This is kind of sponge, polish dying, wrap, sort of thing around it and plain old sellotape and all of this through shipping with UPS send. Are they took this sweet time about it? It took about ten days to arrive for having tablets actually been out for a while now it's, not exactly sweeping you, but it's been out for a few months alright, so we just go over the specs on the side of the box here, so you can see That it's got the autumn, zip. 37 36. If this one clocks are up to two point, one six gigahertz it's got a 1080p screen, say ten point, six inch tablet and we do have 3G, which should support two thousand one hundred megahertz 3G here in Spain, that I can use sixty four gigabyte EDMC, which Is pretty much a must when you're using dual boot now, because otherwise you have had the any free space left on the tablet there? So does it just mention in here we have a 2 megapixel front facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear facing camera. I will test the cameras, the 3G everything and some future videos so do subscribe for those if you're interested in this tablet, let's see if I can get that box off here. Ok, so it says: standard tick. Last box I'm used to seeing on the other 2 class tablets I have review. This is probably about my fourth or fifth tablet. Now from there – and in this light here, if I'm correct, we should have hearing from the power power adapter there so that's a to do from us small power adapter.

The output is five volts, 25 amps, so it's not a. I had one over 2.5 i federal charge a little faster. Then we just has the USB to micro, usb cable, that we see on all these tablets here. They use microwaves to be discharged on the tick tick last ones at least. The tablet itself is, interestingly well. It'S turned on it's, actually quite warm, hopefully it hasn't been on for too long can evade, maybe just when I picked up the box and now it's tuned itself on into dnx mode, that's interesting, so just power that off now we have underneath okay, they have supply Me when adept oh, we have the on the gallery: adapter cable as well, and there's the power adapter, some leaflets quick guides and warranty card information. That is all in Chinese, so it's kind of useless to me and besides that warranty on it even really thinks gon na actually work outside of China got ta, send it back to China. Okay, so just have up with the tablet now itself and get it um, packed here from the plastic wrapping and have a look, okay, so it's kind of similar in a way to the other model that I've seen, which is the Attic last Eckstein HD, which had A high resolution screen and this model here they're very similar, and you can see that the same kind of looking tablet. So we do have the home button at the front, the touch home button and the bottom.

We have a connection for a keyboard, the dock connector. So magnet keyboards, hopefully latched onto this quite nicely. We have on the left side just trying to get that camera to focus there more on and then this side here we've got a speaker and what else do we have up here? We have just the SIM card slot and micro that looks to be a normal sized sim. You can do that see how that's normal size and your micro SD card, so some kind micro sd, pretty sure that is a normal size. So I mean look at the top left hand: side you've got the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack micro USB, and this looks to be HDMI microphone to the middle and the very top right. We have volume rocker up and down power on button now on the back. We'Ve got the camera that's a 5 megapixel unit, just a little information there, so you can see it's the x16 HD 3G and that is really all to the teller, so hopefully it's going to boot on properly after being in their jaw boot mode. Sorry, not your big melody next night. Ok, they were a dual boot screen that were unfamiliar with the scene. I'Ll just go into Windows here pal that up – and hopefully the seller has put that into English. For me too opened up the box. Hopefully to do that. So this how they look now so, while that is booting up now, I would just have a look and see if a dot that I had lying around is here.

This is for my pipo w3 s. If that will work on this tablet as well, it should do and I'd see why wouldn't they tend to keep the dots and use the main stem use them across a various brand. So who does have a quick look? This is the dock that I have here. She'S, not a bad dock and let's see if it actually is gon na work. It looks okay, slightly wider. The tablet it's, not if you design, it's, designed for 18.1 – and this is ten point six so it's a little bit wider – the dock – there yeah sorry about all the reflections okay. So if I just quickly click that into windows, that seems to be working – and I think they have hopefully that you everything's in English, so that's good and I just see now, if I can power down, see the key was working, it is one does keys working There so the keyboard does seem to work, and so does the trackpad. You just have a look, my fault, that up sitting not really ideal, because the tablet itself is just sticking out a little bit there. So it's not offering it any kind of protection there at all, because it's you're gon na get that hit it's gon na get it's not designed, but really so know that sticking out there and you can see that this material that they used this keyboards only been Lightly used for about two weeks and it's, absolutely just full of dust, then that's not like I've got a super dusty house and I don't clean or anything like that.

Nothing B, vacuum cleaner, complex is passing it over anyway. So keyboard works. I will just quickly have a look and see if I can get into Android now to shut this down and get into Android here so I'm back in the job boot menu here, and I would just go into Android see how long that takes to boot. This is just a quick unboxing and hands on. Please do subscribe for more videos on this tablet. I will test out some game windows – gaming, Android gaming and show you the Android, ROM and 2d benchmarks 3d mark benchmark just to see performance of this tablet. Hopefully, Play Store does work. I will test that out and there will be a full review up on tech tablets calm within about a week or two, and once you use the tablets for around about a week, let's continue to use them see. I can find any problems bugs any issues whatsoever, so I need a bit of time for that. The review will be up within a week or so alright. So this is the Android ROM pretty standard there. There is the update check last update system. I will check that later to see if there are any updates so far it seems it's all in notes and English that's good stand at a glance wrong. Camera camera seems to be working there, and these roms are pretty average. That tip class brings out there's a bit of bloat where on there there is the phone of course, and last but not least, let's have a quick look at the actual build quality.

It seems pretty solid. This is all metal here around the back of it. The camera will zoom on so we've got a middle around here, a nice of aluminium, finish black color and I can't hear any squeaks or noises or creeks or anything between the plastics, where they're meeting up at the front screen meets the rear. Overall, it seems quite solid there. No real issues like that seems good and I will test out speakers run benchmarks and gaming in some other videos, thanks for watching us unboxing, you did like the video. Please give me a thumbs up. That is very helpful for me and do stay tuned and subscribe for up and coming coming.