This is just some of the sample images here that the tablet came with pre installed, just to show off the screen really and now I seem to fix the problem with the reflections coming off the screen everywhere by recording in the dark with a flashlight on. So how this is coming out? Ok in the video, so there's, some sample images that just put on there over saturated colors and everything like that. Just to make a screen! Look amazing. Give you that wow factor wool as a quick trailer here of guardians of the galaxy works, fine movies on it, work good, just test up the high volume here, so you can see maximum volume on this video, at least is quite loud from those speakers. This one on the left here, one on the right, it's quite funny running this here and you've – got a windows logo down here, of course, because it's a dual boot tablet and it does have windows on it. Just a few other trainers here, some Chinese pop video here with some nice, ladies dancing around and singing ok, so the ROM there was a little bit of a problem at the getting a Google Play did not work straight off. I had to apply a fix. It was a problem with the build.prop. It is, of course working now, but i had to route the tablet first and use root, explorer there's, a link in the video description here on YouTube release.

If you're watching this on youtube. That will give you the download and the files you need to fix that there is a just a short, quick edit that you need to do really it's, not that much of a major issue, it's just a problem of the build.prop. I use the build.prop device ID from the zeus padfone, because it's got the same resolution. The PadFone x and a 62 worked fine aghhhhh mean it comes out. Everything with a correct, a resolution there in Google Play Store. The speed of the launcher overall is ok, but as I've seen with the other tech last launches the same one dating be using on all the tennyson moment, it's a little laggy it's, not wonderful, there's, a few blood applications and really you're, probably and your best interest. It is to dis dump the sand, install something like apex, launcher or nova launcher I haven't done. Then. I don't do that with the templates, because I review them as what their normal launcher, but I do remove some of the apps. There is a few of them. You can uninstall just by going through settings and into the apps menu, and you can in and install a few of them, but, as you can see, I've got a couple here that seem to remain there's. Some sort of ticklish gaming, centers and other updates enter from them. There seems to be no updates moment with the over the air update system that tick left deck.

Last have now running that results and a message coming up and Chinese for me OOP. It seems to have just jammed on me it's interesting, so there you go. The Iran stability is not entirely. The best me was that application under what has happened there. Oh there we go update isn't, responding to on a closer yes, so the problem was with that update complication there from tick baths that just some reason crash just there. The cameras are working fine in a quick way up. There'S no sort of problems like that, like the X on a ear head in the beginning, with the sum of the roms and the camera upside down. Well, that was more windows, actually there's, no shoes there. The phone works fine ahead of sim card in there and just made a quick call. It audio quality seems average over the microphone. It wasn't exactly amazing and I just plugged in a headset before it does not support Android headsets. They have a microphone on them. So you're going to have to use once but out the microphone so got ta hit it here. That has a microphone on it and yeah that just doesn't seem to detect it'll work and having a push brighter and it sounded a little bit distorted. So you're just going to have to use a standard, just two hits it with a stereo. So one of those plugs is exactly what you need and the audio was quite loud just good here.

But there was a tiny little bit of a kind of like interference of static when they're quiet between tracks and things, which are that kind of thing really annoys me so it's, not the best there's that kind of noise. I will check out windows to see if that noise is there browsing and speed on that everything seems to be fine. I will just show you a couple of benchmarks here, but before we do that, i'll run cpu z and just show you that you can see that just a few things there about the tablet, the chipset specifications. So, at least at the moment it's running a scalar that's, interactive it's, not on demand its interactive there and you got most of the cause and they're all running a low at the moment. So can clock up to two point 16 and system just a couple out of its information. It free storage is around twelve point, eight gigabytes, so when you first get it, if you don't put anything on that, you can free up a little bit more of that storage by deleting those videos that tech glass put on there in those images they just showed You first when i started the video here, the battery life, no comments on that. Yet i need to use it a little bit more answers the temperatures there from the various sensors in this sensor. This is the only one. We'Ve got the accelerometer which is used for the rotation of the screen and when you're controlling games like real racing, which i will show you in a minute just i'll show you those benchmarks.

So the benchmarks. Here we have that i've done so far and 22 came out to be 35 k, which is quite a good score here. I think that's probably a little bit higher than some the other scores I've seen, but this is because it's only running a 1080p display not like the x 98 f 3g, which was running a lot high resolution that's an ipad ritner screamed that tablet runs so exiting Out of that, what i can also show you this: they get this gps on there I've been indoors at the moment, so there's no real connection coming up there. It has detected about three or four satellites inside the house here, but I need to take it outside and get a good lock on first to really test that out, but yes, there's GPS on board. So that is handy for people that want to use maps maps what's, really good. I just tested that before that is fine. Gpu bench squall came out to be hopefully that's going to come up and show you. They went around 30000. Sorry, 21000. There we go. This is cool right. There it's a ads on the applications, so that's again pretty good score, not too bad for a quad core bay trail on running on intel, HD, graphics, the other bench mounted to show you know that sister GPU bench and to to score. I water study analysis. Some people want them to get bench, I'll run that test already on Windows and so I've run 3d mark as well that's on my windows, video.

If you want to see back, please search on my channel for the windows hands on with the x 16 h, deed now, I'm, just going to show you a little bit of gaming here, real racing 3, probably the best racing game on android at the moment. I do like the game don't really much time to play anymore, but i'll show you how it runs on this tablet. Here I've got to download some more there, so that's interesting, i was actually playing before but summaries. I need to download some more so i have to come back to you with that in another video, just showing you some gaming on it. My apologies for that I think was working before and I just played it, but obviously it needs to die little more files. Here so it's a little bit annoying there of an annoyance and running a browser. The test looks to be like chrome or something can stall register, otters, google, chrome it takes forever to log and there because it's, a 16 by 9 tablet a little bit thinner. So you can easily use it this way up here to do some typing and it does make it a little bit easy there for you. Just just on comes up by default of a dt plus my chinese, but it's like there, but you can quite easily change that in the browser whoops CCN instead of see in in. I have initially lighted this up before so let's see how the first load is on the tablet: it's not like it's caching, or anything like that, because i haven't seen it before it's and download any image so might take a little while okay, so that has the Loaded obvious is still images loading in there, whether that is my internet connection or it's.

Just the tablet takes a little while is a pretty busy site. There just see some video streams on their runs. Ok, I don't know if that's going to work because I'm in Spain, it could be a lot for me, maybe not perhaps on no can't seem to run that pic your BBC and see if I can rent a video from there. If not I've got youtube or head says it back up so it's a little slow. I have a average kind of internet speed here, I'm, not on a fiber optic line or anything like that. So that seems to load it up. The whole website they're innocent, free, fast they're, not too bad at all, just see if I can run this video here, the boy who discovered a dinosaur that is very slow to load. Okay, that's taking prima okay, so that's an Android hands on sorry about the fact that I couldn't show you any gaming at the moment. I'Ll download two more games in and i'll upload, another video of that. So this is a tick. Last x16 HD 3g, which is a mouthful to say if you try and save it real fast. If you like, the video, please do give me a like and subscribe for more up and coming videos on this tablet and many other tablets that i am currently waiting on delivery.