So this one has the latest generation core m36 wife, thirty and eight gigabytes of ram, which has four gigabytes more than the cube by nine stylus. So just want to go with a couple of things. These are the default settings that we have when it comes to the power limits they're using a 6 watt turbo boost power. Max now I think the surface pro 4 in three users about a seven watt max there, so power is being limited a little bit and we do see some power limit throttling. You can see right here with some of the benchmarks that I was doing. The same thing happened with the the Q by nine, which was also running into some power limiting, so you don't get any thermal throttling at least not yet now some of the benchmarks that did run. I have them up here, so I did go through our 3d mark 11. That is the score I got there. I also tested out that dual band AC Wireless and the speeds are quite good. My desktop gets about 50 megabits per second download when it's connected up with the with the cable going straight into the router and about 25 upload. So these speeds are fine, quite good there and cloud gate. Score is slightly higher than the Q by 9, and the ice storm extreme actually worked out to be a little bit lower than the Q by 9. But the scores are quite similar, and here we have the ice storm.

Just the standard ice storm test which scored higher than the Q by 9, here, probably being helps maybe a little bit by the extra RAM on board, possibly and 3dmark 11. I did another test and I think the tablet must have been a little bit cooler, because what it got here was quite a bit of faster for some reason. Then the original school there you see all the scores are up physics, score and everything. So that is quite good. I think for a fan, less tablet the score at least, and then the Geekbench 3 score here, which yet again came out a tad faster than my queue by nine. My one that I was running before I did my Fillmore mod. That is so. This tablet could probably benefit from something similar like what I did on the queue by 900 to open it up and put a copper heat sink on top of the corium three, and if you could get away with it, increase those power limits. Now I did actually see tipper just get up to 94 degrees, but right here at the moment, with my current test at the moment, Hastings I've been doing those benchmarks that have been running. It only got up to 82, but I really need you to do more. Continuous benchmarks there to push it to 94. Unfortunately, I experienced a complete reset of the system. I don't know I think it might have been Windows. Update, was updating something and it forced the whole system just to reset on me, so he lost the screen capture.

I had and was about to actually take one when it got up to 94 degrees. It didn't have any thermal throttling but I'm pretty sure it. Wouldn'T have been too far away from actually having a bit of throttling. There may be only one degree or it's, probably 95, when it triggers off the throttling there. So another couple of things to just. I wanted to point out that I did actually encounter some sort of bloatware or spyware adware that has been pre installed on this image and that's something I haven't actually come across before at least not on the cube, not at all good to see. I don't particularly trust this Windows 10 image. They have used now I'm, not too sure whether it was my seller seller that has pre installed. This I dealt teclast were to put this on there if they have, then that is absolute rubbish they're doing this, but it came up with this big pop up Chinese thing in here. I don't know what it is, and there was another user also on the tick tablets comm forum, who has a x3 Pro, also commented that he had some sort of pre installed bloatware thing popping up, so it might be wise if you're gon na be buying. This particular model just to completely wipe windows and install your own copy just to play it safe. Now, you'll see these styluses here the active stylus. I have just done a quick little test in onenote, which does support the pressure sensitivity.

You can see there there's a fine line and a thicker line now, because this has a screen protector already pre applied from the factory. I noticed it straight away when you start to use the stylus. Like I just pushed very light here. You can see the very fine line, the thicker, the harder you push. You can definitely see that it supports pressure, sensitivity there, but it is marking the screen protector, so you're probably going to have to remove the screen protector. Otherwise, it's just going to end up a big scratched up mess there, which isn't good but it's a problem. We have with these Chinese tablets that don't have Gorilla Glass of any form on there that you're going to end up scratching those screen protectors up. So you probably want to buy maybe a tempered glass protector but that's, going to add thickness to this display and no doubt could affect the performance of of how it detects the pressure sensitivity so riding on it of it does have the palm rejection, at least as Far as I can tell at least here in using one note – and you can in fact of course, right here – I'm just going to write how low and you can see that it's already not sure that can be picked up on the camera. It'S, just mocking the hell out of the screen protector, so this stylus does seem to work quite well and I've noticed just using it I'm, not a big stylist user.

I will admit that that I honestly don't really know too much about them, because I don't use them too much, but I know that differently a lot better than the the likes of the stylus. That comes with the T book 10, which is what I would call a dumb stylus. It has no pressure sensitivity and, if you've seen the video I posted on that one about a week ago, it's hopeless it's, useless. You can't even have you kind of been right properly with it? It just goes all over the place. There is no palm rejection as far as I could tell, and it just completely useless. You can't even do the strokes between lifted up it's a detection. You can see as soon as that you hover it over the page. It will show up a little I face not showing up in this application, but on desktop you can see if it's a little dot there. No actually it's not doing that nowadays, when it's. Actually in use and overall, the accuracy seems quite good, so battery life we're looking around four and a half to five hours at the moment I am running 75 screen brightness because I'm, just recording at the moment and the screen brightness. Also, I find to be quite good it's bright enough to be used, not outdoors. No, I wouldn't say you could with the screen protector on at least it is reflections, I mean using it a hundred percent outdoors.

You can make out roughly what you're doing there, but I don't really know anyone that use uses tablets in direct sunlight. I certainly wouldn't myself but indoors. It is perfectly fine, quite bright. I find that I would never actually be running it at 100. Indoors unknown is stick with our 20 25 or even 50 percent. I find is good enough for me so battery time, isn't, exactly wonderful. None of the Chinese core eum's have particularly good battery life. They are all around five and a half four and a half hours, depending on what you're doing. I haven't really been doing anything that intensive here. At the moment, this was just an estimate I'm using battery battery bar Pro here I haven't had enough time to actually sit down and use the tablet solely for the whole time to run the battery out completely and have a look, but that will be posted on The full review, which will be written up on Tech Talk on when I do actually get time to do that and also we'll, have some videos coming up later on there's a test out. A few popular games like Counter Strike global Offensive League of Legends, dota, 2, etc, to see how those perform on this tablet, but they should. Those games should be playable with lower settings and resolutions there. So that is just now the just the first video just covering a little bit on the stylus and the performance there.

Some people probably mention any any tick. Last x2 Pro owners out there might say that they can get similar scores on their own tablets. That'S great, you probably could actually, especially if you've already done like a thermal mod or a power mad mind, you could even beat these scores here quite easily. I think, but this is probably a good contender. This tablet as well to be opened up and have the heat since he sink change, to put some copper in there and tweak the power limits like I did with the cube.