So it has two three gigabyte: chips from Samsung they’re, low power, double data rate; three chips: 64 gigabytes of storage. Unfortunately, just Wireless in I would have liked to have seen while it’s AC on this. You can see the design of it it’s very similar to the x5 Pro that I reviewed kickstand. That is the last position you get and in the first position and an optional keyboard type cover and also an optional stylus that’s, just docks in like any other two and one, and you can of course fold that up to a nice little neat package, closing the Keyboard will put the screen into sleep mode as well. So let’s have a look at this one here in greater detail. The rear of the tablets made out of metal, so this along here the whole backing of it and the kickstand you get a little bit of plastic along the top here for the wireless and Bluetooth antenna reception, the buttons on the top and side. Those are plastic. The microSD card slot is located under the kickstand, and this whole backplate, you can see, is screwed in place, so it’s very solid, and the hinge here is made out of metal too. So I don’t think there’s any chance of this breaking anytime soon, it’s not like it’s made out of plastic. There are no classic components and that whatsoever, so port location on the x3 plus isn’t. Really the greatest. I don’t know why tech glass decided to just load the x5 Pro put all the ports up the top of the tablet instead of down the bottom.

So we have here DC in for charging micro HDMI that outputs a maximum of 4k 30 Hertz and below that a USB 3 port. Now this USB 3 port will power external hard drives without any problems and on the left, you’ll find the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. It supports microphones below that a micro USB 2 ports that can work as data as long as you’ve got yourself, an OTA adaptive, so that’s micro, USB 2 full size, USB adapter. You can plug something into there, which is an added bonus to have two ports on the tablet, even if we have to use an adapter below that as the plastic volume up and down button which doesn’t wiggle around or anything, it has a good feel to it. Now the cameras we have on here, five megapixel autofocus camera on the rear and a front two megapixel camera and onto the optional type cover keyboard. So I measured it to be one point: four, seven millimeters of travel that the keys have and it spaced out nice enough is enough. There I feel for a good typing experience, and the response of the keys is good. However, if you have a look at the touchpad, it is really pathetic because it’s so short very annoying. Luckily, this is button shortcut right here that I absolutely love because it disables it completely and then I use a mouse as a little sad, but this type cover is just so disappointing.

It does have incorporated mouse buttons and, yes, it does support gestures, but I personally won’t be using it at all, and the keyboard, as shown in the start, can be propped up to a higher level, which makes it a little more comfortable to type on. So it has a non laminated screen, so that means there’s a gap between the glass digitizer and in the IPS panel below the panel’s of 1080p 1920 by 1080 resolution, and I found that it to be very responsive, very accurate to touch a really good experience. The touch on this now does come with a pre applied screen protector and the maximum brightness I’ve, measured to be 250 lumens of brightness. Now, in order to get the 250, you need to make sure that you disable this right here, which is the Intel power saving technology, if that is enabled the maximum output you’ll get, is only around 211 Lux, which makes the panel look a little dull, and not Quite bright enough to fifties borderline what I would call good enough sufficient brightness, but for indoors it’s perfectly fine. Now the screen will suffer greatly. So you try to use it outdoors, you’re going to have a lot of problems with it, because it’s non laminated it’s got a screen protector on it and the brightness I feel for outdoor use to be very high, like 400 bucks, but overall a good panel. I do like the colors on it.

I do like the blacks and the contrast as well now for loudspeakers, we have two either side. This one on the left is down here on the bottom, the other ones in the same position and they sound quite decent. Actually, maximum volumes around 87 88 decibels, so let’s have a listen to them, but before I play this sample video here, I do believe the location of them down. The bottom should have been up here at the top, so they could have moved all the ports down to the bottom anyway, that’s just personal preference here and of course they could have slimmed down the bezels a little bit too anyway. She said why not really much of an improvement. I don’t think, but I will check that out all right, auntie T, but some things have been improved. The initial design is good, but the venomoth, so you can hear the volume output of this is quite good. It’S. Better than other tablets, most habits don’t really come across as loud as this one. So least, they have improved some aspects of their tablets recently but and out of a sense volume. You do notice now and then a little bit of distortion coming from the speaker’s. The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is good, surprisingly, clear, sound, reasonably loud, no static or interference on my model here. So there is an optional stylus you can buy for it, but don’t I’ll explain why? Because this stylus is very basic it’s.

Yes, an active stylus it’s powered USB port on the back. These you need to charge it. It has an internal battery, but why is they don’t get? It is completely useless because it does not support pressure sensitivity. So all it really is is just an accurate pointer. I’M, not even going to demonstrate it, it does have palm rejection only when it touches the screen so making writing super difficult with it. So really I would skip on this stylus now moving over to the device manager. Here you can see that the wireless card is wireless in this is disappointing. I really wanted to see wireless AC on this, as mentioned in the start, that they should have it, because all the other competition as well ship wireless AC now and not the sole wireless in so the disk drive on board. We have as a SanDisk DF 4064 that of course, 64 stands for 64 gigabytes of storage, but you get about 42 gigabytes free on first boot when using Windows there’s. Nothing really out here of interest to show you now. The RAM is running at 1600 megahertz, which is the full supported speed, and that is dual channel 2. So no problems with the RAM and they have dedicated it. Of course, 167 megabytes to the GPU just to help aid and performance. There tends to make things a little more smoother, which it really is at the moment only running 1080p screen. It seems a lot smoother than other devices, but those higher resolution screens so Windows fully activated no problems with the activation.

There I’ve got a couple of demo Clips here. I wanted to play so anything that’s 2k, which in ADP that is all fine. I do have here a 4k file now 4k streaming in YouTube. Neh works perfectly fine, no problems with that let’s see if it can handle first, a 10 bit HEV C file, 60 megabits, so look and see how smooth this is. That is fine. Perfectly fine, no problems with that and now over double the rate for K 10. But this is where systems start to struggle a little bit, but you’ll see that it’s handling that a lot better than other devices. It seems that then extra little bit of RAM is definitely helping there. That is quite smooth. Now, if I skip ahead on the seeker head here, you see that that works quite quickly, so overall I’m impressed with that performance and just getting around the system in general in and out of windows up and closing things we don’t see that huge stuttering lag then, When we go to open up, the Windows Start menu there, but there is still a little bit of lag there on the Apollo. So I have a couple of benchmarks. I wanted to show you now the first one. Is the storage speeds? Now there are some good things and some bad things here, so the good thing is emmc five spec by the looks of it with that SanDisk and those write, speeds and read.

Speeds are very good for k’s aren’t bad now the bad things here. The SD card slot is only running in USB to speed, so i can’t get the full performance out of my card, not really good to see them doing that, and here we have the USB 3 port running at full speed, three speeds and two to benchmark here. That’S, not loading in the right. Okay, i don’t know what’s going on with that. Rotation is wrong, but you can see there anyway. Well, ah, okay, you can see 118000 point c, which is a good score, not bad at all. If i switch over now into edge, this is the wireless in speeds. Now, on this connection that i have, I should and can on wireless AC, get easily over 250 megabits per second, so that’s. The kind of speed we’re missing out on if we had wireless AC, wonderful to me done so. Wireless ian has its limits, and this right here now is the Geekbench full score. If it loads up there, we go very good score here, one of the fastest, if not in fact, the fastest. I have seen on the cell run in 34 50, so that is great there. Of course, battery life is very important in a tablet and it’s a little disappointing here here in this test. I ran the tablet from a hundred percent down to well eight point: seven, as you can see, and I managed to get five hours 47 minutes.

This was what the brightness set to 25 percent, which was bright enough to be fine for indoor use, and I was an edge most of the time YouTube streaming multitasking I did use Chrome approximately half an hour or so so I think better life. It should be just a bit more I’d love to see around seven hours out of any tablet to try and make it through a full day’s use. Now one thing to note, though I did not have the display settings the power saving settings enabled I currently have them disabled, so I can get the maximum screen brightness. Now that will have an impact. I do believe on possibly squeezing out maybe an extra thirty minutes or so so, if you have the display saving technology enabled now that will dim the screen down and give you a bit of a bonus just use a little bit less energy there. So the first game I shall test out is League of Legends very popular online title you’ve, probably seen my videos before I always did this game so will be the same conditions. A bot match summoners rift. Sorry, I can’t do a live game because I just simply don’t have enough time for that, and I don’t want to annoy people just leaving the game halfway through framerate is looking good, it’s hovering around 45 frames per second, I mean it’s, not too much actually going On on the screen, but you can move around the map very smooth this one I don’t think is going to have any problems playing this game now, if you do encounter a little bit of lag.

For example, the frame as framerate is dipping down below 30 frames per. Second, then just drop the resolution down to 720p. I think we’ll fix that you can see now it’s actually dropping a little bit to about 41 now, but looking good okay. So I look now at Counter Strike. This is 800 x, 600 resolution, and you can see that performance is not as good as the chui, a Cho 13, which was running at 1024 by 768 getting a lot but the frame rates than this so at times it’s over 30 and at other times you Can see it’s dipping right down to about 19 years so not really ideal? I had expected better performance, I don’t know what should we did on H, I 13, but they definitely optimized that GPU to perform so much better when it comes to Jaime now the last game I’m going to test out. This is Asheville extreme 1080p. The native screen resolution on the optimal setting, which is the default sleeping, I think you can see that it’s not running at 30 frames per second. This is a little laggy, a little bit of stutter here and there, but it is playable at least, but I do think if you want better performance, you’re going to have to lower that desktop resolution down to 720p, or perhaps it sitting on the highest performance. After all of that, gaming let’s have a look at these thermals, which are really good.

I had actually never seen this go over. I think it’s about sixty degrees. It is really good. You can see they’re the cause they haven’t gone over 60 degrees, maximum temperatures. Normally you don’t ever see it this low. So I think teclast have put some copper in there. Some thermal pads I’ve done an excellent job with the thermals on this and the GPU okay. Gpu did get up to 63, so that’s as hot as it’s going to get to no problem touching the rear of it. It just feels hardly even warm to the touch, so they have done a very good job here. So if you quickly summarize here, the build quality is decent it’s very solid, well put together, we’ve got a 1080p screen six gigabytes of RAM and because of that lower resolution screen compared to the high res one performance feels a lot quicker, a lot more snappier. The touch screen also very responsive, it seems accurate and fast and performance. Did you think that some of those benchmarks are some of highest? I have seen yet so overall, it performs well it’s good now, some areas that are a little grave for me that I don’t particularly like it’s the fact that we’ve got Wireless in only whereas the competition now are using wireless AC, which is a lot faster, because This maxes out around 40 megabits per second we’re on other laptops and tablets with what, if they see I’m able to get 250 so huge difference there.

The other thing is the touchpad annoys me it’s just way too short, I do understand using 16 by 9 ratio. They have had limited sight to work with, so I stick to using a mouse, but if you’re not amount to use it, you want a good touchpad stay clear of this one, because it’s just frustrating it’s going to really annoy you like. It annoys me now. The other thing is a slight comp: is the battery life isn’t exactly the graters to 5 to 6 hours there? Ideally, I like to see seven at least on a tablet, so you can try and make it through a whole day and it barely does it at around 25, getting only six hours bit, I managed to squeeze out almost so. Thank you so much for watching this review.