Now I did refer from the side of the box just to confirm it was the x16 probably been waiting for just get to see. I ordered the keyboard as well. Now this is the pro model. There is a power version of this which has the the same atom chipset that the Microsoft Surface 3 has, which is the x7 datum. X70 8700. This particular version. The pro has the x5 z 8500 s, it's the same chipset that the teclast x98 pro has in it. It has 4 gigabytes of ram in an 11.6 inch 1080p screen. The tablet itself is well boxed up, not particularly the keyboard. There has suffered a little bit of damage on the corners there. I just hope that everything's, alright, so they've used that nice bubble pack around it see if I can get it open. Ok, finally, got it out of that bubble, wrapping there. So is it look at the box? Is ultra pared like they're the new boxes that tick last are now releasing this just to run down off the speaks there on the side, so we have the, as I mentioned, it's good for get bytes of RAM and the NMC 8500 64 gigabyte, EU and C And it has dual boot, so finally, we sing some more dual boot tablets, so Windows 10 android 5.1 and has a 2 megapixel front facing camera and five megapixel autofocus rear camera. The same camera hardware that we see in all the other tablets that teclast have released recently can't get a box open here: okay, so here's the tablet rather large, of course, being 11.

6 inches, and it does have a screen protector on it. So you can see that it's an odd place that the cameras not actually centered in the screen there straight away can see there we've got the windows home key and rather large bezels larger than their actual publicity promo images that they use. They probably photoshopped those ones, and I wasn't expecting the bezel to be this large. You can see at the bottom there's a large gap here of about a centimeter or so, which adds to the bottom bezel there and there's. Our docking port connector, you can see, is the typical one we see so the five pogo pins there and the couple little tabs there to help that. Let you in place and on the right hand, side. There are no buttons whatsoever and, on the top right hand, we've got power on volume up and down nothing else, a long beer, while the SIM card is on the top interesting placement – and here is our microphone tiny little dot, there's the microphone and, on the left Side just turn that over left side, we've got the microUSB port, headphone jack and micro HDMI out, and the USB 3 port there on the bottom DC jack in for charging and the back of it is a met metal finish along there and the camera isn't scented. As well, which is off to one side so interesting, why they have done there, there must be a reason behind that.

Why both the cameras, aren't centered, must be something to do with. Maybe the screen the digitizer there and we do have speakers left and right there to speaker, grilles so we'll test those out later on and see how loud they sound. Overall, the build feels reasonably solid, it's well put together and I can't actually hear Crick's or anything can the design the screens not peeling off or anything like that. Overall, the build quality does seem to be quite decent and solid. So let's have a look at the items and the box let's move the table out of way there and see what we're having here. So we should have the charger: okay, so here's, our charger micro, USB, cable, OTG, cable. We do have two USB 2 port sphere. That we can use well USB 3 and then the micro USB 2 and here's the charger and the charge is rated to 3.5 amps 5 volts, and here we have obviously just a few instruction manuals. Warranty cards QC check. All of that, the usual stuff we see from teclast that will probably be all in Chinese, which it is so I'll move over now and have a look at the weight of the tablet hundred and seventy seven grams, so it's quite hefty. You wouldn't want to be holding that for too long, just by itself quite a heavy tablet and the dual boot menu. So look at the screen. First, the screen seems okay, not a sharp, of course, for those retina panels and view angles.

As you can see, there it's changing a little, so it's already started to boot now into Android. All that is booting up. We'Ll just have a look at the thickness of the tablet. It'S coming in at about 10 millimetres, just under so about nine I'd, say that guessing that's about nine point: eight millimeters, the thickness of the X 16 Pro here now. The existing power has the exact same chassis it's the same tablet, basically just that chips has changed. So to be the same weight and thickness, so we have Android rather large icons on the screen and I have a look at the screen button, and so that is maximum brightness right now, doesn't, look too bad let's go and see quickly, it's running android, 5.1 and Quickly have a look at the available space, so storage got seventeen point. Four nine gigabytes free there on the tablet, I'm still getting used to these massive bezels on this. After using my surface pro for those bottom bezel here, just almost seems ridiculously large, but anyway let's boot over to Windows and have a look at the free space there. Windows has just fired up and we do have English polish. I think it is maybe not I'm fully wrong there and a few of the Asian languages which is good to see so at least it is a multi lingual ROM to to go through the window setup. They took a little while, but we're here we are so we do have this switch to Android application right there, so we can load that up and a switch straight over its gon na.

Even look at now at the free space, the touchscreen seems to be reasonably accurate. Now this does support an act of a stylus. I don't have it at the moment, but apparently this is the same one that Dell use, which they use in the venue 11pro. So we've got 20 1.1 gigabytes free with Windows 10 here and activation. Hopefully it already comes pre activated the device manager and just check that activation. So I need to connect to the internet to activate it but I'm sure that probably won't be a problem. It should activate straightaway, so we look at the disk drive, so it's got a Samsung emmc in there. I will benchmark that later on in some other videos, when I do on my benchmarks tests and over to gaming on this as well, so keep an eye out for those and it's never looked the wireless card, it will probably be the real tick and oops there. We go so it's Thea the same real tick. We have all the time so it's the wireless in card, not AC, unfortunately, which I'd like to fund isn't, see one day, wireless AC on these tablets, so let's move over now and have a quick look at the keyboard. Sorry, just before I do just want to point out that we have four gigabytes of RAM and the whole four gigabytes is usable because they have installed two 64 bit windows 10 and we had the pen and limited touch.

Support with 10 touch points. So it does support 10 touch points and you can see there that's the x5z 8500 onto the keyboard so that got into the box. That'S specially designed for this tablet for their 11.6 inch models there's a few features they have outlined on there, but it's in Chinese. So here it has wrapped up nicely doesn't look to be damaged, even though the box had a few knocks made out of a felt material, just like the two evi 10 keyboards very similar. So this, actually it racks a lot of dust and dirt straightaway very hard to keep this kind of material clean but never mind so it's magnetic folds up like that folds back the one position just like that and the keyboard seems reasonable. Tiny little touch pad here. Very small touch pad. If I compare that touch pad size to the likes of my surface pro 4 type cover you can see there there's a huge difference, almost good at 30, 40 larger, but it does have left and right mouse clicks, which is good to see. Recently, mushy a little bit those buttons there, but it looks like it's going to be, hopefully, okay for at least selecting things and holding down right clicks. At least it's, not gestures. Only so give your closer look at the keyboard individually supposed to our keys, which is good to see, and there are rubber pads on there to keep the keyboard away from the screen.

Do stop it from scratching up. There are a couple of status LEDs here on the right and to see what typing on that feels like feels. Okay, there doesn't seem to be a lot of travel with the keys just clip in the tablet to it now. So let you send like that and I'll show you the angle you get so it doesn't look like we can adjust the single any further than that it's. Just that one fixed. You can put it actually that way around I'm, not sure whether that is going to law. The way to keep the keyboard is the car was propping that up seems to be the same angle it's slightly now. If I push it right down and let's have a look at that, trackpad actually doesn't seem too bad just using it. There it's the right click and see what it's like to drag and drop an icon here now. I'Ve definitely would use better, but doesn't seem to be too bad and just see if it supports gestures. It does on the looks of it and we'll, see how that folds up. So if you just put the keyboard down like button and already that's got a little bit of dirt from the wooden table here and it's already showing up on there so straightaway it's picking up to it that folds up into one neat package like that, so I'll. Just check the weight of both the keyboard and the tablet together comes in at 1.

4, 1 kilos, now the weight of them all together so rather hefty. It does feel rather hefty to lifting this up does feel, but quite heavy, but overall the quality of the keyboard. Doesn'T seem too bad at all. It'S just I'm really concerned now about how much this is going to pick up. Do it. I think it's going to get very grubby, very quickly, lectures together with the magnets and there we go so let's say a very quick look.