Pro now last week I looked at the t book 16s. It has very similar spec to this one, but the difference is this: one here has a transformer style keyboard and it doesn't have a kickstand which the t box 16s has the specs of the same certain atom, x50 thousand three hundred four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte. Emmc Wireless in the same overly abused and used specs that we see now literally every tablet. Now I got this one here from now I haven't shown you the outer packaging, but here it is. I pulled it off because I didn't know whether this was going to be a laptop or not. I thought it was something else and it has in fact the t book, of course, which I was waiting for and it was slow Mouse. I took a while to come, so I will have a look at the keyboard first I'm, more interested and to see what this is like because I'm hoping it's going to be a reasonably good one like a transformer style wrapped up rather nice. It has some padding on the front of it to keep the keys from getting damaged, so there we go now the layout of it just having a quick look. It does have print screen, which is something I always like to have. I cannot see any function keys for page up and down and we do have home and end there, which is at least something now.

It feels okay, it's, actually, plastic. Yes, okay, I was expecting metal for some reason and it does look a little thicker than what their press images tend to show and see there on the left and right side. We do at least have USB 2 ports full size ports, because the tablet itself doesn't have any full size ports. So I just put that aside for a second and have a look at the tablet and you're wondering if this is going to have larger bezels than the pressed images show or not tends to be the case with teclast team. I think they seem to get a little bit over carried away with their Photoshop images and make things look just a little better than they really are they're, not too bad. I guess I have seen worst bezels than that, so the build of it is the outer frame at the top here, that's plastic. There bottom housing there's the five bugger port connector the slots there for the supports for the keyboard and, unlike the t book T 16 s, you can see left and right speaker grille. So I will test them out in this video and see how those sound 2 megapixel front facing camera. Have you have a micro SD card slot to DC and for charging 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a microphone micro, USB 2 and micro HDMI out and along the top plastic volume buttons and the power button? Those? Yes, those are definitely plastic on the rear that is made out of metal.

Now it does feel very sturdy. There is no flex on that whatsoever, good finish to it that it's a solid feel. It feels similar to the X 9 8 Series. The way it is with the white plastic and then the unibody rear housing, so I'll see how that docks into the keyboard I just slots in with magnets okay and have a look and see what else is and the rest of the box here. No doubt we have okay and this box here, that's the typical so that's, just full of warranty cards stuff in Chinese, Quick, Start Guide, etc, boring stuff, really it's not relevant to us. Well, most of that isn't and in here we have cables and a power supply. Where'S the power supply: oh no, nope, okay, that's odd; either they forgot it in the box or it just doesn't include the power supply anymore. So we've got a OTG adapter, so micro USB to full size USB a USB to micro, USB, cable and a USB to DC in for charging. That is really unusual that there's no charger on that box I'm, wondering if it's missing. So here is the maximum angle. It will open up, cannot go back any further than that. If I tap on the screen, there is slight risk there of it tipping right back, so that is just a design limitation there with the counterweight that will be in the keyboard. So if it was any light of the keyboard, it would probably tipping back right now, but it doesn't seem too bad.

So I have a look at the thickness of both of the keyboard and tablet connected up together. It doesn't seem to be particularly slim, and I look here on the thickest parts. You can see that there's they USB to board. At least you do get full sized ports on the keyboard dock, so that is 20 20 millimeters and the weight of both tablet and keyboard together comes in at a rather hefty 1.4 4 kilos double itself weighing 771 grams and just have a look and see if It'S going to power up yes, it's coming on right now, so we have n slide, BIOS Windows or Android. I go first into Android here now. The display itself still has the gap it's not fully laminated, so there's an air gap of approximately what looks to be about one to two millimeters between the touch glass and then the IPS panel below noted as a 1080p IPS panel. So I have a look at this green brightness at the moment, that's down so I'm, going to increase that up to 100, so the ROM does seem relatively bloat free there. I can only seat it lasts over. There. Update is on the system and nothing else. So free space take a look under storage free space. You get 16 point to 2 gigabytes, so there is some space at least to be able to install some large games there. And of course it is running. Android 5.1 still, no android, 6, no marshmallow.

Yet from teclast so 5.1 and the performance seems fine, I will check out later on the RAM speeds to make sure, hopefully it's going to be running 1600 megahertz. Unlike the tee box 16s, I discovered was only running 1066 megahertz and that did affect the performance, and I also found some instability with the ROM. So I will definitely be checking this one out to make sure that it's, hopefully more stable than the other tee box. 16 version so I'm, going to boot now over to Windows. It looks like I can't actually do it from the operating system, which is unusual. Normally there is a toggle to do that, but there isn't there and it's not in the wrong for some reason. So I have to reboot and then select windows. Rotor windows have powered up now with the first setup screen. You'Ve got English Spanish, French, Russian Chinese. Of course, you have to go through the whole setup, so I'll just skip ahead and get the setup and show you the rest of Windows. Alright, so Windows has just finished setting up it took about four minutes to set up all in total, which is about normal really for an emmc. So the mousepad seems to be a little bit better than the tea book 16s and has a plastic feel to, and I just noticed that with the keyboard too there's a little bit of flicks and bounce in that. If you can see that I'm just pressing down hard now, this screen just wanted to comment that it doesn't have that anti glare coating like the t book 16s.

The t book 16 pro here, it's free of that and the screen actually looks reasonably good so far or my first impressions for 18 ADP display. So I have a quick look and see how much free space we have so 21 points. 3 gigabytes free there in Windows and I'll quickly have a look at what the disk driver is. What model we're going to have so it's come up as a Toshiba. 0. 64 GE. I now see a lot of those recently and they don't tend to be too bad. So windows need to connect up to the internet, to activate that, but I don't see there being any problems with that 4 gigabytes are there. I will have a look at the RAM speeds. If I can task manager should show me this information under ram, normally it'll list and show you the round speeds underperformance here and memory 1066 again so I'm, not too sure what's going on why they are not clocking. It to the high supported rate of the atom x5z 8300, perhaps for battery low stability, but it's not really good, to see when other devices are running 1600 megahertz and it tends to perform about 10 to 15 percent faster too. When it comes to at least when it comes to 3d benchmarks, so surprise, surprise a Broadcom wireless chipset and not a real tech one, but it is still wireless in so I have a quick type on the keyboard and will listen to a track from carbon based Life forms to how those speakers sound keyboard feels like a bit definitely a bit of Bounce there, and it just has a bit of a plasticy kind of feel to it, because we get the chewy ones which normally the palm raised in the top is made out Of metal at least, and that just has more of a quality, feel this one feels just a bit cheaper to me.

So hopefully speakers are going to sound a bit better than the t book 16s, but I imagine they're, probably using the same hardware. Okay. Well, at least there's stereo separation, this time around, not like the other model tested out, but I you know it's not really loud enough, it's still lacking in volume there. They don't really have any bass to them. They'Re quite tinny sounding the front webcam and seems ok for a 2 megapixel camera and in his liking editions looks fine. I don't they just a ton in low light conditions too, of course, so will the ports on it power an external hard drive now this may seem a very easy test, but you'll be surprised at so many tablets that have failed us. So this is my Western Digital it's, a one terabyte drive and no it's not powering my external hard drive. It just keeps clicking let's see if the tablet itself can power it. So that is a problem to do with the output voltage from the USB port it's. Not sufficient enough, hopefully this is at least going to work, oh dear it's, about via the tablet port either so that's, not very good at all, so it does support an optional stylus, which is this one right here that I have this particular model here: charges via Micro, USB 2, you see there's the connector there at the top there's a little button next air to power it on it's blue when it's on red, when it's not connected at all and red when charging well it'll, flash blue and red when it isn't connected.

Now this stylus, I don't, really particularly like because it doesn't actually support any pressure, sensitivity levels, unlike the one that you have on the tee box 16. Is that does so two basic kind of stylus and the tip of it will scratch the screen protector that's on there? So this tip here is made out of metal and it does support at least palm rejection. So as soon as that is touching, the screen you'll see now that my finger is not doing anything, lift that away, and you see now my finger again is registering and then with it, and without so at least parma diction does work, and that allows you to Still write but don't expect it to be a wonderful or great experience, and, yes, you will need to change your screen protector because that will get all scratched up, so that was my unboxing there of the teclast eBook 16 pro and the keyboard. Now. First, impressions are well the build of it is good. It does actually feel really solid to tablet itself that the keyboard feels a little bit plasticky as a bit of a balance there and the touchpad. It seems. Okay, I mean usable yes and just to support it. Doesn'T seem to support any gestures, which is probably a good thing due to the size of it now it's a little annoying to see that they have clocked a ram down to 1066 megahertz again that it is not running at 1600 megahertz and also the thickness in The weight of it isn't exactly the lightest there, but it's got a nice 1080p screen too, which is another thing, another positive that I have noticed there.

So I really took in this one out going through my reviews, a test out Android a few games on it. As well and the most importantly battery life to see how long that's going to last so you do stick around in the channel if you're interested in seeing the full review of this model here and thank you so much for watching bye.