Now why it’s called power? Well, they put the most powerful atom chip in here that you can get and probably will be. The last powerful atom ever of the cherry trails, at least, and that is an atom x7z 8750, which has a maximum turbo of 2.5 6 gigahertz, a large 8 gigabytes of RAM, which is really good for both windows and Android on there, of course, now Android doing Hardly ever see that kind of amount I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it. The highest I’ve seen is 6 gigabytes on some mobiles now that it just coming out so plenty of ran there to play around with now. Other specs include Wireless in Bluetooth for a type C port for charging and data, and we also have a full size. The USB port, but I’ll show you the full design of that in just a second now. This is going to be a rather long review because it will be covering both Android and Windows, performance and gaming there. So if you’re interested in seeing just the gaming portions – or you only want to see Android, for example, then feel free to skip ahead to the parts that interest you the most, so the design of it I’ll just walk you around and show you everything that the Tablet has on there we have us flap on the side here to start with now below that behind. It is where you insert your micro SD card.

Now that supports up to 256 gigabyte cards. I have tested out 128 that I have and it works perfectly fine along here we have a micro HDMI. This is a microphone dcn for charging and the type c port. Now that is USB 3 type C. It will allow you also to charge via this port and you can access data at the same time, but I have actually just checked out and found that it will not power an external hard drive, the type C port, but the USB 3 port will here. We have these 3.5 millimeter headphone jack along the top. Here we can see we have some power buttons. Now these are made out of plastic. The whole frame is plastic, the main frame of it, but the rear of it. This part along here that’s made out of alloy as well as the kickstand which doesn’t have a fixed position, rear autofocus 5 megapixel camera now I’m. Not going to go into any detail really with that camera it takes a very average photo. You can at least focus on text and take photos if you needed to do that if you didn’t have a mobile phone on you, so the long, the back of it here. We do have these magnets along here, so that will hold the kickstand in place when you’re, traveling and moving around. So you don’t have to worry about that flapping around now. The maximum angle we’ll go back.

Is that far so I mean it’s, not the greatest, but it’s got a good range of movements there. So you can actually use this on your lap, because the magnets on the keyboard release are strong enough to keep that in place, but it’s not ideal, not the most comfortable. So the screen is a 1080p screen and you’ll notice that it has a dated. Look to it because it’s got very large bezels on there and the other thing, as well as the DPI that they’ve used in android is rather large, so icons look a bit larger they’re 1080p panel. Personally, I would have liked to seen at least 16 by 10 aspect ratio so, on the right hand, side. Finally, we have a two side facing speakers. I will test these later out on, but I can say now that they are very average. They do have a bit of midst to them and some bass, but they do lack in volume. Oh and, of course, along the bottom, that is, the 5 pin Pogo port connector for the keyboard, which you simply just hold up to it, and the magnets will let that does clubbin. So, like the t book 16 is it shares the exact same keyboard magnetic clips in. We do have two different positions to improve the typing angle. Here personally, I like to have it actually just on the raised up level, because I find it’s a little easier to type on now.

It has virtually no flexing it’s, very solid, good key travel on the keys nice layout. We do have print screen buttons. Your page up and down engine home everything is there brightness control. However, there is no volume up and down controls on this. We do at least have a an option there to to mute the speakers. You can also disable the touchpad. Now the touchpad is very short. You can see the width is okay. Now they have increased the sensitivity of the pad to compensate for the lack of height that it has, and it does have hardware left and right mouse buttons. It doesn’t support the Annoying swipe gestures in Windows, which I often trigger on such small touch. Pads here, which is a good thing, does have a double tap so it’s it’s, okay, it does the job, but really it’s it’s, not that great. Just because of that lack of the the height that it has and the typing experience is actually really quite good. It’S, just like your surface type covers and perfectly fine so tablet and the type cover combined comes in at one point: two kilos so it’s a little heavy it’s, not exactly light weight and the thickness of both the tablet and type cover that comes in to around 15 millimeters now, overall, I rate the build quality as being very good it’s. A solid tablet well put together, there’s no creeks in it, and it comes with a optional quality type cover keyboard, so the tbox 16 power does support a stylus it’s, not this exact model.

Here that I have I’m not going to review the stylus and I’ll explain why? Because it’s, basically just a more accurate pointer that’s all it does, because the tip on this it doesn’t have any pressure, sensitivity whatsoever, so it’s just a very, very basic stylus. So we have to so firing speakers, as mentioned so stereo separation, isn’t good here I’d, rather have the speakers on either side, if possible, let’s ever listen to how they sound. So if you can hear from that that they have a reasonable amount of volume to them, it’s not actually the worst I’ve heard, but they do tend to distort a little bit they’re at 100 percent volume. So speakers, really they are quite average, now to look at the display in more detail with virtually got the brightness set to 100 and you’ll notice that it’s not particularly bright. Now I measure the brightness it’s only around a hundred and eighty lumens of brightness, which just isn’t bright enough and because it is a non laminated display, you’re also more susceptible to reflections, and it does have a pre applied screen protector, which is where you can see. Those little dots down there now the colors and the blacks and the viewing angles of the screen are good. However, now I don’t know whether it’s just my unit that has this problem with the maximum brightness. But if this affects all of the tea box 16 powers, then this is not good to see.

I don’t know why teclast have used such a dim panel or set the brightness down so low, so I’m, going to start off first here in Android, show the performance here now how I’m capturing this is when an external capture card via HDMI out so the ROM Is actually teclast first ROM, that is running Android 6. All the previous ones have been android 5.1. Now we have plinian memory, as mentioned eight gigabytes and a typical use. Here you have normally around about six and a half six point, eight gigabytes free. So you can go crazy, multitasking on this it’s going to be very hard to be able to actually fill that up completely. So I did run through some of my usual benchmarks. So first up here is the free available space that you first get when you boot. This up now there are some bloody kind of applications. You’Ll see here that I’ve got a couple on there. You can see 360, but I do all of these can be removed. Luckily, you can uninstall all the bloat, which is good and here’s the gig bench for score, so performance there’s definitely a step up from the typical Atom, x5 0 8300, which would normally have a single core score there of around 700 or 800 and here’s the n2. To six point two point: one score which is close to the performance: we’re, actually slightly better than a Snapdragon 650. But of course this has been an x86 processor that can run Windows as well, something the snapdragons can’t do so when you install a SD card and there you can set it up because of the Android 6 option to use as the internal storage as well.

So you can store apps on there and everything, so this is really good. Considering you’ve only got about 16 17 gigabytes free now here’s a performance of ice storm. Extreme. This score is a step up, definitely from the atom X, 5s and lastly, the wireless speeds that I tested out so I’ve only got a 3G connection at the moment, and that is pretty much maxed out the speeds. I haven’t noticed any problems with the wireless range or performance. It seems to be quite good, probably aided by the fact that the whole housing is made out of plastic to on this particular tablet, so performance wise. It actually feels quite good it’s creds, quick, it’s, snappy and it’s easy to multitask and go between different applications without too much of a problem there, and I will also show you that the browser performance again very good and because we have, I think so much RAM To is just making things a little bit smoother so just going to go over here to tech tablets and show you how quick that loads it now I haven’t actually loaded this up before so nothing’s been cached. Of course, this is a little bit dependent on my internet connection, so that loads in quick touch accuracy very smooth, very fast I’m, just using my finger there on the screen and that works really well so run performance is good, but you will notice that the icons Are very large, especially here you can see along the side there, so there’s navigation, there’s, icons there and the launcher and that’s, because the DPI they have used is rather large.

I wish it was a little bit smaller those icons and down the bottom. Of course, we’ve got the navigation keys, so I’m, going to run a couple of Android games now and we’ll have a look at how they perform and if we’re going to get nice, smooth, playable frame rates or not, the total here is eternity worry is four and Some black just in and this one is a real racing – 3 I’m using a Bluetooth controller for this one Music – and this title is modern – combat 5 a multi plate game. Here. I must warn you that I’m really bad at this one and holy players so expect some pretty bad gameplay, but so far the frame rates. Looking alright wow, I actually managed to get a kill in this game and you got me okay, so that’s the basic Android performance there. You can see that it gets just fine. Some of those games ahead slow down like eternity warriors for that happens on every single device. I’Ve tried, it’s, just the characteristic of that game. Now there is no way or icon or widget here to go straight over into Windows. We have to actually go through and restart normally now, normally there’ll be a shortcut on that, it would say boot into windows, booting into Windows that took about 40 seconds in total because it had to go through the boot menu. So there’s a few things here. I wanted to point out, and that is that it’s running Windows 10 Pro and that it’s fully activated you see 8 gigabytes of RAM.

They haven’t dedicated any extra to the GPU here now, just under the device manager, the EMC. This is a Samsung, so it’s, not one of those slower, be wind or foresee brand ones that had terrible speeds, although just showing you the speeds here now, they’re, not wonderful, I have seen faster writes I mean the reads: are good a write, sequential rate of only About thirty nine megabytes per second that’s, a little on the slow side and the for case they are actually okay, they’re, not too bad for this type of drive. That is now. We have a real Tech Wireless in card 2.4, gigahertz single band and free available space. Just under 14 gigabytes that’s not really enough time to look at streaming 4k. This is by a YouTube now I’ve enabled the stats. Here. You can see that the full resolution that is displaying there well it’s not actually displaying that whole resolution, of course, because the screens only 1080p, but it has dropped some frames, but for how CSV? Okay so let’s have a look. I gave it time to buffer because my internet connection isn’t exactly the best at the moment now to load up, take tablets calm. I haven’t seen this before I haven’t loaded this before in this, so that it’s no cache nothing like that see how long that takes that pops up really quick and even better than the browser there, an Android. This is really nice and smooth and so performance they’re good.

Now you can run a whole lot of different tabs in there things like office dog. So if you’re going to be doing document, editing, word internet YouTube as long as you stay using edge, that is with YouTube, then you’re going to be fine. So this is what the Adam x70 8750 S is good at. If you need something more powerful like if you want to do a bit of 1080p video editing or you want to be to some more gaming with better frame rates, then you’ll probably want to see. You definitely want to step up to something like a core m3. Now, look at some Windows Store gaming. Unfortunately there’s a lot of problems with us. You can seal those artifacts happening during the graphics and it will eventually just lock up like it now has crashed completely. So do not know what is going on there, but this is not good at all to see so major graphics issues, at least running, that Windows Store game. So now, looking at League of Legends running in 1080p, but very low settings here, framerate is hovering around 40 frames per second. Now, if you do want to increase that frame rate, then you can lower the resolution down. Of course, it’s running all right and I haven’t noticed any of those glitches that I encountered when playing Asheville extreme. So this game here is definitely playable. Now I was going to show you Counter Strike global Offensive, but I don’t really feel there’s any point to show any more gaming on this, because it is actually triggering triggering here – thermal throttling 87 degrees and you can see along there – thermal throttling, yes and yes on Core 0 and core number one now this isn’t good.

So what is what is that actually doing well that’s, lowering the clock, so it’s aligned their performance and it’s, even though their performance here? If we have a look now at the Geekbench 4 score here in Windows, it’s thermal throttled here, I think because look at the multi core score. That is not really that much better than the atom x50 thousand 300, which gets about 21000 2100. This is only getting about 2500 and a single core score. Yes, that is faster because of the clock rate, but honestly, the performance. This thing is as disappointing I’m. I can’t recommend this tablet. It there’s just no way unless you want Android, otherwise you’re so much better off just getting a core m3 tablet with Wacom stylus support. The only reason to get this tablet would be for Android. That is about it. So the last thing to also is battery life. I can tell you that’s average you get between six and a half five and a half hours in Windows and in Android about five hours, so yeah it’s not really that great, ok, so that’s my review there of the tick last at ebook 16 power – and I Must say, I am really disappointed in this model. I expected so much more from the atomic 78750. I didn’t expect it to have thermal throttling. I did not expect to see graphics glitches. I mean I couldn’t even play Ashe felt extreme there just didn’t work all right.

So the positives, there are a few there Android performance, isn’t too bad. I mean it’s good, got playable, smooth frame rates and the games there. The other thing is the keyboard. It is good to type on. I do like typing on this keyboard. Okay, the touchpad. Yes is a little short. I wish it was a bit higher there. The screen brightness is another very disappointing thing about this model. Only about 180 lumens of maximum brightness there just seems wrong. I must have a faulty unit here. Unless tick last did opt to sit there, brightness right down to try and save on battery life, which comes to the battery life five to six hours and Windows around five hours in Android that isn’t, really a wonderful figure, should be better there. So, overall, I just find this as yes, a disappointing tablet with some definite serious flaws there. I just don’t think it’s worth it also price wise this retails for around about all up with the keyboard and everything about 350 us now for 300 us even under you can get yourself a core m3 tablet with twice the performance: a full SSD. Okay, you don’t have Android on there. You don’t have dual boot, but you get a Wacom stylus, and that is the cube i7 book or the cube y7 stylus. I think if you don’t need Android they’re a lot better options out there. Thank you so much for watching this review here and if you did make it this for her in the review.

Well done, it was quite a grueling task here for me to review this tablet with the issues that I encountered and hopefully I will see you back in the channel soon, with what I’ve been coming.