I have seen a bit higher than noticing up to 70 or 80, so tick last seem to continue with slower drives for some reason and don't know why that is, but I roll just using the tablet. It seems fast enough. It doesn't seem to be too much of an issue there. I will show you the device manager, it is a high ynx drive and the overall it's it's good enough. It seems good 64 gigabytes it's. Definitely the way to go when you're running a dual boot system. I find that when you're running dual boot on a 32 gigabyte Drive that's, just not enough it's, just you're gon na run into space issues I mean even 64 – is not really that much so that's the drive there. I feel you can see then, on the video say: hi inks, h.c, g8e whoa there we go went way out of focus thin, so that's the drive that's in there it's not too bad at all, freeze face when I first booted up Windows was thirty. Two point: eight gigabytes that's the amount I get free on Android. I haven't actually looked into that. Yet Android all do that on another video, so that's, the crystal disk mark there. Other benchmarks I ran was Geekbench 3 just right here. Geekbench 3 score seems to be pretty much on par with most of the other tablets. I'Ve been running that running this chipset, the atoms in 3736, if it up to 2 point 16 gigahertz, which is slightly faster, then the more common is 8 37.

35. If that we sing, and not all of these tablets from China, so a single core score is slightly quicker than those other tablets and the multi core scores are run about this same level. Now the PC mark seven score here's, two thousand two hundred and thirty. Eight again it's a very similar to other tablets, I've tested very similar to this cause, I've been getting about the same score as the x10 HD, which is a tablet like this that I reviewed, which has a high resolution screen, but it's very similar 3d mark scores. They didn't actually didn't, come out to bed at all, so I've got a good ice storm extreme unlimited score here. The ice storm extreme score is not showing up for some reason, but I have actually tested that it seems to be a bit of a bug here with 3d mark. I do have that saved. Actually, screenshot of that which might just be able to show you so that's, the ice storm unlimited score there. Fourteen thousand four hundred and seventy six, but I just showed you then, and they should be as the other score here, which is nice Tom, unlimited extreme and the extreme saw is ten thousand and eighty two. I fear that it's coming out all right on the video. Okay and the screen that the viewing angles of the screen being an IPS, they are fairly decent, quite good. The screen I find is a tad on the cool side when it comes to the whites, sometimes ten to you lean towards the warmer kind of colors, and this is definitely a cooler white with slight sort of blue tinge.

When you do look at a white background here, so if I bring up the whiteness here, maybe am I going to pick this up? Hopefully, you can see there has got kind of a blue tinge to it just a little bit. It'S quite white, though that depends on what brightness you run the more brighter it is, the less it seems to be present there. Also to mention that the sim card slot here I mentioned on my unboxing as a standard size, SIM card it's, not actually it's, a micro sim, so there's, a micro sim in the back here, that's a little bit tricky to put in there and that's the way It goes in which is quite funny my wall benchmark that's shortly and that will be up in another video, so it's a little bit hard to get in there. Unless you've got really long, fingernails see it wants to pop back up there, so you just have to use like a tool or something to push that back in there Beck right in there, and it clicks in like that. The same goes for the micro SD card, but that wasn't actually too bad for me to put that, and now the port placement on the tablet is a little unusual, it's quite strange. The way they've got the set up here of having the USB port at the top, so when you're using it, you want to plug something in it goes in the top.

The same goes for the micro HDMI, which is right here. My creation is here and if you can see plugging in USB with the supplied, cable you've got that sticking out the top there, which is a little bit awkward and a strange way that they've done that, like just up here, the speaker's it's got the speaker's there. A speaker on either side once the camera focuses you'll, see that so you know one there and this one on the other side of the little slot there. Overall the build quality of this teller. That seems quite good. I do like it and there's no real creepy. Anything it does feel solid, it's not in bending and flexing like the under v11 6w did. For me. That tablet was as 11.6 inch tablet. The build quality was really below par. This is definitely up there to class are pretty good with their tablets. As of late with a reasonably good, build quality I'm happy with that to see, if I can demonstrate the loudness of the speakers here, while this reception seems to be good, have had no trouble so far using the tablet. It'S 102 percent volume, so they're written to be good speakers they're, not the greatest in the world. They never are on tablets, but they're, not too bad. I don't find them to be that bad at all for a tablet and you do get that good stereo separation, because we've got one, of course, on the left and a right side.

So that is quite good they're, not both on the back of you. So the back side of the infield tablet like they are on the tick last x98 year 3g, for example. I find that sound. You can obviously flop it off when you have it sitting on a table like I'm doing at the moment. A couple of things to note about the tablet that when you do connect, in example, a 2.5 inch hard drive. This is a Western Digital. My passport terabyte drive if I plug that in the USB port online it's not going to have enough power it's, not like the pepo w3f, for example, that can power these devices by themselves. What happens is the drive will just keep doing this. It will saikhan onoff making this noise it just hasn't got enough power, so what you need to do is use an adapter like one of these ones here that I've got. This is a cable that has an actual connection here for power. So you plug this in, you can use the plug of course there and then you can Ignis up to power with the adapter, and that will give you the power you need to run drives like that. They just don't work straight up straight off, so using that just by itself, using a external hard drive is not going to work. Unfortunately, you do need that power or a powered hub at least is we're going to need for that justing.

The drive, speed themselves, I've managed to get using a USB 3 memory. Stick. I can get almost 40 40 megabits per second transfer rate. I took a screenshot of that earlier, so you can see there so that's, not a bad speed. It was transferring around about 10 gigabytes and it didn't actually take too long to do that running at 40 mm White's per second that's, not too bad kind of speed. But again you need to use like a faster drive for that, if you're using the micro SD card slot your next next things, you're gon na get around 23 megawatts per second, which is pretty slow, but I guess it's better than nothing. Of course, it's not like a an iPad where you have no micro, SD card slot. I'Ll just demonstrate here a couple of demo images. They run on all of my tablets, there's a 4k and 2k video, as well as a 1080p MKV file. These are all running off the tablet without any additional product packs there's, just some photos. I took on my note 4, so they look really good on the screen. I haven't noticed it didn't really lag or anything like that. At the moment you are running a quad core atom, so here's only so much you can do you can't, do any serious, video editing or anything like that, and this is a 4k video it's in it, and that runs just fine, not a slowdown, stuttering or anything Windows can play that fine.

If you try and run this in Android, it could be a little bit stuttering, but I will test that out and a Android hands on video with the x16 HD. This is a 2k trailer, no problems playing that at all. Okay, for some reason, no it's not playing way nkvd file. They have a 1080p MKV, but I need to install a codec baked if you run that one Windows is not going to support that just out of the box. Speaking of Windows, you might notice down here that it's Windows 8.1 pro, which is great but there's, a big downside to that, because it's not actually activated there's a real issue. I'Ll show you this right here, I've emailed my seller, to see if they have a solution for us, but you see here: Windows let's come up with a check last logo and everything like that. But Windows is not activated. You can pick that up there. Windows is not activated so that's a bit of an issue, try to activate Windows, and it seems to always end with the same problem here that generally this key doesn't work. Product key does not work, so hopefully that's not happening to all of them, but it seems like whatever key they're using. They have used up that key and you never pay for a new one, hopefully not I'm. Definitely hoping that my seller on Aliexpress has a solution for this. They have a key that I can use, because that is not really good at all.

I was assuming this was going to come with Windows, 8.1 being like all, these tablets tend to do from tick. Classed and I was surprised to see Windows 8.1 pro there, so it maybe it's some kind of weird image that they've put on it. They'Ve decided to change the image and use a pro 1 Windows Pro where's, how they justify the slightly higher price they do charge for this tablet. So that is a one issue there. That I'm, not too happy with. I haven't actually tested any games yet on Windows Store. There was a sh fault. Eight hits. Luckily that has an ax. You know that's not finished error. This app can't install that's, probably because I'm not activated Windows, is not activated. So it's, not letting me install. This F, perhaps maybe that's – why? But that is not working. The camera turn megapixel camera front. We have a 5 megapixel camera at the rear. They are both working the correct way up: there's, no real issues there. I will test out to the camera quality. Take some sample images later on when they do a full written review of this tablet later on which be on tick Telecom. If you interested in that, there will be a link later on in this video description once I've finished the review before in this video with the hands on in Windows, I'll just quickly show you the dimensions, the thickness should, I say, the thickness of the teller here.

So we'll just have a look with this gauge and how much how thick it is. Okay, so the thickness is coming in and around. Where is it so that is around just under 10 so around but looks about an eight point, two millimeters and if you can see on the camera a little bit hard to pick that up so around eight point, two eight it's, maybe going towards nine. Actually, nine millimeters, just showing millimeters, is the thickness of each other it's, not too bad at all it's. You know, as I mentioned, it's quite solid good feeling, tablet, there's, no like flexing issues, there's no noises or anything when I'm pressing around here there's no panels coming off it's not like the screen is trying to separate there from the backing metal backing plate. That I've used and so they're all quite solid. The screen is great, brightness things pretty good. There is an issue with it with a battery with a battery meter. This is a common issue. That'S happening to a lot of these teclast tablets. Dual boot tell us it seems at once he changed operating systems. The battery meter is only detecting one of the cells, so they were we've got only fourteen thousand when that was supposed to be around 28 originally did to take 20 acres, no object, one battery salvia. So it will stick to 7 and it could sit there for three hours battery life. I have not used it enough yet to gauge just how many hours I can get out of this, but I think you're looking around probably six or seven hours, similar to other tech blast tablets.

It does have that eight thousand milliamp hour, eight thousand five hundred million power battery in it, which is the same battery capacity which they use in their tech last x98, a 3G and the weight of the tablet and just have a look so it's coming in around Pretty hard to see that sorry that's, not very clear, 1.6250 Elms and engrams, that will be around 500. I think just have a look now way to the teller and Gramps is actually minutes a lot high in grams at 631 de gram. So it's, not the lightest tablet. You can see that there, no that's not really coming out so 631 grams is the weight with the tablet there. Okay, so that's the hands on in Windows of the two classed x16 HD 3g. Do you like this video? Please do give me a like and do subscribe for more up and coming videos of this tablet and many other ones from China that I'm expecting to arrive any a so now.