So this has a ten point: six inch screen it's 1080p and at the moment this particular video is going to cover everything in Android. There will be another video that will cover basically the same things benchmarks and in a little bit of gaming, but on the windows side of things. So the build of the tablet quite happy, with its quite nicely effect that they've used that middle body all around now and why I say now is because this model really is an upgrade of the teclast x10 HD 3g, which was a model that was out. Probably one a half years ago that I did actually review that has the same screen and I think, shares the same chassis. The layout of the ports definitely is the same from that model, because they do remember these awkward port placement that they had on it because having the microUSB cable connection in the charging port up here on the top, the middle quit and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack And our HDMI right in the middle, there is a little odd. I mean it'd be nice that it was all on the the left side there, but unfortunately isn't that little dot. There is the microphone and then our power volume up and down buttons there. Fine that position is good there, but you'll notice that what this tablet is lacking is on micro, SD card slot and the speaker as there is no full sized USB port on here so does a little thinner than most tablets, maybe because of that.

But I would really like to see that and it's something that I think that teaglass should be considering, because the competition now are using full sized USB ports normally on all of their latest tablets. So the build is good. Now there will be a keyboard dock that I don't have at the moment. I don't actually think it has been released at the time this video. It will take advantage of this five pen, Pogo port, so you'll be able to dock it into a keyboard dock. There will also give you another two USB to ports, because we still have at least the one on the top that we can use an OTA jab adapter there and connect up your your mouse or you want to plug into your USB flash drive. So I did run through some benchmarks, but first I was going to cover a little bit on the rom of the device, because this is really our first for teclast, because they've gone with a stock launcher. They haven't used their horrible bloaty. Crappy t launcher that. I absolutely hate because it really does bog the system down not anymore it's, really good, now and it's very fast. It reminds me of cube and Chewy's roms, because Chuy's roms and cubes don't bother with their own custom launches. They just use a basic stock Android setup, and why not? I mean things go well with that. It'S faster performance is good. We have all the widgets there doing this simple thing that I'm doing now, with the stock, with the old launcher that teclast used.

That would even be a little bit choppy and laggy, but it's not anymore, so they do have a over there update system. That is there and I did download the little update they had. There was only literally eight megabytes or something – and here we have the the initial free storage. We get is 14 point 4 gigabytes, and this is the rom after I've removed all the bloatware. It does come with at least six or seven Chinese applications that a pure blow that aren't relevant to anyone outside of China, nor will they actually work, probably outside of China. So once you get rid of them, you can see that's quite a light ROM. So there it is the first time you boot it up. You will be greeted with all these different bloat applications. Of course, Google Play Store. Is there and works just fine, no problems, so the benchmarks I did run came out quite well because this, I still my limited score – is almost getting into atom X, 8500 territory, which is around 23000 points in icestorm unlimited. I think it was that I managed to get so quite a good score, considering the chipset and I storm extreme was maxed out and so was. I storm the standard test and here is the ad to to score 62000 it's a good score that's around what most Adam is at 8314 should get, and the last benchmark that I ran was Geekbench 3, which again not a bad score for the particular chipset.

We have here now the wireless speeds I normally get around 50 megabits per second download rates and you'll see that I got 30 only and the upload I normally get around 25 megabits per second, sometimes even higher, so a little slower I'm, not really too sure. Why that is the tablet? Wasn'T downloading any games really think in the background my PC wasn't updating on the same network. I can't really explain it. Hopefully, on the window side of things, the speech will be a little bit better there but slightly disappointing, and that is it for the benchmark. Scores that I ran. You see that the Windows Keys not bringing us to home at all, which is a little odd because normally it does, but it seems that it hasn't been mapped out in Android. So all in all, I am really enjoying the ROM, because just how fast it is now compared to, as mentioned the stock launches at Tech last used and let's have a look also at the sound of thing, so it browser performance. I found to be really good and of course, it defaults to the tick last home page here, haven't loaded the SEM before so this is not cached or anything, and you see that it is extremely smooth, very quick and have no problems with the screen as well. The screen is very responsive. You can see there's a lot of glare on the screen at the moment I have some powerful lighting on and I also have the screen protector on which is going to have an impact on that, but the accuracy of the screen seems really good it's, nothing, special It'S a 1080p personally, I would have liked to have seen a 1200 P screen, which would be the 16 by 10 ratio.

I think would have been a little nicer slightly higher, but all in all I mean we do have large bezels too, that you can see. Obviously, a little on the larger side, but they do make it easier for holding and picking it up, but it would have been nice if they could have reduced, maybe the the top and bottom bezels. But I guess really: they can't, considering the fact that this does come with a keyboard that would be cutting down on unusable space for the keyboard. So very quick, very smooth just have a look and see here's my jumper easy pet unboxing to see how the speakers sound so YouTube videos, they work, fine and the sound I found the speakers are quite loud and they will probably be a little quieter within windows. I'Ll test them out when I review the window side of things, but normally that's what happens? I think it's driver related, but they aren't actually they're bad for Chinese speakers. I'Ve definitely heard a lot worse than that. So just make sure everything is cleared here and quickly. Show the sittings just before I move over to test out a few games and see how those perform okay, so it is definitely running an android 5.1, so not Android 68. I don't think we're going to see any Android 6 problems until maybe the end of this year. They tend to take a while to update to the latest versions these Chinese manufacturers, and you can see that little bit of hardware information there so just points out the front and back cameras, 2 megapixel units by the way very poor, not really that good.

There. Ok for Skype, though, you can make a Skype, video chat, call and as long as you're in good lighting, the front one is usable. So we have a look and see running at the moment: 472 megabytes of RAM in use and 3.2 gigabytes free for us. No battery life on the T book 11 is approximately 5 to 6 hours. I haven't used it enough of what I would call more normal kind of use because of being benchmarking and gaming them things on it. But if you are going to be gaming, you can definitely just have that figure, because gaming is very demanding on both the GPU and the CPU and it consumes a lot more energy, so gaming around 3 hours. Oh no. I think this is ok kind of battery life, considering the eight thousand milliamp hour battery that's within it. So let's have a look at a few games here that I downloaded some of the more demanding one so check out modern combat see how it runs. Oh let's go Thanks, and this is real racing 3 and this last thought I'm going to test out is Mortal Kombat X all right, so you can see from that that it does handle gaming really well. I there was this really no point for me to download any other games if, as I can tell it's going to play, everything really well and it's – definitely helped by the fact that it only has a 1080p screen and you're not driving a super retina panel, a Retina panel, which is more demanding on the intel, graphics of course, so all in all, I am definitely liking this tablet.

The build quality is good, sound is loud and Android, so all that's left now is for me to then focus and have a look in more depth at the window. Side of things so keep an eye on the playlist, because I will have a video for that.