So it has a detachable keyboard type cover and it's powered by the typical specs. Now that are all too common, which is an atom x50 thousand 300 it's running android 5.1 and windows 10 has 4 gigabytes of RAM and is 64 gigabyte e MMC. So let's have a look at it in greater detail, so we have a kickstand on this one. So design that's very similar to the surface lineup and it's a free position kickstand here, so it doesn't have in a fixed angle. This is probably about the highest position. You can get it before. It would topple over a little bit higher there and you can recline it all the way back like so there, so you can use that on the lap, at least in this position, and still be able to see the screen quite well now the housing of it Is made out of a very hard plastic like an 80s style plastic, the hinge build there isn't bad, and we see the 5 pogo pins at the bottom for connecting up the keyboard, which I'll show in greater detail in just a second, and we have on the Side, a USB 2 port now, unfortunately, no USB 3 on this model, so we have decent UN charging, but also USB 2 charging. Now this micro, USB port, can also be used for data 3.5, millimeter headphone jack there and what looks like we have 2 micro SD card slots as just one there.

So there is a slot here which looks like would take a micro sim, but there is no modem onboard. So maybe there are plans later on to have a modem version, or maybe a 4G version, but at this point that actually does nothing. I did test out a SIM card. Nothing happened there and we'll see that the speakers are both located on the right side, which isn't ideal for stereo separation. So the typing experience on the keyboard is actually very good: it's, a nice quality keyboard and they're 15 millimeter by 50 millimeter keys with 1.3 millimeters of travel so very good to type on, and if you have it lying flat like this there's, no balance no flex. Now you can prop it up to the angle there just to improve the typing experience a little bit, then you'll notice. There is a little bit of bounce and flex. Then, if you do happen to be a very heavy type around there, you will notice that now the trackpad on it don't like it at all it's, just two shorts, not high enough making a little bit annoying one good thing about. It, though, is some of the gestures, the annoying ones that you'll find in Windows, at least like the minimize and maximize are disabled. Those ones, aren't working pinch to zoom with an edge is, and it can be a bit annoying. Personally, I just use a mouse because I don't really like it, so the build quality of the keyboard is very nice clips in with the magnets on the bottom and then the back of it is a fabric there, and once you close that there's a whole sensor In here so we'll go into sleep.

Having that closed, if you want to you can put that into sleep and creates a nice package, so the screen will be protected having the keyboard on it. Now, this screen is a 1080p unit. They have used a net with a maximum brightness of 230 lumens, which isn't that great here this is at 100. I seen at the moment now. The colors are good viewing angles. Okay being an IPS panel, I did notice that the actual layer on the IPS below seems to have what looks like a anti glare coating on it, because if you do look very closely, you will notice a tiny little bit of grain. There color reproduction seems good I'd rate it as an average panel. This certainly isn't the best in a DP panel. I have seen so. The gap between the digitizer glass and the IPS panel below is very small it's. Only approximately one millimeter, which isn't bad at all for non laminated display touch accuracy, isn't bad, even had any problems minimizing maximizing things, moving icons around selecting things on the screen or even using the on screen keyboard. No problems with that. It does support an active stylus, which is the same exact model used on the x2 and x3. It does have palm rejection as soon as it touches the screen. You'Ll notice here that my finger now is not registering touch at all, pull that away and then touch will be registered now it does work well on the corner of the screens, including the touch.

The palm rejection is now not working as well there and the accuracy of it is good the. How do you press the thick of the line, of course, whether presser sensitivity – and it is quite quick, so do find the boot quality of the tea box 16s? To be one of the positives of this, it is extremely solid, there's, no flex in it. It does feel like a quality unit very well, built there. So for audio. We have two speakers that are, unfortunately, on the right hand, side of the tablet. You can see both here and here now find them to be quite pathetic, really in windows they're, not that loud at all and Android slightly louder, but let's have a listen to them, they're, just not loud enough. They should be a lot louder than that and because they're, both on the one side, we don't really have any stereo separation at all. Now I will start out with the Windows operating system just going to cover some benchmarks and further details here. So when you first boot up Windows 10, you will have 22 gigabytes free on the 64 gigabyte MMC. I will quickly show the device man and show so the EMC drive that it has on. It is a Toshiba which is good, that's a proper brand. However, the speeds of an ant exactly that great now this is going to vary from batch to batch. You could buy one and it could have 70 megabytes per second sequential writes my one here only has 29, so you know not really that fast.

Now the read speeds there, they're quite good they're, not bad. Just also pointed out that the wireless card it has on there is a real tech, one that is wireless in, so not dual band AC. Unfortunately, now some of the benchmarks I have run on this I'll start out with so while the speeds were good, I did the same exact test with the same server from my desktop, and I got 35 ms downloads and an upload of around 20. It was a 28, so this is actually more or less the same. Now the range of it having a plastic chassis, it does have alloy in the back. I found the range to be moderate, it's, not too bad. Why don't you go furthest away from my wireless router downstairs the signal strength. Is it drops right down all devices drop right down that was still enough to load pages and things, but I'm lost around about 20 30 percent speed on that. But again, that is no more. The same thing happens with my a surface pro 4 that I had now. I did run a couple of ice storm benchmarks here, which is 3d max. This is the the score that it got now. This is a little slower than what other 0 8300 get and I'll show you why, in just a second geek bench 3 score, then maybe a little bit slow. The multi core score should be bit higher there and I storm 1.

2. Now, the reason why these are slower is the RAM is actually running at 1066 megahertz. Now the atoms at 8300 can support 1600, which we see on other devices, but for some reason, teclast opted to only run it at the speed. Maybe it was for stability. Maybe the RAM chips they used. My guess is for battery life so that you can see the speed 1066 megahertz, and that is a single channel Ram. So the performance of Windows doesn't seem too bad. It seems like any other atoms. Now you see the animation there. It'S a little bit slow, but that happens on all the atoms. It feels ok, so you can do the normal light tile so offers. One note with the stylus wet browsing in edge is good it's, very nice and smooth I'll just quickly load up tick tablets here and show you how quickly that pops up and the scrolling is very smooth using your finger on the touch screen, which I'll use now I'M, just going to my finger on the screen, you can see that that is quite smooth there loads in quite fast. This is quite an image heavy website too. So, if I just quickly go on this one, you see that pops up quick. I haven't loaded. This page before so that was really quick, now there's an embedded video in here that works fine. Now you can stream. Also 4k fine, if you use Chrome its laggy it's choppy.

I don't recommend using Chrome at all on and Adam chipset, so other things to show you I'm not going to cover any gaming in Windows. I'Ll do a couple of games and Android that's it because I have covered gaming on this chipset. So much you can play titles like League of Legends and Counter Strike global Offensive, but you need to lower the resolution down to probably about 800 x, 600 and lower settings to get anything near playable frame rates. So the things to show you here with the temperatures, so I have had it running for almost three and a half hours here and I was benchmarking and it did test out a couple of games just to push the GPU and the CPU at the same time. So 68 degrees thermals are really good on this, the back of it. It just gets slightly warm nothing alarming, so temperatures really good and that maybe has something to do with the RAM running at 1066, so battery life. This is probably one of the best things about this timer the battery life on it is really good. I think the combination of a slightly duller screen and the RAM running at 1066 gives really really good results with a battery so it's almost going to beat the chewy a Cho 12 when it comes to battery life, not quite the a Cho, 12 still wins so I'M, going to switch over to Android now one have a look at Android and a little bit more detail there and to do so from Windows we need to do is just run this application here.

So now in Android we see it has a very stock rom to it, which is good. Now there is some bloatware that is included now that can be removed. Most of it can be uninstalled tick last also have their over there air update system. So they will push through any updates if needed, using that so the performance of the ROM is reasonable. I mean it's good it's relatively fast. I don't find it to be the fastest. I have used. No, no. I won't say that you can see there with the animation that it's not perfect, it's, not as smooth as it could be again that could be down to the RAM speeds that they have chosen. So if we show you that it is running android 5.1 now it would be nice to start to see marshmallow instead of just KitKat, so Android 6, hopefully, is going to start coming through to these tablets end of this year. I hope, as I round about three gigabyte, see our 3.2 gigabytes of free gram at the moment, so plenty there to multitask with and I'll just go through now to my gallery way did run some benchmarks and, most importantly, checked out the battery life too. Now I'll start out with the battery life scores that I got. This is PC mark test. With this display calibrated to 200 and it's a brightness there, 7 hours and 26 minutes is actually quite a good score, not bad at all for the screen size.

At eleven point, six inches: okay, it's only 1080p that helps and it's, not the brightest screen, but a very good score. Here'S, where results are very different to Windows. And if you saw my window school there, it was a lot less so performance in the Android ROM. According to Geekbench, for here is a lot better. That is definitely a lot faster. The scores are way up there. The same goes for iced almond limited, look at the huge difference, so that's got thing to do with drivers, or it just seems to be, because Android is a lot more lightweight than Windows. 10. I storm extreme score that scores about the same. Actually is the windows and and two to six point two point one. So those were the benchmarks there. Now, when you first boot it up and get into Android. You have fourteen point, seven, seven gigabytes free to you, so you can at least install a few large games and there's. Some of the like. Where I mentioned, you can see there there's a few things on there. Those can be uninstalled those applications. So the last thing I'm going to do is just test out two or three games here: just have a look at the performance, so the first game we're going to test is clash of clans. Now this probably isn't the most demanding game that you can see. They'Re, just me scrolling around with my finger on the screen that it's a little choppy that's, not as smooth as it could be, and the animations to is a little bit of stutter there.

So I'm gon na just have a quick battle against someone all right, so performance of that isn't, ideal I've definitely seen smoother. So next up asphalt, 8 airborne. It detected it to medium settings so I'm just going to leave it at that and see how it performs with medium settings 1080p wow. It does completely locked up, then that's not good, to see and it's just locked up again so that's absolute crap. I don't know what is going on why it is doing that way. There we go it's come back again, but it just completely froze up now. I haven't seen that before there must be something wrong with my tablet. Okay, this game is too slow. It'S, like a slideshow look at that about 10 frames per second that's horrible and for some reason, the coloring of sub zero Wow, now that's, just basically unplayable. Look at that as such a look at that lag, no cancel that one. So, to recap, my findings here I find the build quality is decent it's, good, it's, a solid feeling device it has metal on the rear. It has a nice kickstand that is practical, good to use and typing experience on the top cover isn't bad at all. I can find myself typing away nice and quickly with relatively no errors there, but I do not like the touchpad it's, just too small, I wouldn't even use it. I use a mouse when I have been using this for my review.

Usb 2 port not good to see, I was hoping to have it – release to USB 3 port on there and ok, the stylus works well, and it has palm rejection, good accuracy, pressure sensitivity, but the main letdown, I feel, is the performance. Now you saw there that couldn't even play Mortal Kombat X and 1080p, probably because the fact that they have under clocked around to only 1066 so very bad performance, then I noticed some instability when trying to play asphalt. 8. It just froze on me, which again is really bad to see not happy with that and the speaker performance of speakers, no stereo separation. They are not loud enough and now end on a positive. Yes, the battery life at least is good it's very decent. You can get around 8 to 9 hours on it, which is, if you want to find some alternatives. Checkout tech tablets, comm. I do have a rating I'll list, their recommended tablets, because this definitely is not a recommended tablet from me.