I'Ve been going through doing some benchmarks, checking out on the temperatures which I'll show you shortly just first I'll just show you does the minor details here of the system so installed ram 4 gigabytes and it is a 64 bit operating system which is good to see Because what happens with the chewy h8n release, at least at the moment, that's on using 32 bit operating system, and you don't get that full 4 gigabytes of RAM. You only get two point: nine it's also happening with the cube. I work 11 stylus that I'm just testing out at the same time. I'Ve got this tablet. So Windows activated no problems, there that's all good and you can see it's running Windows, 10 home it's, not pro it's, not a funny Chinese. Only Edition so there's no issues with that and all quickly show you the device manager. So the wireless as expected is the realtek chipset that we see literally on 95 of these tablets it's this one or it's the Broadcom and it's wireless in no wireless AC, yet which is still kind of disappointing, now we're into 2015. They should start to put wireless AC in them hope to see that soon now they just drives the Samsung 64 gigabyte ATM and see four point. Five one speck drive and it does perform quite well, and I will show you that now. So these are the speeds. Testing with crystal disk mark five point: zero: three: you see that right, speed of sequential rate of ninety six megabytes per second, that is quite good, considering my surface for got around 68 in the 60s it's, not too bad, and if you have a look at those 4K random reads and writes not bad at all for a MMC drive.

Okay, if you've got a full blown SSD that will completely just kill this, whether it's speeds about five times faster but it's, not bad, and the micro SD card does support high speed cards. High capacity cards as well it's, not cap to 22 or 23 megabytes per second. Those speeds are good, so you can to take advantage of this installing maybe or your steam games onto a micro SD card a fast one and the USB 3 port. Now I did have some issues with this port. This is the speed I got here from my sin: dusting Extreme USB, pendrive, it's, a very fast drive and those speeds more or less the maximum speed you can get out of that, which is good. However, when I connected up my Western Digital one terabyte drive, I ran into some problems. It wouldn't, detect it it didn't pop up. I couldn't get it to actually load up at all. I couldn't get the system to detect it the LEDs flashing away, but nothing seems to happen. I don't know what's going on there perhaps it's an issue with my unit I don't know, and when I connected up my Toshiba USB 3 one terabyte drive it's a 2.5 inch drive. It came on with the white light. Now the white light means USB 2. If it came out with a blue light, which it should, if it was a, it, has a USB 3 port, but it didn't for some reason, it would only work in USB 2 mode and therefore my transfer rates were capped at about 40 megabytes per second.

For some reason, there's a problem with the USB 3 don't know why, but it wouldn't work. It used to be 3 speeds, at least with that Drive and it wouldn't detect the other one. Now temperatures. I know a lot of you are very interested in this. At the moment I haven't really been pushing it too hard. I mean I'm charging at the same time, just to get the system really nice and hot and it's at 76 degrees call max. At the moment there has been no thermal throttling but, however running those Ben Mark's for about two hours around PC marks all the 3dmark tests. You can see here 85 degrees, so it did get quite hot and the worst thing here is thermal throttling. So that means it will actually throttle down those and control those clocks, lower the clocks to lower the temperatures it's, a passively cooled atom, it's, the only way it can keep itself from overheating, and that is going to affect performance a little bit now. This is odd because, on the Android side of things I didn't really see the CPU go past 40 or 45 degrees, so it's, something in Windows that makes it just run extra hot. These are the benchmarks I ran through so Geekbench 3 score. It is a little lower than the x98 Pro, probably because of that thermal throttling, it's, probably around. I think it's around 500 points less on the multi core score and a hundred on the single core score, which is interesting to see because the Pro also had thermal throttling.

It also got up to 86 degrees and triggered some throttling same goes for the ice storm. One point to score a little disappointing: this is a good 10000 points less than when I go on the x98 Pro. Probably, to do that throttling another performance of the score is very similar to the atom x5z 8300 I tested in the x9 8 plus and the x98 err 3G, which runs an atom bate Rousey at 37, 36 F can get a similar score. The ice storm isn't the most demanding test, more demanding test, well, tailgate 1.1, here that score isn't too bad now, that's differently, faster than the bait rails, helped out, probably by those 12 execution of school, a cause that we have on the generation. 8 graphics, sky diver score is it's. Okay, I have actually seen better with the excellent 8 Pro and the PC mark score this one isn't too bad at all, almost 3000 points not bad. Now I did the wireless collection and you can see there's a huge amount of adverts on this horrible website. I mean look how they fit anymore adverts within this page, they couldn't it's a real joke anyway. The upload speed of 26 mega megabits per second there is actually really good that's. The same rate I got out of my surface pro 4 out of my desktop it's, the maximum speed. My 4G can get that. I have up on the mountain where I am and the download speed at 28 at the time of doing this test.

I think there was a bit of load on the network and my desktop going around about 32 megabits per second, so this is 28. So all in all works well now this is on the same level as my wireless router. So if I went downstairs that speeds gon na drop down a little bit, it'll, probably even half of up, went downstairs. It'S got to go through concrete, reinforced, concrete and a floor, so it would probably affect their performance, but overall I've had no problems. I'Ve had no a limited connection which is sometimes seen on these tablets. I very quickly show you these speakers in Windows. They run about the same loudness as they were in my Android demonstration. Let'S let's turn them up, so that is a full volume coming out of those two little speakers on the back it's, not too bad I've heard worse and I have definitely heard better most surface pro 4 speakers do sound a lot better than this. That is a premium tablet, and this is around a 209 200 and something us now scrolling scrolling relatively fast. This is edge edge. Scrolling performance is good, touchscreen accuracy I haven't had any problems. Autorotation works fine, so you can hold it here in portrait and it will swap around. I do find sometimes that the Windows Home button is a bit of a pain there, because if I hold it like this, I accidentally sometimes touch it, and then you go whoops.

Oh hang on, then you get the menu coming up, but overall in and out of windows I'm in tablet mode at the moment. So if I take it out of tablet mode, even just using a desktop mode, I find the accuracy is good enough for minimizing maximizing. These scaling is 150 percent, but you could probably get away with just using a hundred percent scaling with an 11 point. 6 inch screen running in 1080p. I think you get away with that. Just fine and moving icons, dragging things around like that. You can see there's a little bit of lag with the icon there, but it's it's really it's, not bad at all. For the type of tablet that this is and the price range, this is really a a budget tailless, and i find that that's fine. Now the cameras I will have samples of those up on the full review up on take tablets comm once I have that written out the full written review there, but they they find the 2 megapixel front facing camera is good enough for things like Skype. Web chat programs you're not going to have any problems, it's, not a wonderful camera, low light performance. If I just swap the camera over to the front facing one and you can see there that's my air conditioning unit, my hand there and it's. Ok, it's good for chat as mentioned, and you can run Android. Of course, just click on the Android icon.

It will pop up asking you to boot to Windows. They made a bit of a mistake bit it's supposed to say: Android, of course, hate yes, and it will boot over now battery life, because I've been benchmarking in game testing and doing all that sort of stuff. I haven't really got a good handle on the battery figure just yet, but you're looking approximately here, it's telling me about five, just under six L. So I think, between five and six hours is what you're gon na get out of the eight thousand milliamp hour battery, which isn't too bad around the similar kind of battery life you get out of Android. I think Android might actually be just a little bit less. I think edge well, maybe four and a half to five on Android and overall, I think battery life isn't too bad. I mean it's, not as good as the excellent eight plus that I had that has phenomenal battery life. They can get over eight hours. I was really surprised by that, but the performance of this tablet does perform a lot better, so that's probably accounts to using a more battery life because it's not restricted the way the x98 pluses. I think they've done some tweaking to the boost to lower them and lower the battery consumption, to keep those figures, nice and high, where the a tells you can get. This titles asphalt 8 airborne and in order to take the effects to be extremely so that's a level that's gone with I'm just gon na leave that, because it's automatically said that jump into again it's a little choppy on that frame rates, definitely not as fluid as You'D want it to be it's got ta, be below its run, about 20 frames per.

Second, I think there we go again, but this time with medium settings, it's a lot better seems a lot. Smoother definitely makes the game more playable, there's, still a few stutters here and there modern combat 5. Now this is one of the more demanding games that ran okay in Android, so be interesting to see how this plays in Windows. Normally I find the game in Windows runs worse and it doesn't Android. For some reason, I think it's, just poorly optimized for Windows platform, I'll see already that's running quite laggy. That framerate is not particularly good check. It out Counter Strike global Offensive 1024 by 768 resolution. Lower settings you see that my framerate really that's good. We want to keep hopefully about 30, but it's dropping down a little there. This game is so fast paced dominating yeah it's straight away, not a good place to spawn normally a don't kill dominating three half lift League of Legends running in 1080p on low settings just to keep that framerate up at the moment. It'S running about 30 frames per second for the game against bots, stand together, moving around the map, it's, quick enough. Of course. If I was to lower the resolution, then the frame rate would definitely increase and I could even go down to a low lowest sittings. There is on sick until last. At the moment, you drop that down to very low, then I'd probably give it a slight boost. This one here's a much more demanding game Battlefield, Bad Company 2 and running in 1024 by 768 lower settings.

The framerate is at the moment, well semi playable, but you can see it's dropping down there a little too challenging, I think, for the atom chipset to play this one. Okay, take care of those concise information. Okay, now look at dota 2. This is running in 1080p. On the lowest fastest settings and it's not actually going to canoe well, you can see 10 frames per second in 1080p. So, ideally, I need to lower that resolution. Try and speed things up a little bit. League of Legends definitely ran a lot faster than this ran over or around 30 frames per second, but this is struggling. So I dropped the resolution down now to 720p 1280 x, 720 n, really it's, not actually helping. You can see that big stutter just then, and the framerate has well increase 25 frames per second or so not really ideal. I do believe the system must be throttling at the moment. So during that gaming test it did actually peak up to 85 degrees, and we can see here that it does say cos 0 thermal throttling, so that was no doubt limiting the performance there and dota 2. So before I end this, video with the hands on in Windows with the x16 I'm just gon na quickly go into YouTube and run a 60 P, 1080p 60 frames per second test and see just tell the tale it handles it. This is no good. This is going to kill its 4k.

Actually, this one see, if there's an option to just enable Oh 30p, probably not name of the stats it's only running at 30 frames per second, so 4k clip see it's running smooth. Now, if I run this frame to start with, actually no no dropped frames, there whatsoever so that's doing fine. This is an edge that can handle 4k clip just fine you, even though this is a course pre recorded own in 1080p, 60 frames per second at least it's shown that it's able to run that there, okay, so that's a hands on there with the x16 Pro. Thank you for watching the video and making it this far.