As you can see, the box itself seems quite premium. Looking a slightly different design than what I've seen on the x98 year series and it doesn't actually list really any specs on it, just a little bit here in Chinese, mostly here, but it has a core m: 5y10 4 gigabytes of 1600 double data rate, three RAM And a 64 gigabyte full SATA, 3 SS D, so reasonably good specs there for a tablet, so let's have a look and see what they've got in the box here for me now I got this one off Aliexpress for around about four hundred and ninety dollars, including The keyboard, which I will show you also in this video so a little expensive there on the expensive slide, considering you can probably get a Dell Venue 11 Pro for a little bit cheaper. I can't because I'm in Spain and then a little bit more expensive. For me with taxes and everything anyway, this is obviously in a screen particular that they've included in there, probably because the glass itself isn't a hardened glass or anything like that, so it is susceptible to scratches. So you do have to be a little bit careful that it's not Gorilla Glass on these tablets so it's. So I picked up there reasonably well, you can see there's the tablet and I just have a look and see what's here. Maybe the power supply or some cables or something, and what are they got in this box here for me now: that's just warranty cards information it's all in Chinese, so useless for me, because I don't understand Chinese at all no use there.

And what do we have here? The power supply and they've? Given me European power adapter, which is good now let's, have a look at the power supply quality. Looking cable, actually doesn't. Look too bad. Now the rating of it is 12 volts, 2 amps there. If you can see on the camera – and it is a pop down style so to Pronk us star adapter plug there, so if you're in the US you won't even need an adapter, so it'll be handy for any US buyers there. Okay, so that's the voxi let's have a look at the tablet now the reason I thought this one was quite interesting and why I bought this tablet is because it actually comes with two USB 3 ports, something full size bought, something that my cube i7 didn't have. So that's a reason why I actually sold it to get this one, because I wanted the full size ports and not have to mess around with adapters. So the actual, build quality TEVAR seems pretty solid, that we got a 2 megapixel camera here up front on the bottom. Here we have a pogo port. This is for our keyboard case, slash dock and the bezels. You can see a rather large. That is quite a big bezel there, it's kind of like the surface to kind of size or delve in your living size, bezel to say, look at the bottom bezel here is coming in at around 20 millimeters there, so that's rather large.

We do have a captive Windows button here on the right hand, side and also, on the right hand, side let's, have a look and see what we have no actual ports here. We just have a volume rocker right here and power on button and any corners of the tablet seem to be quite sharp. You can see there they've got a sharp edge to them, so not that you know they could have rounded. That off maybe would have been a little bit nicer, it's, a quite sharp there on your palm and you're holding it, and if I flip it over let's have a look on the back. We have metal, as I met metal backing here, there's a 5 megapixel camera speakers on the left and another one here on the right, so there's the wrist baking facing speakers. Sorry – and this is where all the action is right here, on the right hand, side we have those 2 USB 3 ports on I mentioned before dcn to power the tablet and a microphone right there on the bottom. We also have a micro SD card slot. Mini sorry, micro HDMI and the 3.5 audio check output. There four hits it's okay, so overall it does feel pretty good kind of feels a little bit heavy I'm. Just gon na weigh it now and see what it weighs I, but I can't hear any creeks or anything Conte movement with the plastics in the middle on it, so the vole quality seems fairly decent.

There seems to be put together quite well, so just grab my trusty scales here and have a look at the weight of the tablet itself, so it's 851 grams there so rather hefty tablet you wouldn't, want to be holding out for too long and let's have a Look and see the thickness of it did get. My engage here. Thickness comes in and just just over ten millimeters there, so we're gon na be out probably 10 norm. I still live in there and we'll also do is just show you the keyboard here briefly and wait bow for them. So this is the keyboard case here that was sold separately or part of the the pack that I got Alex breast from the seller who installed English for me. So this back here is good, actually being metal and I think it's plastic and it has four rubber feet there and a textured rubber backing right here. You can see that now recently good feel to it. I guess they've textured, that with that rubber to give it some grip there. Now I just see how much that weighs so that's, 526 grams and let's have a look here at the keyboard there's the five pogo pins there to connect it the keyboards. It looks to be reasonably good quality there and do like the style over. The keys do remind me of the cube I 7 stylus keyboard or the i7 keyboard, and that has its good.

It does have physical lift and write and mouse buttons there. I hate it when they're just just it only and it seems to a reasonable size, they're the mouse pad, but I will turn on the tablet later and connect this up and check that out and see how the mouse pad the trackpad works there. Any good or not there's a couple of rubber feet here, which obviously help keep the this screen away from the keyboard, so they're not connecting and scratching up each other there. So I'm, just gon na have a quick look here and see how that Doc's clips in, like that quite quite well, there it's very strong, I reasonably strong there yeah that is decent enough and obviously how we connect up the back here to use it as a Stand, I think this is why I'm doing this all one handed for the video and there we go. They think that, but pops out and that creates our base. Therefore, it and here's a look at it connected up. You can see that it only gives you that one angle and it's pretty sturdy there file push against that. It doesn't feel like it's gon na push away and collapse. Now I don't think I can move this down and it's gon na they're gon na hold it. No it's not that's not going to hold it there, so you've just got that one fixed angle, so a similar kind of setup to the likes of the chewy avi 10 keyboards.

You just got that one angle and overall doesn't seem to be that bad of a keyboard, the quality on it Alvar, looks to be good, and just you have a quick type test on here. The treble is not there much travel considering. This is a thin keyboard and it just it actually health – and this really is coming in at around six six millimeters, their thickness, so that's, not too bad and the treble on it and feedback seems pretty good. It does feel very similar to the cube i7, as I mentioned before kind of similar keyboard, they're, probably actually a lot easier to type on than even the surface type covers, because you've got those separate individual keys there, which I do like let's have another look here At the back of it, how that's set up there, so you can see, does a reasonable job there of holding it now. This is kind of like a suede fabric II, kind of material and it's collecting dust or really, I can see you can see there. It is a little speck of dust, so it's gon na get pretty dirty I'd say quite quickly there you know I was you need to vacuum that and keep an eye to keep that nice and clean there. All right so just powered on the tablet here and thankfully it is in English, the seller to come through with his promise that he got me the multi language version there that well, I can do.

I can see some Chinese text there so he's I was. He found a way to install the language pack, therefore English just interesting. So if I have a look here now – and hopefully it hasn't been activated, it's gon na do a quick test for kms Pico, which hopefully he has not installed it's, not activated here now, just connected it up to Wi Fi there. So Wireless is working. Doesn'T seem to be locally on this machine, so that's good it hasn't been cracked or anything like that. Let'S have a look and see what we've got on here, so it's Windows 10 Pro and it is activated which is good to see activation on there. So I don't have to fork out for another license like some of the other Chinese telephone call that just came with Chinese. Only they don't have to worry about that here. So free space, let's have a look. We'Ve got forty four point: seven gigabytes free! There are 59 and total, of course, with the windows. Recovery is taking up some of that space there and the Windows 10 installation is rather large, so not really that much free space. They want to start to install a few stall games and your programs and whatnot so it's a very quick hands on there. I hoped you liked the video I do subscribe. If you're interested in seeing more on this tablet, I will have a couple other videos coming up very soon, with a hands on I'll.

Do some benchmarks, Geekbench 3 3dmark, also test out the SSD speed and these USB 3 ports to make sure that they're running at full speed.