Now, if you see my other video, you would have seen that I covered most of the things important I think in Android, and I really did like the Android side of this tablet, because the ROM is a stock rom. It performed really well very quick, really good, and now this is the window side of things here that I'm going to cover in this particular clip and just wanted to comment that the keyboard you see here is not the official teclast keyboard now the docking mechanism should I say the port on the bottom is very common. The five pen Pogo port is literally on most of the tablet, two and ones now they have that port. But what does change is the actual little prongs here. The supports you could say that it clips into now. This is an old pepo w1s keyboard and it actually works on it. So you can use it as the fold up keyboard it's, not a bad keyboard, but it's not really for this model. You can see that it's a little short either side and you don't get those two USB to ports that you do on the official one that Fisher one has a USB port here and one on the other side, that's a fixed, hard style keyboard. This also doubles up as a case, and I mean it works okay, but I'm, just using it for the purposes of this review. Really so first up here are the et MMC speeds.

Now it's a Hilux emmc it's a proper brand, even see it's, not an N brand performance is a little slow there and that's, probably because if you can see, maybe you can actually with the camera that the drivers 94 full so it's, starting to get quite full There – and that probably has a bit of an impact there on the speeds when I benchmark this and this green I'm quite happy with. Actually, this has to be definitely one of the better 1080p screens that I have seen and I'm pretty sure. It'S the same exact screen that the old x10 HD 3G from teclast head and all in all it's. A good screen got nice, colors, good, blacks, good viewing angles and overall, I think a lot of people will be happy with this screen, because I've seen other ten AP screens, that tend to be a little bit less colorful. I could say, and that's kind of a scene brightness, which is approximately 250 Lux there, which, which is okay, so I'm, just gon na put update to 50 brightness at the moment. Most of the time I just use it on 50 brightness, and that is good. So I've gone through the usual benchmarks. I tested out the wireless speed here, the result for the realtek wireless chips. It has it's quite good. That is very good actually, because my desktop gets around 50 megabits per second and around 26 25 upload, so very good result.

There now some of these schools here are little lows: you'll see the PC mark, seven one isn't it's, not too bad, considering it's an atom x5z 8300 and the Geekbench 3 score. Okay, I mean it could be a little higher on the multi core score there and here's the ice storm extreme score where we see lower scores than normal now ice storm extreme for this type of chipset should be a bit higher there. I don't know what was going on: I did retest it and more or less it's getting around 10000 cloud gate 1.1. This score is good for the atom z8 thousand 300 and the ice storm 1.2 score should be about 15000, so scoring again a little less. But I think it's a Windows kind of thing because differently, the benchmarks when I ran the Android test and that video things went really well in terms of benchmark schools. They were high. There were, they were what you would expect, even maybe slightly more for this chipset. The 4 gigabytes of RAM there now other a couple of things just to point out the device manager K. I already mentioned that I think the the hynek's drive that's in there, and I think I already did mention that deny that Realtek the wireless. But if you want more details on that, one it's, the chipset, that we do see literally everywhere, you can see that it it's just a single band one. We still only getting single ban 2.

4 gigahertz only on these tablets out of China, I'm. So, overall, the build quality is good, I'm, quite pleased with it, and I will give you a quick test of the the speakers to, and they are fine really they're, not too bad, as you'll hear in just a moment. If I need the screen touch response, not bad at all, accuracy is good and just jump on here into YouTube and edge, of course, is very smooth. Super smooth, no problems at all there now Chrome, I don't tend to use Chrome on the atoms because it's a little more choppy and not really as fast. It just needs really a minimum. I think personally, a corium and a tablet to run chrome, nice and smooth. It has improved in time. It used to be really bad, but now it's getting better so have a look here at Cal. Most life forms just to test out these speakers all right. So the speakers are okay, they're, nothing, wonderful, but they do have a tiny little hint of bass. They'Re, not sure whether the microphone I'm using would actually pick that up or not, but it's, not bad. They could possibly be a little louder but they're. Definitely not the worst. I have heard now in terms of battery life you're, looking approximately four to five hours, depending on what you're doing now, I have been doing a few benchmarks and things at the moment. Since 98 percent battery life I've got an hour and a half I'm an 82 which isn't at all bad, but my full runtimes give me an estimate about five hours now.

I have actually run it right down to two to think about 7 when it turns off – and I got just over four and a half hours and one other thing to the very important that the USB 2 port will actually power by itself without needing a power Hub an external 2.5 hard drive that is really good to see because some of the other tablets that we had from teclast they couldn't do that at all which is really annoying, but that pops up and it works. So maybe this is my one: terabyte wissen digital drive no problems, so it won't go into any gaming tests in this video here, because I've tested out the atom x5. Is it eight thousand three hundred countless times now? Gaming and it'll play most of the games. All the store games will run fine apart from modern, combat 5 that's, a very demanding game, and it just tends to lag out completely counter strike. You can get lower settings lower resolution, yeah, ok, playable frame rates just but have a look at some of the other videos. I do have online if you want to get an idea of how the Adam x5 performs, but so far this tablet. I think it is a good tablet, decent tablet, the annoying things I don't like, as I mentioned in the other videos as a port location, is really just very odd. The way they have spaced it out so we've got a 3.

5 millimeter jack, the USB to micro. Usb 2 port there and then our HDMI right there on the top awkward placement and a little awkward for charging, and I just don't like it at all. I don't know why they've done that at least we do have the speakers left and right either side for good stereo separation and the yeah that the fit and finish of it is good. It all matches up nicely. It does feel very nice in hand with the mutual rear housing on it and the buttons on the top are made out of plastic, but it's typical teclast build quality that tends to be one of the better ones. Definitely from the the tablets that come out of China, so this is all I'm going to cover in this particular video on the tee book. 11 do stay tuned to the channel and I might have more been coming on this model, but definitely other ones very shortly.