Hd. 3G. Now I went ahead. The tablet I didn't actually have the keyboard at the same time, so I couldn't review them together. I'Ve got my hands on the keyboard now, and I do have the tablet the gang, so just gon na quickly show you the keyboard that you can get for this tablet, which makes it really productive. Now that the keyboard I found out is exactly the same as the one I got for my pipo w3 if they seem to use like a generic keyboard, either various brands, because I on the scene to have this keyboard one very, very similar for there on the Vo one W in the vo 2w had this keyboard. Also, there pipo w3 has one that's very similar and a couple of other tablets, which are the 10.1 inch screen on them. So it is Fitz. This is the keyboard for them and you can see there that the keyboard it's got a nice touchpad there. It does support windows, 8 gestures, you have your left and right keys. There make a little bit of noise and the other ones thickness of it. You can see here and the camera isn't that bad at all it's the material that they use well it's, some the same as the other one, of course it's this horrible, I say horrible because it's just a dust Magnolia, you can! Let you just leave this thing sitting here and watch little flakes of dust fall on it from wherever, and it just seems to attract them and collect them like crazy, nothing that little bit they can clean couldn't fix, but they just need to get really dusty and Fluffy attracts all the bits and pieces within a day or two it's, looking duty straight away, so it has like this making it make it a clip here.

You'Ve got the aquino connector here, which is this there to kind of drop in each other. A lot of people are using here's, the the tick last x10 hd3 G here, and you can see there's a connector here, so you've got those pens there that connect up that allows you to use the keyboard, so it just connects them like so, and the maintenance Will hold it there in place now it's, not super solid, holding it the maintenance, it does the job and once you're using the keyboard and typing on it. One night, you finish, you can easily just flick it up, click this down and do it like that, and you have a protective case for the tablet as well, so it's kind of like a two and one job, you only get that one position as well with The case so holding it back like this you've only got one position. If I put it the other way around, the angle seems to be exactly the same there. So it's not really I'm, not getting another angle, so it's not like a Microsoft, Surface, kickstand or anything like that. You'Ve only got that one angle, one visibility which isn't too dead. You can't use it on your lap, but you have to have it this way. I'Ve found so you've got the backing base idea, because if you use it that way, there is that gap in there and it's not as stable, but either way it works fine there.

I will just check now with my gauge and see the thickness of it. So this is, of course, the x10 h.d, which is an thinnest of tablets and together I'll have a look and see the thickness of how much that is with the case they're together. So if I just quickly measure this here now so you're looking around 18 millimeters camera does not want to focus that so around 18 just I've 18 millimeters, the thickness of the keyboard, I just measure just the keyboard is quite fun. Comes in at six millimeters. You can just see that hopefully just over yeah, almost six millimeters there, so I think this wise, I mean it's, not too bad at all. It'S, not the super thin top covers that you can get touch cover from Microsoft, but then that's not proper keys. A touch cover, they might be so tight cover of courses, a lot of thinner than this's, but this has more treble and the keys here. They separated the case of the chiclet style and island style keys, which is good. It stops. You helps to stop you from hitting other keys when you're talking away, I find topping on it isn't too bad at all. There is sometimes a bit of an issue and I'm typing that I do hit the caps lock here. I kind of wish that with a little bit smaller – and maybe they could have made this shift key, but small and just moved it slightly, but the size of the keyboard is around about 85 percent of a normal keyboard.

This is a logitech travel keyboard here and that's about a hundred percent. Besides these, you can see the difference with the keys coming in there, so you can see where they start. Then there are keys over here, so you're losing a depth of 20 percent there of space but that's normal, because it's only a 10.1 inch tablet there I wrought it seems to which well. There is a slight issue in Android that I have noticed that when I try to use the shift key and if I want the symbol information mark all you know these symbols up here. None of them seem to work so using holding down shift and then hitting it's. Just gon na give me the number and not the yet symbol that I want so that's something to bear in mind, use it. It works perfectly fine in Windows, 8.1. You have just as, of course, you can disable the trackpad that's, a really nice handy feature, so it's a really good, a good keyboard that works well with the tick last x10. Hd 3G there's a link in the description for this keyboard. If you are interested in it, if you do want a keyboard for the tablet, I do recommend getting the TV keyboard because it's got the dock and if you want to be productive and do some proper type it you can now write properly using this keyboard. Instead of using just the on screen keyboard, which is to be honest in a bit of a hassle you're not going to type a whole huge paragraph or a letter or anything like that, send emails, big long emails typing on a touchscreen, I know that people do It on their iPads and things but it's, something that I wouldn't personally do so it makes it a lot easier having this keyboard and overall it's, not that heavy a keyboard or quickly way that before you in the video and just pull that out, please engage it.

See what the weight of it is scales are set to grams here, so it comes and AD 336 grams, so that is adding to the weight of the tablet there, which is not a little widest this one keerthi, because it's just shy of 600 grams. So when you add that on it's starting to get a little bit heavier but it's not too bad, I mean that's it's, manageable, definitely manageable. To have that. Okay, so that's, just a look at the keyboard that you can get for the tick. Last x10, h. G d. Sorry thank you for watching the video. If you did like the video, please give me a like and do subscribe. We'Ll have more up and coming videos on this tablet and various other tell us from China.