How are you doing? I have with me right here the ticklers t book 11. This is just being dropped off and it is one of the first models of the t book series that are coming out. They are two and one tablets, atom tablets, and this particular model here has a ten point: six inch screen atom, x5z 8300, four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte ET MMC, and it is dual booting as well. So let's have a look at it, so we just pulled it out of the shipping box that it was in. He didn't have to see me wrestle around that it was well packaged and it had some bubble wrap on it that I already got it out of so the box is just like most of the their new ticklers boxes. They very similar. They use the same design. There and what we have on the back just an outline of the specs, so he does the Steyr Windows 10 and Android let's, get it open. Okay, there is the tablet just put that aside for a second and see what we have in the box. So we have an OTG adapter are the usual instruction manuals as like a warranty card there, and that is all in Chinese there, a microUSB to cable. This is for charging and data within Android and the standard teclast charger, so that is 5 volts and 2 amps. Usb charger there and that little blue thing here well that's, just their quality control check.

So someone has checked this out. Hopefully it's going to be all fine, alright! Now moving on to the tablet. Okay, we see it has a newer metal design now, so the whole housing here is metal. This is our 5 pin Pogo port for the keyboard dock. Now the keyboards on this particular model are very similar to that of the x2 Pro it's more of a fold up case, slash keyboard style and on the back here we do have a micro SD card slot now rare 2 megapixel camera the front camera is also 2 megapixels and we do have on the front right hand, side our power and volume buttons there. The microphones on the top and very oddly placed micro, HDMI port, as well as the micro USB port there for charging and I'll 3.5 mini headphone jack. They I don't know why why they situated on the top, why and they on the left or right side there. So on the Left, we have one speaker, sorry on the right and in on the left. Here we have the other speaker there. The build feels very nice in hand very well put together very good lines on that that's I mean that's a perfect fit it's it's, not bad at all, looks good so on the front there's that 2 megapixel camera and a Windows Home button there. So I will get this powered on now and have a look at the weight while that's powering up.

Oh, if I've got battery in it, I don't actually think it's going to power on okay. Yes, there is better in there it's, good, okay, so weighs six hundred and thirty five grams, and you can see here. This is the standard dual boot menu that we see on all the tick blast devices you can either disable it here, there's a little tick box. There, so if you don't want to see the dual boot menu can get rid of that so I'll go into Android first and have a look at the Android ROM free space and then move over to Windows. Now look at the thickness, so it is eight point. Seven now you can see that eight point, seven millimeters thick okay, now the screen seems very dull. Brightness must be right down which it is so turn it up to maximum I've got a lot of lighting on here at the moment and, of course, the screen protectors on so it looks to be set up all in Chinese, no, it isn't. So we do have a couple of bloatware apps on there. We'Ve got one two four five six bloat apps on there, but it's actually look at that that's more of a normal kind of Android ROM. This is really good to see where they're not using their bloaty tee launcher. I think it is so that is it's nice. If you've seen my videos on the x9, eight plus or the x98 pro wall x98 f3g, they all use that bloated, a teague launcher, which I don't, particularly like so it's good, to see them moving away from that, at least in this particular model.

So android 5.1 I'll have a look at these storage now and see how much free available space. We have go so storage. We have fourteen point, one six gigabytes, free there and we'll switch over to Windows. Now there should be a not there so it's, not in the top swipe down menu, but it'll be the power. The play store was on there as well. If you missed that play store is definitely there so I'll boot over now to Windows, okay, so there's various different languages. Here we cancel it. You can see there's a lot of Asian languages there. We do have French, Russian Filipino Spanish English, so quite a few languages. They'Re already installed on the wrong. Now these screen is not fully laminated. There is definitely a gap in there of a bell, let's see between one and a half and two millimeters, so I can make out here between the touch digitizer and the IPS panel. Okay, we're going to see if this is set to maximum brightness or not it's, on 40 percent right down to zero is quite dumb and 100 percent. There seems reasonably bright that's, not bad at all. Now we do have a small little icon down here. This is to launch over to window, so we can go directly from Windows into Android and I won't launch that just now or check the free available space, so 22.9 gigabytes free on windows here and see what we have under the device manager as well as system.

Okay, so 64 bit Windows 10 need to connect to the internet to activate. I will do that. I'Ll get that all set up when I start to run through my benchmarks and everything and the disk drive is a hynek's drive which is good to see they're using a proper brand there. So we should hopefully get some decent speed on that, but I will benchmark there. Okay, so that's just a initial first hands on with the T Booker live in here I will be back so keep an eye on the playlists with more videos that will cover gaming benchmarks and a review as well so watch out for those.