These samples are taken off. My note 4, so the photos here are 16 megapixel. I want quickly show the photos before i get into the video now this video is shot in 4k. So if you do have a 4k monitor, you can take advantage of that and run it in 4k. So you can see that the screen is really bright. Now this read here is is actually a real saturated red and the photos pretty much slightly over saturated to from the note for the colors. If you can see that the screen is quite sharp, bring it up to the camera, you can see, it is quite reflective. The screen and the screen is quite useless outdoors and sunlight. Okay. So enough of the photos, I will now run a mpv 1080p clip you. Okay, so that runs fine. I will try gravity now. This is a 2k clip I'm using a little cheap, stupid chinese starters here to throw in the box it's absolutely rubbish. Styluses do not work. Active statuses. Do not work on this tablet whatsoever. Take last Photoshop a surface to pro image with the tablet over the top. There is no. There are no note for style, active styluses, a doll for this tablet, I'm afraid, okay. So this is a 2k clip. You can see the details. There I'll run that quickly gravity the movie so that one's fine. Now the real test for K. Can it run a 4k video? Well, I will find out right now so get the details.

You can clearly see that sir it's a 4k resolution. This is a file that's shot off my note for run there now and that is running absolutely perfectly now just entered. I have not actually installed any codex I've not installed any codec packs. This is just what windows came with so it's working out of the box, as you say, and that runs 4k videos. Fine, no she's there and it's really quite quick to seek its playing it off the internal storage, not off SD card. So, okay and the final test is Photoshop. I'Ve only got a minute left, so i will quickly boot up photoshop now, because the menu is so small. Yet I or need to use the mouse. The menu is tiny because windows does not scale that properly. So our load, an image in you – can see that that was a little slow in loading, but it does work. I apply a filter here.