worst part of this tablet so far that I’ve encountered they’re, not good. They are very weak, they lack and loud us and there’s. No real base to them there’s, no, nothing they’re flat, very flat, as you hear from my sample now, Music and a quick benchmark. So this is really on par with all of the others, sour on in 4100. I can show you the last one I tested, which was chewy slept Book Pro, so that posted a very similar score, even though this is coming out just marginally higher on the multi core score there. It could be because of the RAM having double the RAM there, because the laptop Pro only has 4 gigabytes of RAM. This has eight okay, so I’ve been hands on with this for a whole afternoon, and even with just that short amount of time.

I can pretty much know everything about this tablet, because I’ve reviewed so many German lakes it’s really just like the back of my hand. So it does have a very good bill to it. I’M, not really surprised there, because teclast they have been good as of late, would their bill with their laptops with their tablets. Everything is good there. I don’t see any issues at all with the the build of it. I quite like the keyboard. I like the color that it’s a little different here that sort of dark purple, color they’ve gone with, so we get good travel on those keys. It is firm, so pressing down really hard. You get a tiny a little bit of flex there, but this is exactly the same as the type covers that you will find. At least the flex. Letters will say the surface line now. One thing the surface line does not have that. I believe they should and it’s so handy to have for ease of upgradability, of course, is that SSD hatch on the back. That is really cool heaviness on there I’m so glad that they’re moving over to doing this and it did not expect to see the larger 2280 size so remember, it’s, SATA 3. So whatever you put a neck and put, I think, up to a terabyte or 2 terabytes, just don’t go for an nvme one, because that’s not gon na work. It has to be set a 3 spect, okay.

So the obvious weaknesses here and cons – I mean the bezels yeah. They are very large. We saw that straight away. I expected this within 11.6 inch tablet. They don’t have a lot of space, so they really do have to push the width of it out in order to just stretch out the width of that keyboard there now the magnets on the keyboard. A lot of them have been quite weak in my experience, but these ones you can see it’s good it’s going to hold. I mean I’m, not going to lift it up. In fact, I will test that. Will it drop no there we go so it’s a little bit risky doing then, so I didn’t expect that to hold it them, but the magnets are working really well on it as well, and then the second level it’s not dropping down so that’s another pro there With this particular laptop here so plenty of ports, we can seem very weak they’re, not grates, okay, so the 720p out the France it’s supposed to be 30 frames per second, but it’s running at 15, it’s a little bit sort of blurred the quality and pixelated, not Good, okay and their speakers, the obvious weakness, the obvious weaknesses that I’m talking about with these tablets, they always encounter that there never seem to improve on. Is that right there? So they’re, not good speakers? Okay! So if you happen to be sitting with a group of people – and you want them to hear exactly – you might fall tab it allowing us there now, there is software out there to boost the volume, but the quality is gon na remain the same dead flat.

No bass, you know, then they’re not not good at all 3.5 minute headphone jacks, so I quickly plugged in one of my headsets I’ve got and it sounds fine. So the typical Jim in a lake that we don’t have any that annoying static that we used to get way back with the bait rails and things are there that’s gone that’s, a good area, so the battery life is looking like a weak spot as well. That’S. A twenty six point: six watt hour battery that’s only gon na last, you about six seven hours tops, whereas the laptops for the thirty eight. What our battery that are also running the German are late. They will get then about eight to nine hours. So much better. Better life out of them, but they’re, not of course, as portable and small, like this particular two and one tablet here. So I have encountered a bit of an issue with the USB port here, so the type C’s working fine, it does support power delivery as well plugged it in and it will charge. But the issue with mine here is that sometimes it’s a bit flaky so sometimes it’s, USB to speeds other times. It’S used to be three speeds from this port. This one seems to run it’s. Usb three speeds seems to be powering an external hard drive fine, but this one’s cutting out and then it’ll go into USB to spec, and then it will access the files and transfer them over from an external hard drive.

Just at that slower USB to cap, which is about like 24 25, I mean bytes per second instead have been about a hundred in something, so that is an annoying stare. That, to me, is the only and the problem that I have encountered so far. I cannot comment on the stylus, unfortunately, because they don’t have it. I couldn’t order it at the time ordering this and all of the statuses I tested I’ve got like ten of them. None of them seem to want to work with it, which is a bit unfortunate. It is a good X such that Iser they’ve gone with touch response seems to be fine and you wouldn’t noticed if you’ve got a keen eye that it is running Windows. Sorry, no Windows, Linux, running Linux and it’s. Not this is Linux. Mint it’s not working touch support, ok, so that’s. The only thing I found that is not working. Everything else seems to be fine there, so you need to hunt around and find a driver there, which is a little bit of a hassle. So I rolled for me: there’s no real deal, breaker it’s, just battery life speakers and the USB port. The rest of it does seem really quite good, so I probably race a full review of this, although I think I’ve just covered everything really. I only need like a day, not even that. Would these tablets to know the full ins and outs, but I probably be back with that full review, because then I can give you full battery stats and charge times too as well.

Any anything else I might encounter with using this particular tablet here for one week thanks a lot for watching this review.