This is a tablet computer. That looks a lot like a Microsoft Surface device, but it doesn’t cost as much as the surface does this one? As you see, it is about 282 dollars on, an extra 30 bucks will get you a keyboard case that goes with it. I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure that this did come in free of charge through However, all the opinions are about two here are my own: nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted and before we get into the hardware overview, I do want to give you my usual warnings on these devices. This company teclast is located in China. They don’t have the international presence that an HP or Adel might have for dealing with your problems. So if you have an issue six or eight months down the road you’re probably going to be on your own with it. So just bear that in mind. The other problem is right here on the screen, plus very clear as they here in red print, which is that the version of Windows that this comes with is not activated they’re running a Chinese version of Windows that they enabled the English language on it had a Built in administrator account already and who knows, what’s installed on this thing and so far as malware is concerned, I don’t think there’s anything bad on this thing, but I really am nervous about computers that come in with the administrator account already set up.

So I think, if you are getting this, you might want to wipe it out and install a fresh copy of Windows on it. You’Ll probably have to pay a license to get there, but the one that it comes with, unfortunately, is not licensed, which is a shame, because so many other tablets in this price range and many computers that cost less than this are coming with. Legitimate versions of Windows. 10 and it’s inexcusable at this point to not have that on there. But the hardware is unique enough that I think it’s worth talking about and doing a full review about so let’s get into the hardware specifications and then we’ll see how it performs. So all those warnings out of the way let’s get into the hardware. This has an 11.6 inch 1080p IPS display it actually looks pretty decent it’s got decent viewing angles to it. It is a nice display to look at when you have it plugged in and it’s a little brighter. It is pretty bright and usable. I was very pleased with the display quality on this one. It has an atom x7z 8750 CPU – that is a cherry trail processor. These little fanless chips that are in a lot of these low cost devices. This is the top of the line of that processor line, so it might give you slightly better performance than some of the cheaper stuff out there, but by and large it’s not going to replace an i5 or an i7 based laptop these days, but it’s still good Enough to do a lot of stuff on eight gigabytes of RAM it’s got 64 gigabytes of e MMC storage, but here’s the catch.

This thing also runs Android we’ll, be taking a look at its Android prowess a little later in the video, so they split the the storage right in half, so you only have about 32 gigabytes or so for the windows side. The other half is taken up by the Android installation. Weight is about 897 grams or 1.98 pounds so kind of heavy for a little tablet here, but it is pretty well built as a result and of course, it’s got that surface look and feel to it. So it is a little lower on that little on the heavier side that, when I’m used to battery life on this one came in around 7 hours. For me, I think you might see a little more or less, depending on what you’re doing. I was running the PC mark benchmark that does basic word tasks and some web browsing and whatnot. So it seems like you’ll, get probably a good portion of a workday if not the entire workday out of it. I did, though, encounter some problems with its Wi Fi. It doesn’t support wireless AC. It just supports the 2.4 gigahertz band, and I found that when I was using a Bluetooth, keyboard and trackpad with this, my Wi Fi performance took a huge dive, was almost unusable at certain points. So it almost looks like you can either have a Bluetooth device going or the Wi Fi going, but not both. So I just keep that in mind.

It did have some issues with the Wi Fi on this one. Once once I turned that Bluetooth Keyboard off, it was like a light, went on and all of a sudden, it was able to transfer data efficiently once again so I’m, really a little nervous about using this with a Bluetooth keyboard. You might want to pick up a USB based keyboard or get the one that they’re trying to sell you to go with this one. Now this tablet largely replicates the surface. Look but it’s not as elegant as the surface is so the hinge here. I’Ll get the camera in on it, so you can see what that looks like it. Doesn’T have one of these fancy well engineered hinges. It just has this metal tension thing in here, and it actually does a good job of keeping the hinge in place, no matter where you put it, but I think over time this will probably loosen and not work as well as it does now. But right now it looks like it’s got a pretty decent range to it. You can adjust it any which way you want. It is made out of metal here and it does not appear to be any feet on the bottom of this, so it might scratch up some surfaces. So you want to be careful about what you put this on, in fact, there’s no rubber feet anywhere, although this portion here is plastic, so this part is just a sharp metal piece that I think, might scratch up desks and whatnot.

It is metal, though otherwise here, so this part of the casing is metal, as is this part, so the build quality feels pretty solid actually and the hinge works better than I expected it to. I just hope it will work as well as it does now. In the long term. There are a bunch of ports to look at on here, too. You’Ve got your headphone jack. Here you have a USB 3.0 port here for high speed devices like a hard drive or something you also have a USB type c connector, and this will do power as well as data, but not video. So you can charge through this port there’s. Also, a DC port here for its included charging cable and that one did not actually come with an AC adapter in my box, so I had to run it out to a USB charger. However, I think this connector wants a little more amperage than my tablet. Chargers. Can provide so I wasn’t charging at all really through this, so what I was doing was charging through the USB type c connector at 2.4 amps over here you’ve got an HDMI output for connecting it up to an external display. I believe these cherry trail processors will support 4k output if you are running at 30 Hertz, but they can’t really play 4k media all that well, but you can hook it up to a 4k display if you wish and then under this little door here is a Micro SD card slot, so you can augment its internal storage, the card snaps in flush and then, of course, you’ve got this little door on here to protect it, which is nice.

Are there some pogo plugs on the bottom here for the keyboard attachment? If you got that again, that’s an extra 30 bucks or so – and the speakers are here on the side, so you don’t get any stereo sound on this one. Just sound coming out of the side, doesn’t sound all that great, but it’s passable. If you want to listen to a movie or something while you’re on the road, your power buttons are up here and your volume rocker is right there and then there’s a camera front and back not great cameras but they’re on here. So if you do want to do a web conference or something you can do it just don’t, be excited about the quality that you’ll get out of these cameras compared to other more expensive outlets. So let’s kick things off with some YouTube. Watching we’ve got a 1080p 60 video here playing from my YouTube channel and we’ll. Take a look at the stats for nerds and see if we’re dropping any frames here looks like I had a couple of drop frames at the outset, but it has been playing smooth ever since it started up one of the weird things that’s going on with YouTube Right now, with their new design, is that the video is coming in first on Microsoft, edge and then the rest of the page is rendering in shortly after that, and I think that is where those drop frames came from.

These machines do pretty well with video here. I’M, not seeing any additional drop frame, so I think it’ll perform where others do. I use edge on these low cost pcs because it does actually perform better with some of these higher end video formats on low end, pcs versus Chrome, which is why we run with this one in these initial tests. Let’S also take a look at some web browsing here: we’ll go to NASA’s website and see how fast everything loads up on this remember. This does not have AC wireless, so you will be a little slower perhaps than something that does have that, but generally for basic web browsing, it should work fine. You can see everything rendered in here very quickly here we can go check out. One of these articles and see how fast that loads up so generally, it seems like it’s performing about where other devices with the similar hardware inside perform, which is a good thing and it’s performing as expected. You do have a nice display here that, of course, you can use in tablet mode also, if you want to read on a couch or something more comfortable than a desk and on the browser bench org speedometer test, I got a score of 28.57. That puts it right within the margin of error versus other laptops and tablets, with this same processor built in so for that kind of stuff it will perform just fine I’ve got Microsoft Word up here.

Also, we can scroll down through the page here and you can see how fast it renders in this newsletter template this Atom processor is slightly faster than their x5 chip, it’s, still not a speed demon by any means, but you can get even more higher end. Desktop publishing done on here without any problems, you can even do some light light video editing at 1080p with something like this as well now for a gaming, these Atom based machines, never do well with modern stuff, but there are some things that can play fairly well, One idea here is minecraft, and this is running at 1080p, with the Optifine performance. Enhancing plug in installed get about 20 to 25 frames per second. Of course, we could get better frame rates if we reduce the resolution or reduce the detail, perhaps on the graphics. But you can probably get a playable minecraft experience on here. The Windows – 10 version of Minecraft will probably run better than this version runs, but this is the version that most people play these days, so I figured I would run that through there as we always do, but there are a number of older games that run quite Nicely on hardware like this, including half life 2, so I’m running right now, at 720p and I’m, getting frame rates above 60 frames per second right now, when I turned it to 1080p. I went down to about 4045, so I think 720p is going to be the sweet spot for these kinds of games, but they do run quite nicely on here.

I don’t think counter strike runs as well on this hardware. There might be some CPU requirements that were not needed at the time that this game was made, but this older stuff should work very well. I think if you target the system specifications on the store that you’re buying the software from maybe a Pentium 4 or maybe one of the original Intel Core processors, you should be able to get those games to run on this hardware. And you might be surprised what you can get to run. Just don’t expect anything modern to be played on this computer without streaming it from some other device in your home and on the 3dmark Cloud Gate benchmark test. We got a score of 1751. This is a little bit below my expectations, given what it has for a processor built in especially compared to some of the other devices you can see on screen there. However, this does not have a fan on board, so I wonder if they configured the processor in such a way, so that it does not overheat and slow down and throttle itself frequently, which is what these chips are designed to do when they get too hot. So I think that was the compromise they made. The good news is is that on the 3d mark stress test, I got a passing score of 97, which means that it really won’t throttle itself under a heavy load over a long duration period of time.

So that’s a good thing, but you won’t perform as well in the aggregate because of it. Now, before we hop over to Android let’s, take a look at Cody and see how well it can do with some high end video formats, so we’re gon na look at first is a jellyfish test file and I’ll put a link to where you can find these Down below this is simulating a pretty much a top of the line, blu ray movie at 1080p, so you can see now what we’re getting for performance no dropped frames, working as I would expect it to on this hardware. These chips do very well with this kind of 1080p video playback they don’t do as well, though, with HEV C files. So we have a 60 megabits megabit file here, it’s high def, HEV C, a 10 bit. This works fine on newer computers, but on here it is very, very sluggish. So I think if you stick to the mpeg 4 videos, things that you might want to watch on, Netflix or Amazon or something this will do fine with that. But if you’re a real enthusiast, this will not support the video formats you’re, hoping to probably run on it now I’m, going to restart and we’re going to take a look at Android next, so we’re going to wait for the windows here to shutdown and what’ll happen Is every time you turn this on you get the option for which operating system you wish to use and we’ve got our tech glass logo popping up here and we’re going to select the Android OS here.

It’Ll light up green I’ll hit. Ok – and that should get us often running here, hopefully with the Android side of the system. Here again, it split the storage up between the two, so you do get a good amount of Android storage at the expense of Windows, storage. Unfortunately, now I’m going to wait for this to boot up here, we’ll take a look and see what Android looks on this device. I’Ll be right back with that. So here we go, we’ve got Android running on it. This is a very basic installation of Android 6.1. I am concerned about the fact that the security patch is way behind here. May 1st 2016 was the last patch that it received like many of these Chinese tablets. I don’t expect to ever see a patch for this one. Usually they bake in a version of Android and move on to the next products. I would not expect any updates on this. There is an update or built in, but when I click on online update, it tells me that there’s an unknown error, so I don’t think I’m ever going to see any updates for this and just like the windows side, I’m, a little concerned on the security standpoint. Just given that this one hasn’t seen an update in a while, what is interesting, though, when I go into the system information here with this little app is that it does have seven point: eight gigs of ram available to it, which is pretty cool, so you do Have all the RAM that you have in Windows for an Android installation that might be very useful for multitasking, especially if you’re doing a lot of things at once an Android? This will keep a lot of stuff running in the background for you, because there is d of RAM available, along with about 20 gigabytes of storage dedicated for this particular side of the operating system, and it should be able to run most of the Android apps that You throw at it so I’ve got Crossy road here running no problems with this whatsoever.

So generally, these Intel devices do quite well with Android apps. However, there is a catch, especially if you’re a Netflix fan and if you go back into the Play Store here and I search for Netflix you’re, going to find that there isn’t any Netflix available for it and that’s. Because Netflix has been cracking down on a lot of these devices from manufacturers that don’t go through some certifications to ensure that they can keep everything secure. So we do see a Netflix icon down here, but this is some knockoff app and not actually Netflix itself. I don’t know how Google allows that to stay on the Play Store here, so you’re not going to be able to install Netflix on this device, at least on the Android side. It does run on Windows along with most of the other haps. You might want to run on Android as well, so you do get Android on here. I don’t know how useful it will be unless you’ve got very specific needs for something with a lot of RAM and processor power. But generally I found this to be a pretty big waste of available storage space that would be better used on the windows side of the device. So overall, I think it’s a pretty decent little tablet I’m a little concerned, though about the security of it. I think if you are looking to get this one definitely wipe out that installation of Windows and reinstall it.

You might have to go, hunt around on teclast website and shinies to find the drivers that might be missing after that. Installation is done, but I am very weary of computers that come out of the box with an administrator account with no password already assigned and running on. The tablet. I’M also concerned, of course, on the Android side by the fact that it’s running now, an older version of Android that hasn’t been updated in a while, along with a updater here that doesn’t seem to be working at all. So those bribes aside it’s a decent piece of hardware, if you’re willing to do a little bit of work upfront to lock it down and make it a little more secure, the price is a little bit higher than I think it might. Maybe it should be given that it’s an atom device, it does have 8 gigs of RAM, so that is a plus, but I think for the price, it would have been nice to see a little more internal storage, maybe around 128 or so especially, given that a Lot of it’s being used up by the Android installation at the this is line siphon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level supporters, the tangential soup podcast and Chris ala Greta. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to Lange TV patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit.