Those are the latest Bay Trail powered dual boot tablet from tech last, and this is an unboxing here, so you can see this pixel of it here on the side we have the 64 gigabytes of EMC drive so giving you a lot more space for Android and Windows, you can see that it's a 10.1 inch screen 16 by 10 ratio. It is powered by the same CPU as the x9 h, ere 3G, which is say, Z, 3736, F, so just get in and have a look now at the tablet here box is pretty much the same as the all the other packaging that teclast users to be Standard affair for them, okay, so there is the tablet. Oh, oh, I'm, cooking! Look at the accessories they packaged in here for you. So what do we have here? Just like the other tablet, so you have your micro USB charging cable, the charger with this straight USB plug, and I was given an adapter here for myself: I'm in the EU, so the European plug Delta, a micro USB to a normal size, USB adapter or on The go cables as they call them so back to the tablet, so here we go, it feels quite solid. Definitely is slightly heavier than my x98 year. I'Ll just have a walk around other tablets, so on the bottom here we have. This is for the keyboard dock, which I don't have at the moment it's coming on the slow boat.

So when it does arrive, I will post a review of that later too tablet. So we have here, the micro camera will focus there we go so we have the micro SD card slot sim card start here. I will test out the the speeds of that. Once I get the unit up and running and on the top half here we have a micro USB port. You have your headphone jack, hopefully that's, not an iPhone setup but more of an Android and was put in Mike's microphone. So I have to find that find out on that one, and here we have micro HDMI some reason the camera does not want to focus come on there. We go No and the microphone there. The camera on the back here is the same as the other tablets at Czech glass have recently released, which is a 5 megapixel. We have a power on it, volume up and down rocker, nothing else on the bottom. There are two speakers, and back here is a metallic finish. I still have the predictive plastic arm which I'll pull off later. Okay, so here's the tablet itself. I will power it on and hopefully it will boot without any issues. Okay, that's, a good sign. We have a tick last logo: okay, there's, the familiar dual boot menu. I will launch Android to start, was and see how that runs. Now, please subscribe to my channel because I have a lot more videos up and coming off this tablet here.

If you are interested in the x10 HD 3G it's quite a mouthful to say, I will definitely have a video review up within the week of my thoughts and impressions and run the various benchmarks on this tablet. I will test the internal storage, speed or test out the 3G speed as well and various other aspects of the tablet. Okay, so the screen looks reasonably bright and we have lots of Chinese applications that will need to be uninstalled a lot of them. You can actually remove, but you need root access for removal of a lot of them. Some tea glass have built into the actual system, so they not and still gets user apps. So you can't remove them, so Play Store, is there, but the question is: will it work because most of the X line 8 is that shipped out recently, the Play Store would crash on you? There is a fix with thee, with the update, so I'll have to run the updates on that and hopefully Play Store will work. As I see subscribe to my channel, I will have more on this and I'll get back in show you various aspects of Android running it testing games, lots of games. We get a lot of requests for game, so I will try to cater for everyone and get up as many videos as I can, and hopefully fingers crossed that this unit is not going to freeze on the games because they have been a lot of problems, but They just chips it recently freezing under well, when they're being pushed to the limit, the GPUs seems to freeze up, so it seems fluent enough.

All right, no societal makes my bonus seems quite good. The sharpness of the display is really good. Obviously, with 2560 by 1600 resolution, this is quite a high resolution, so it's harder, my monitor and higher than the x98 yeah, even a surface 3 resolution. So I will just power off and put into Windows. Finally, and that will be my unboxing and quick hands on video of the x10 HD okay, so shutdown was quite fast. That was good booting up again and we should have no it's not giving me the jaw boot menu. For some reason, oh yeah, ok it's, going back into Android; ok I'll leave it for now and I think I'll blab done enough. So if you liked this video, please give me a thumbs up and please subscribe.