This is the successor to the tick last x2, Pro that I reviewed approximately a year ago and that model had the core 5 way 10 in it. This particular model now has the corium skylake, m3, 6y, 30, so it's the same chipset that we see in the cube I 9, which is the other tablet out of China or the same chipset. But, unlike the cube by 9, this model has 8 gigabytes of RAM and unfortunately it didn't get a redesign. So it looks or will look exactly the same as the x2 Pro that I reviewed, which i think is a little unfortunate, so maybe what they saved on the design costs has allowed them to perhaps go with the larger amount of RAM there versus the cube. I do have the keyboard in the background here which I will also unbox in this video, so I bought this one here from and I'm, not really too happy about the way they have packaged this up. If you have a look, it's, just a thin bubble, wrap – and I think that's just not on not good enough at all, because if you think about this is a 450 US well the price I paid for it. I don't think it'd find that acceptable all, but they packaged it up with just a very thin flimsy little bubble wrap packaging around it. This should have been at least double boxed anyway. Hopefully there is no damage to it.

I can see the package it has already had a few little knocks, hopefully, all ok, all right, so just a couple of things dropped out of the bag there. When I pulled it off, we have a very cheap looking adapter for us two euro and something cube about gearbest, saying that I'm amazing and give them a five star review, or at least this product review, so some sort of service card there haven't ever seen that Before so something new all right now, this tablet was actually delayed. I ordered this in March and it was delayed by about a month or so so it's taken a long time coming to get here because we're now in May so here is the tablet. I'Ll just put that aside for a second and have a look, what else we have so they do have just a quick little instruction leaflet here, a quick guide and I can see yeah that's in English for a once. Normally that stuff is in Chinese and a little box here, which I imagine might be: oh that's, that's, all the Chinese warranty cards, information and whatnot within that one, and here we have another box which will be our power adapter and nothing else in there. So here's the power adapter, it is rated to 12 volts and 2 amps. There let's get the camera to focus on that, and here is our plug there. So if you're looking for a replacement – and if you want to know where the positive is the positive is in the middle and that's negative on the outside, all right let's have a look at the tablet.

Okay, so you see there are those large Bissell's, exactly how you remember from the x2 Pro rather large bezels and to me now these 16 by 9 screen is starting to look quite dated. I would rather have a 16 by 10 at least or even a 3 by 2. So when I was home button there on the right – and here is the connector port there at the bottom for the dock – that I will unbox in just a minute. So, on the left hand side as where all the ports are, so we have our DC n microphone here: 2 USB 3 ports, our micro SD card slot micro, HDMI out and the headphone jack right there. The back of this is made out of plastic on the top and the bottom and the actual frame – and this part right here – is just an alloy. They have used along here and we do have a speaker on the left and the right there and on the right side, is our power and volume up and down buttons there and a rear five megapixel camera. The camera on the front is a two megapixel one. Now one of the things I didn't like with the X 2 prone of course, it's going to be the same exactly the same with this model here is the fact that tick last decided to go with square corners, which I find very unusual. The way they have just squared off and it's not very comfortable to hold, if you're going to hold it in your hands, these corners will actually just dig in either side there and it's.

Very annoying, so just have a look at the weight of the tablet. It comes at at 921 grams and I have just unboxed the keyboard too, so I weigh that keyboard is 674 grams and together. This is how it dachshund you're traveling. You just put it in like that. Together, they weigh 1.5 9 kilos, so it's rather heavy and a little bulky too so that's, probably even actually heavier than some 13. Definitely here within some 13 inch ultrabooks, you can see there, so the keyboard has only one fixed position. It just docks in like so just slot it in there are magnets there to help guide it in, and it looks to be reasonably solid, the way it fits on there. You can shake that around and I will quickly show you the design of the keyboard that here we have on the front the brother I wouldn't say large it's, quite a small trackpad but it's. I guess not too bad for the size. It'S eleven point six inches. We do have various different functions here: we've got number lock, scroll lock function if 12 will disable the trackpad as well and I've. I can feel there. We do have left and right mouse buttons, which is good to see a couple of rubber feet there on the bottom to help keep the the screen from being scratched against the keyboard, while in transit there, if you're traveling around and on the back, we do have These four rubber pads they're the back material here.

This is plastic it's, a hard abs kind of plastic that they have used and, on the right hand, side. We do have one a USB 2 port, which is probably ideal there for connecting up your your wireless mouse, receiver and keyboard or something so not too bad. I roll the quality sings quite good. There doesn't seem to be much flex at all within the keyboard because it is a hard bass there and not a keyboard cover actually there's very little flex on that and overall, it feels ok to type on good amount of travel there. So let's have a look at the the tablet device manager and see what we have on board and if you to get a feel of that trackpad, that seems to be reasonably accurate and just just know no gestures or there at least not enabled and that's. Probably not a bad thing, because I noticed that with the chewy H, o 12 keyboard gestures could not be disabled. Why I haven't figured out how to disable them yet and actually a real pain to use, because swiping around this becomes a huge annoyance vehicles of the gestures using the trackpad is almost impossible, but here that doesn't seem too bad. So have a quick look now and the device manager and see what we have on board and have a look at their free amount of space. So the disk drive is a 4c 128 gigabyte SSD that's a set of three unit.

It would be a in point to drive, so next generation form factor what it used to be called 102 gigabytes free there and the network adapters, probably another real tick. Oh, what do you know? Look at that Intel, dual band wireless AC. That is good to see. I'M really happy that they have put that in there, because it is about time we are now in 2016. Definitely time for dual bands and stylus support also is supported on this model, and I do happen to have the stylus with me right here. I did order. One, so this is the stylus if you've ever seen the earlier styluses for the x2 pro the previous generation it's, exactly the same, so it's using the same panel and the same active stylus, which has 256 pressure levels there and you have buttons on there for the Right and left mouse button clicks and just quickly show you that it should hopefully been working. It has a quadruple a battery within it that comes with it and it seems to work. Ok, I will be testing the stylus out and in another up and coming video, where I will go through and OneNote and just to check out those pressure, sensitivity, levels and how that works and if it does should have palm rejection as well once that stylus is Detected, I think it should. Hopefully, work seems to be okay so far there and overall it looks to be quite a decent looking tablet and it does have three seen three things over the the Q by 9, and that is the dual band: AC extra 4 gigabytes of RAM and, of course, The stylus right here, something that Cube missed out, unfortunately so be back with this tablet in some up and coming videos where I will benchmark everything test it out, and I will also have a comparison video to compare this x3 pro model against the Q by 9, Which is the other Chinese flagship core m36 Y 30 tablet that's out there, so do stay tuned to the channel there and keep an eye on the playlist, and hopefully I will get those videos out soon.