The tablet speed is great it's good. Both of these tablets have the same chip, see if they have the atom, z30, 736 F and they can to about up to 2.16 gigahertz, so performance wise, but for them are relatively similar. Although this tablet at the moment for me, it seems to be a bit smoother and it's, probably because it's running at 1080p resolution, the screen is a sixteen by nine resolution and the brightness is pretty good on the screen. It'S. Actually, one of the brighter tablets that I have tested and there's no complaints here with the brightness at all running games and windows is fine. All the Windows Store games, they run well, but what may be modern combat 5? I think it is it's quite a demanding game that just legs and if people could have reviews on it as well, it's just basically begging for everyone anyway. So all the all the games you want to run from the Windows Store, they all run great there's, no issue there at all and the overall build quality of the tablet for me is slightly better than the teclast x10 HD. So we'll show you shortly. So we have the tablet we have at the bottom. We have a dock connector there for the keyboard, so you can connect it up to the keyboard. If you wanted that, I do recommend getting the keyboard so goodbye and makes it more of a productive tablet. Here we have the speakers on the left and right side here and on the top.

Strangely and oddly enough on the top, we have the HDMI port here now they put placement on this tablet. This is very strange. I don't know why tech must have done this. Then we also have their micro USB up here. The 3.5 headphone jack and this headphone jack only supports two poles. So if you try a three pole, headphone set that's got the remote and the microphone. If you push it right in it's, gon na sound all funny, that's the same with the other tablet as well on all these teclast tablets. So only two Pollin remember that and the camera on the back is a 2 megapixel. Sorry it's a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 2 megapixel on the front and the front camera is in the normal location, which is just right up here and on the tip glass x10, which I'll show you now. The camera is in a awkward position. Don'T leave aside here is the x10 HD and we have the camera here. Hopefully you can just see that right there on the left. Some reason they seem to have orientated this tablet to be run and portrait portrait mode more than in landscape I'm. Not too sure why they thought that, but maybe that's just some reasoning behind that with the ticklers design team. To do that, so we have the ports on the left side. We have here the micro USB headphone jack and we have the HDMI out microphones right.

There it's a little bit hard to see if there's black there and on the right side there is nothing so it's completely free there I rolled a bull quality of the x10 HD is good but it's, not as good as some of their other tablets. I found that if you're pressing, I don't know if you can pick up on this noise squeaking con creaking noise around here. The screen is a super ritenour super high resolution. I don't really like that term. Super Ritenour and something Apple came up with a written or displays so it's a 2560 by 6 hundred, which is really high. It'S very sharp between the two displays. You can't really tell the difference on the almost 3300 sorry pixels PPI that it's present so there's a nice pixel density on the screen. But if you look really really close, okay, you can tell and looking really close from the 1080p screen behind me of the x16 yeah. You know you can't really tell them much of a difference unless you are kind of getting your microscope or a magnifying glass and looking at the screens. But there is a difference. Brightness wise they're, both gon na, be on next I'll, just boot, into Windows here and show you, and there was more of a predominant gap between the screen on the tick last. If you can focus the camera here in just least see that there's the glass here and then you can see the glass behind the IPS screen there.

There is a gap of around about a millimeter, maybe more, and that is more obvious than it is on the x16, which you just show you know. So, if you look at the x16 here, the gap is not as obvious, and it tends to reflect more. The screen here, I'll show you on the x10 I'll just put the x10 right now on the stand, and I roll yes, okay, it's, fine, there's, no screen lag and everything seems to run pretty quick, but it does touch at times for meeting to be a little Bit slower and stariha, then the the x16, probably because of this high resolution, sometimes that I've just found out that if you go to the control panel and that it will take a little while to load that up okay, they popped up quite quick. Then, but sometimes it need to be a bit of a lag to get that actual actually to shop all of the icons on there. It took some time to load in, but it doesn't seem to be too bad. So, just navigating around opening up folders applications, everything yeah, that's, all fine free space on both. Then you get around about 30, 2.5 gigabytes, so say 64 gigabyte MMC drivers on both of these devices topping on the keyboard on both of them is really good. They mean a touch response with both the screens is excellent. It'S, just like an iPad minis, you don't need to push harder or anything like that.

There'S no real there's, no delay or – and you think typing is it's good on these on these screens, where the windows keyboard, I don't seem to have any issues with that and Internet Explorer, and the Metro mode here is really fast and in tech tablets. Comm website can be a little bit laggy if you run this in chrome, crumbs, gon na choke on this, but just running it here, it's, really quick, that's loading up everything, fine and fast here, no worries there at all and the keyboard will just quickly show that You can get a keyboard for these devices here and the keyboard is the keyboard case of combo. It looks just like this, a material that is just an absolute dust magnet to the Amana scene. You mention that on other videos. I know you do is just fold. It up like that, and you can put the tape in tablet into the dock keyboard case just like that, and it fits in there quite nicely, and you have full windows support there with jesters and everything like that. You can swipe through swipe. That brings up the menu and it works. Just fine electronic clicks, it's good, you can't, disable it as well with the keyboard. So you don't have any problems with the palm rejection. There is basically none so that's why they have that button there. So you can turn it off and typing on. The keyboard is pretty good and it does turn it into like a mini netbook, it's, really really good for typing on, because topping on the screen with the touchscreen.

For me typing on that for a long time is that quite a pain, and I don't like to actually write a lot using touch screens at all and when you're done with it, you can turn it off to put the screen down and it becomes a case For it, which was really nice as handy that's, good, the same goes for the x16. It also has a case for it, but you're going to need a case that supports the Tim by ten inches point six or ten point six inches, sorry that to counter a little boy at the moment here so overall, but for the talents, they are good, decent Tablets really wish they did have a full USB port on them and like the pipo w3 days or the people are w3f having a full USB port is just great to have and they see tablets so productive. You can just plug it in and go and, and you can charge at the same time while using USB, which is an issue with these tablets that you can't really do that unless you have a if you have a hub that allows you to do that. There are hubs up there that I have shown in other videos. You can connect up and use the USB ports and charge at the same time, and some users have reported running into problems later with charging. But I haven't had any issues with that. Using those kind of hubs so, overall, what would i choose if I was going to choose between the higher resolution to glass, x10 HD and then the x16 running a 1080p screen? So this is a 16 by 10 screen that's a 16 by 9.

Both of them have 3G modems and they support micro, SIM so they're very similar. The main difference is the boot quality's slightly higher on the x16 and the screen ratio and resolution. So if you're a resolution, junkie and you've got to have these super high ultra resolution, then I would say: go for the x10 HD, but games can be a little bit slower due to that resolution. So Windows Store games. Android games as well, can tend to be a little bit slow. I found it just tends to response, sometimes a little less quicker quickly than the x16 does so. Overall, if i was gon na pick one well, i would go for this model care because i just seem to feel that the book quality is nicer and that 1080p screen 1080p on a 10.1 10.6 inch screen. Sorry still looks fine. You can't really tell pixels they're a little bit harder to see the mean you got to have to look really really really really really close at that screen to be able to see pixels, and it just seems more fluid to me slightly slimmer and overall, just a More solid tablet that in my user, that just seems to be a little bit more responsive than the x10, although it's working from the left end and bring up the menu. Okay, so that's just a quick comparison there of both of the tablets they from tech glass, their latest 2015 tablets, the X 16 and the X 10 HD they're, really a mouthful to say the names of these tablets.

I wish they'd come up with been a name for them, but that's the way they know them. If you like this video, please give me a like that'd, be very nice of you to do that and do stay tuned to my channel. Do subscribe, there'll! Be more videos up and coming our various other tablets from China that I'm waiting forward to review and do hands on videos of, and do check out the playlist for more videos on both of these tablets.