Now this is the most powerful atom dual boot tablet. You can get at the time of this video, so this one here has an atom x7z 8750, with a maximum tuber of 2.5 6 gigahertz it's, a quad core. It has 8 gigabytes of RAM, runs Android 6.0 and Windows 10 home. So this one I picked up from Aliexpress. I also have the keyboard here to show you that it's, a two in one tablet, so is removable and type cover style keyboard. Now the box here looks like it's, actually already been open for some reason, but it's taped up – and this is just reusing, other boxes. Now I got this with DHL, so I did have to pay a large amount of taxes on this on arrival here in Spain. They always stop everything. So if you would like to avoid taxes, then I recommend just using the free post method method and you won't have any taxes there. So there is the the keyboard, which is the same keyboard as the one used on the tea box. 16 s because they do share the same design and that is open to I don't know whether customs or someone has had to look at this. There is the box and C 2 and one on their PC. There should be the specs listed on the back, like they always do so there's some other specs say that it does have a USB 3 port on there, and it also has a USB type c port to which can output display charge.

Hopefully do that all at the same time, one thing I haven't confirmed here is whether or not it has wireless AC or it's just Wireless in, I think it's. Actually, wireless AC but I'll find that out later on in this unboxing video all right. So we can see on the rear. This is the kickstand. This pulls up like so so it's multi position, it doesn't have a fixed position like some of that earlier models did and other tablets, so that gives you full access. That'S all the way back there along the side here that is micro, HDMI for video output, a mic DC in for charging the type C port there USB 3 and then the headphone jack right there. So, behind this little flap here is where the micro SD card is located, which I don't particularly like it when they have them covered with flats, because I'm, a person that swapped micro SD cards out quite often, so I kind of find that a little bit annoying Now, along the top here, these power buttons. Now they are made out of plastic just like the housing all around the outside that's all made out of like an ABS plastic and along the back. This is metal by the way the kits their net is metal. That'S an alloy on the back here and here we have a rear facing 2 megapixel camera and on the front, a front facing to sorry the rear. One is 5 megapixel and this one's 2 megapixel and here a Windows Home button, so look and see what else is included in the box.

So this would just be some instruction things: whatnot that's, basically I'm, not going to go into that that's. A still Chinese warranty card all that sort of stuff, but I don't understand any of that and then we course will have a charger right here: that's a little power supply, so a USB to DC plug and then the charger this time around with. Of course, the two pronged us style now this is rated to 5 volts 2.5 amps. I thought that would have been actually 3 amps, so that's interesting, and I just check the weight of it to see how heavy it is. It feels quite solid and it's 891 grams, so yeah that's, not the lightest. I just have a look at the keyboard, so the keyboard, as mentioned type cover 1, and I found that the the tea box 16 keyboard, which is the same exact one it's, not bad at all. So we have like a felt material on the back soft suede II felt material and along the front, a keyboard which I found was actually really good to type on, but the touch pad there you'll see has one serious flaw that it's not very high it's wide Enough but it's not high enough – and I did find this to be particularly annoying when using this, because it often would trigger gestures and things like that. They'Ve got all the the main function keys on there. We'Ve got a couple of media ones.

Brightness control list is good to see that is there the recent Chui let book I reviewed didn't have any shortcuts for brightness on the keyboard, which I found to be annoying. Okay, so let's get this powered up? Okay, so hopefully this impound this normally they do come with power out of the factory. So this should boot up, and you see there two classed logo t book, so we have the typical teclast dual boot selected, Ezzor, Android or Windows are going to go into Android. Here, first, alright, so this is their first Android 6 from and I can see straight away that the icons are really quite large, as well as those on screen buttons there. I don't know what dpi they have used here, but it seemed like it's. A very large one. Let'S have a look now at these settings here here. So memory 1.1 gigabytes used and we have free 6.6 there. So not bad plenty of RAM. There now look at how much free storage now we have on there. So nineteen point: five six is what we've got partitioned for Android six, the rest of that will go to windows, a 64 gigabyte MMC they have on there and the version two so 6.0.1. So we've got a few blower applications. You can see those normally you can uninstall most of those, so there's, only i13 bloatware apps for four or five Play Store is, of course there and I'll just see that most of these we should just be able to get rid of yep.

So I can understand those like one of the ones you can't get rid of is the ES File. Explorer could actually be part of the ROM, so at least that bloat can be removed there. So to see there should be now a shortcut here, just a bit straight into Windows, so holding down the power button and no restart, I mess it through the restart menu. Don'T think it is there's nothing here that just says Windows, so it looks like we're missing that shortcut I put over now into Windows and we'll. Have a look at the hardware see if it has wireless AC, okay, so swapping over, had to go through the menu again select Windows boot. The whole process took about 30 seconds and doesn't look to be any shortcuts that go straight from windows into Android, either, which is a little bit unfortunate there. So I've a look now in a system check out and see what we have for Windows. What it's running you can see the 8 gigabytes of RAM listed of it, of course, and windows is activated. Windows 10. Pro also have a look at free available space. We have eighteen point: four gigabytes free, so Windows Pro is taking up a little bit more space than than at home. I think not a lot of free space there to play with and the device manager. I can see that's taken a while to load up there. You go so just drive as a Samsung, CW bc3.

I will benchmark that later on in the benchmark, as well as all my typical benchmarks I like to run and the network card is a unfortunately real, tick. Wireless n, so it doesn't have wireless AC, which is a real shame, because the rest of the speaker's there at least having that faster Atom processor, eight gigabytes of RAM, is something we don't normally see. So here we see the memory is running at 1600 megahertz. Now that is dual channel, so it's not like the single channel, Adam Z, 8300. Here we should have a lot more memory bandwidth now it does support an active stylus. Unfortunately, both are the teclast styluses that I do have. This was the one here that worked on the tea box 16 and I assumed it would work on this one because it has the same screen, but it seems I'm wrong there. They have changed the digitizer for the stylus or that's a different brand, or something because this pin isn't actually working on the screen here now will be something like this one, with 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, so it's just a shame that this one doesn't work. So whatever you do do not get the tea box, 16 stylus make sure you get the one that supports the tea box 16 power here, just to see, if it's going to power an external hard drive, because a lot of these tablets have failed at this. Such simple little test, okay, it's, looking good and Windows, has just come up, so that is working in external hard drive, which is good.

I have a type C cable here too so I'm going to check and see if it will actually charge via the type C port, and it looks like yes, so just I'm going to look at the screen. I can see the brightness well indoors. Here looks okay, so far, it's, not the brightest screen. Now the same thing happened with the t book 16s, which uses the same panel it's a 16 by 9 aspect. Ratio 1080p display and doesn't seem to be the brightest I'll measure that later on and the full review. But I mean that's okay now with indoor use – and I do have some bright lights on here, so I'll test that out later on and just like the T book 16s. Of course, the same design we've only got the both of the stereo speakers. On the right hand, side, which is a little annoying because we're not going to get the stereo separation that we normally get when they're on either side. So let's have a listen to how they sound all right. So they have a little bit of volume to them. But at 100 volume they had some distortion there that you might have heard picked up on the microphone with my camera that they are the tiny little bit of like vibration, distortion coming through them there they sound alright, I guess, but not not the greatest really. Now. Just to touch on the touchpad that the up and down gesture to minimize and maximize is actually disabled, that doesn't work, which is a good thing, because it is so short the touchpad here.

The width of it is fine and is moving around here, and the accuracy of it seems good, it's, quite sensitive. It does support the double tap gesture, in fact it doesn't. I know there is networks, but the up and down that annoying one that I often trigger at least that isn't working. So I mean it's it's, a usable touchpad but it's, definitely not the greatest. There are, of course, Hardware left and right, two mouse buttons to there. Okay, so that's the t book 16 power, just my unboxing and my first impressions are good. The build of it is very solid. Just like the t book 16 is MAME, there's no flex in the design. The kickstand on the back is also quite practical, because it's not set at a fixed angle. I also think the screen looks reasonably good, but I would like it to be a little bit brighter there. Typing experience on the keyboard is good, but the touchpad I don't particularly like because it's just too short it's, not I enough and not really the greatest to use, even though the sensitivity on it seems to have been notched up so it's at least a little bit More accurate and more sensitive to help compensate for that, but still not really the greatest the speakers as well. They have a little bit of volume to them, but they did have some distortion there too. So performance of the atom x7z 8750 i'll be checking that out.

In full detail in the review benchmarks – gaming as well, just to see how well that's going to perform in both Android and Windows. So hopefully I will catch you back with the full review of the T box 16 power here soon.