So this is yet another now I've seen so many Adam x50 8300 powered tablet with four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte, emmc desert dual OS and it supports a stylus. What I'll get onto later and the screen is the same resolution of other tablets. We have within a 10.1 inch screen, so we've got the cube. I worked in ultimate and the chewy high book. This is a competitor to those models there and, unlike those models of this tablet, actually supports a keyboard dock that has a battery within it, which expands the battery capacity by a further three thousand five hundred million hours. So this is going to be a long review. There are some time codes at the start of the video that you probably saw just flash up and also in the description in this video and YouTube. So you can skip ahead to the part that interests you. If you don't want to look at the Android portion of the video just skip ahead to the Windows 10 part, so looking at the design of the tea book, tin it's got a nice metal frame all around it. Sending a gold, color and quite thin you'll notice that the bezels on this are very small. They are quite good, I'm liking the size of that they're. Only about a thumbnail and a length it's about one and a half centimetres and one of the smallest nugget is some quite large bezels from the Chinese tablets that are out at the moment, but these ones are smaller.

So at the front here we have a 2 megapixel front facing camera. There is no camera on the rear whatsoever. We'Re not really missing out on much because none of those cameras offer very poor quality anyway. So down on the bottom, we have the two slots there for the keyboard, which unfortunately don't have at the moment that will come in a later video. You can see. We have a 10 port poker pen here instead of the usual five. That is because of the obviously the charge that needs to go through and, on the left hand, side. Sorry, the right hand side of the tablet. We have the DCN for charging now that is 9 volts, 2 amps and is a mini HDMI out micro, USB 2 and our micro SD card slot and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the top right power on and volume up and down, and it does have a Very nice build to it. I do like it feels really good feels premium. I would say no flex in it whatsoever very solid, very well put together and all in all no complaints. It has definitely got a tappable quality now to show you the screen here now. The maximum brightness it has is 250 lumens of brightness, so it is not the brightest screen and there is a small little bit of light leakage just along outer edges here, but I don't find it too bothersome and it is a very common thing now viewing angles.

You can see there, they are good it's, an IPS panel, and I don't really find it to be that bad, especially indoor use the brightness. I think it's fine, but if you can be using this outside well you're going to struggle anyway. First, for the reflections and seeking does that maximum brightness there of 250 is a little bit on the dim side there. I would definitely like to see a minimum of about 300. So if we turn the lights back on here and just quickly show you that we do have a gap in the panel between the digitizer glass and the IPS panel below you see there's, probably about I'd, say approximately one one and a half millimeter gap there. It isn't too bad and isn't too distracting. So when you first power up the t book ten, you get this dual boot select the menu now it's a slightly different menu from what we normally see from teclast and down here. You can select either to disable the dual boot menu, and here you have your operating system choices there. So you can either select Windows or Android, and when you are within either of those operating systems, you can also just toggle what there's a toggle inside the operating system to allow you just to swap the operating systems right over that has honor as a very stock. Like launcher now, you're using and that is really good to see because they used to use what was called the t launcher by tech class, their own custom launcher that was just laggy and horrible, so it's running android 5.

1. This is the version i have and there are over the air updates. There is tick baths own and built system. They will push through updates when necessary to fix any bugs, which is this right here. So it is good to see. We have that on board. Now. Bloat on there there was a little bit of blood lucky you can uninstall all of it, which is again very good to see and the performance of the ROM. I found to be really good. It has no lag or anything all in all. I do like the rom and it's definitely one of the better things here now when it comes to free available space, because it is dual boot, you don't really get a huge amount, but you do at least divide it out the way they've partitioned it. You still have some space for some large games to install that's at the moment. I have 12 gigabytes available to me and I already had installed a bit there. So total space is 17, but you get approximately. I think it was about 16 and a half free. So when, through my usual benchmarks now the screenshot here is what the ROM is like when you first boot it up, so you do have you can see quite a few bloody applications, but, as I mentioned, you can remove those once you remove them. That is how it will look like you just got the essential applications there Playstore, of course, is on there and working just fine.

So this is the Geekbench 3 school here that is more or less a good score for this chipset tip up ten and two to six point. One point, four score: anything close to sixty thousand is good for the atom z8 thousand. Three hundred you can see that that is similar to other devices there, like the the show me me for s, mizu m3, i find the details there. If people want to compare that to their own tablet and better life. Ok, i did a better dies test here with in android and its unable to working better i've of three hours and ' minutes. Now the display was configured to the 200 netzer brightness that they suggest in the benchmark, which is almost the maximum brightness of the screen. All in all that score is a little disappointing, but do bear in mind that there is the keyboard which will boost that battery life. I imagine by another hour hour and a half there's some details there of the PC mark work scores. So four thousand seven hundred and sixty and those were the benchmarks I ran on it there so so disappointing a little the battery life now one thing to point out to within the ROM that all you need to do is just wipe down through the toggle. Here always switch so tapping that you can switch straight over to Windows now I'll just quickly demonstrate what it's, like the speed of it when you're surfing the internet so I'm just going to run the browser here.

This is the stock Android, so initially it's. That type with tech last side, of course, so just go over to tick tablets. Comm here never loaded this up before. So this can interesting to see how it works now in regards to wireless performance, because it has the all metal back around it. I have felt that the signal strength downstairs moving away from my wireless router isn't as strong as other tablets. Like the the cube, I worked in ultimate and that's, because that has plastic on the back, where I think the antenna is housed, this of course doesn't. So we struggle a little bit for strength, but overall I found it to be okay, so just go along here's. A performance of that is, you know, it's, not too bad. You can see what is quite a hippie side because there's a lot of images on there, but it loads in and all in all the touchscreen accuracy of it is good. It'S definitely not iPad pro smoothness and accuracy there, but it's not too bad, and you can of course play YouTube clips in there without any problems. Have a quick listen to the sound. So it sounds. Ok now they're, not the loudest speakers that you do get. As mentioned the the stereo separation in the beginning that there's one speaker on either side there so it's definitely a better than the likes of the the cube. I work 10 ultimate, which is in the same category as the the T booked in here.

Have a quick look now at Google Play the performance of that seems okay, because it has to load in all those images there for the logos, the icons there for each app, but it overall it's not too bad, see there's a few legs there, but that is Probably going to be the same on every single atom out there so I'm, just going to quickly have a look for clash of clans. Haven'T searched the store, installed this game and see how long it takes so that pops out relatively quick and just to install it. So I'll install this now and move on to just test out a few games and see how they run on the T book 10 here so first like clash of clans for my little gaming test here. This isn't really a demanding game, but it can actually get laggy on some systems. The performance there is is okay and not probably as smooth as I'd. Like it to be a bit of slowdown there. Modern combat 5 Raymond doesn't seem too bad. Take a look how it runs outside you, Real Racing, 3, okay, so Mortal Kombat X running a little slow. You can see that differently about 15 10 frames per second here, so not good to see it is struggling with this game. So let's have a look and see now how warm it's getting I've been doing a bit of gaming a lot longer than what this edit is going to be in this video.

So let's have a look so around 30 degrees. It feels a little warm on the screen 37, so it is definitely getting quite hot around here. That is actually not too bad. Considering the x98 kendo from tech glass that I reviewed got up to 50 degrees, so let's see the rear of the machine. So about 31, she doesn't feel as hot just around this area, actually that's, probably where the atom chipset is just around there, so 52 degrees max so rule. I think temperature's going to be okay, but the longer you play the more those temperatures will start to creep up, but nothing alarming, like the tick last x89 kendo that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, just to point out that in Android the stylus does not Seem to work at all sync drivers or something stylus is what I would call a dumb stylus, because it doesn't actually have any pressure sensitivity whatsoever. So really it's about it just adds a little bit more accuracy than your finger, and that is really about it. But I'll show you later in Windows, so now to move over to Windows and the Windows part of the review. You just simply need to pull that down and now it's going to restart over into windows in Windows. We have 15.6 gigabytes, free and I'll. Show you that as Windows 10, if Cortana there lets me here, we go system in Windows, 10, 64 bit of course.

So we can access that full 4 gigabytes of RAM and windows activated without any problems there, which normally happens you're very, very rare now to see Chinese tablets that don't have a valid Windows, 10 license and under device manager. Have a quick look at what components we have here so under the destroyed we've got a generic end card, which we sometimes see crop up on tech glass, but not normally. Now, normally these drives a little bit slow. I will have the benchmarks of that shortly and the network adapter is a Broadcom instead of the normal real tech. We we see literally in 95 percent of these tablets, so that's only wireless in 2.4 gigahertz does not support dual band that also handles Bluetooth 4.0. So on to the benchmarks here in Windows: this is the internal drive, so that's that in card emmc you see that the read and write speeds – I guess they're, okay, where it suffers, definitely has to be the 4k randoms they're quite low. So installing programs you'll, probably notice, maybe it's a little bit slow, but I haven't noticed really any slowdown within Windows at all, so it does support 128 gigabyte SD cards that's the largest one. I have that I can test and those are the speeds there. So it is differently supporting the ultra high speed cards there and, if I move over to the benchmarks around so here is the wireless speed. Now that is a good speed.

But what I have noticed is mentioned in the Android portion of the review that I noticed that if I go downstairs, the wireless range doesn't seem as good as other tablets. Slightly less. These speeds here will be half when I'm downstairs we're farthest away from my router. Here is the Geekbench 3 score. I storm at one point two. I storm extreme one point to navigate one point one and to finally to really push it. I even ran 3d mark 11, which was extremely slow and that has AP 313 score. So temperatures through those benchmarks and really pushing it hard – I kept looping 3d mark three or four times actually just to get it nice and hot, so it did manage to get it up to 81 degrees there, but no thermal throttling. Now, what I wanted to check and see whether the T booked in here will be able to power an external hard drive, often tablets fail and don't output enough power to power a one terabyte external hard drive here. This is a Toshiba one at the moment. So I'm, just going to plug that in and see if it will, let me actually access it. Okay, looking good now, the white light means USB 2. If that was lit up and blue, that will be USB 3, but obviously it's only USB 2 port. So that is actually working fine. I can access all my files here from the one terabyte drive.

So what does it like to use performance wise? I find that for an atom, zid 8300. It performs fine edge works, especially well very smooth there. The touchscreen I find is responsive enough. Accuracy is a little less than Android, but that's normally the case, because Windows really isn't that well optimized ofcourse I'm, using Windows as a desktop can disk top mode and not using the tablet friendly touch mode, because I wanted to have easier access to the taskbar here. To show everything so that's, why I'm doing that? But you can go through different tabs here: I'm, just going to quickly load up tick tablets, comm to show you how that loads up, which is quite an image heavy website, so the keyboard on it. I find it's. Quite easy to use using it in portrait like this and just like any Windows, 10 keyboard easy to type on, even though I just made a bit of a typo there, so we'll see how this loads up should be relatively quick there's. Quite a few images on there and there we go. It has loaded the whole page in there not too much of a problem and using it the course and landscape which I prefer for looking at the Internet, and this, of course, I've got a 3 by 2 ratio screen. But this is a 16 by 10 it's. Not too bad very good performance within edge here, of course, if you try Chrome it's differing a little bit slow, it doesn't, Chrome doesn't, run as well on the Adams and not as quick and smooth as this, so just going to quickly play now a 4k clip That I recorded using my Sony a X 33 now this is a 60 megabit per second 4k clip and we'll just out the speakers as well hannahb cent volume, so that is working okay, but you'll probably hear that the speakers are absolutely pathetic in Windows.

They are even worse. Android doesn't seem too bad, and I said that the speakers there were you know average, but here in Windows they have extremely poor these speakers. They lack, I would say, a good 30 40 percent volume and compared to Android I'm, not really too sure why. But that is always the case. It seems and it's got something to do with the drivers. Android, for some reason, seems to boost the sound a little bit better enough and definitely a lot louder now. I quickly wanted to do a 4k streaming test here. This is from YouTube, running edge again and you'll, see that I've just enabled the steps for nerds it's called, dare to have a look and see what dropped frames we've got. So that is now on the 4k resolution, which is 2160p I'm, going to place that in fullscreen and see how it runs that so it can keep up with that. Just fine now I've disabled, the sound. I tend to sound off just in case because sometimes they have music tracks that will give me copyright problems. So that is the reason why I turned that off. So that is just fine. There actually there's, no drop frames there whatsoever. So the stylist here doesn't work. It all in Android, but it does work in Windows I'm, just going to quickly run one note and show you how it performs so do a little testing with it before what it does is it will actually wreck the screen particular now I used to have a Screen protector on the screen, but I had to remove that it doesn't seem to scratch the glass, but what it did with the screen protector was completely literally just cut it up and damage it quite a lot.

So here, I'm just already had a short little scribble. There before just to show you quickly that it does as soon as it's close to the screen does offer some kind of well, some palm rejection, there's no pressure sensitivity. So if I just actually sorry I need to go into the draw mode here. So there we go, I can use my finger and as soon as the stylus is there zero palm rejection, but once it's literally touching the screen now, my finger is not doing anything so there's, no pressure sensitivity. If I just try and write simply here hello, you see what happened then, because it's only activating the palm rejection as soon as it literally touching the screen, you get that horrible just drew line there, which is not good at all so I'm. Trying to write hello here – this is honestly it's a useless stylus. The only really thing is good, at, I would say, is a more precise, pointer, you're not going to be able to write properly with us. You need something like a Wacom, or at least the active pressure, sensitive styluses, that a lot of other tablets, but this stylus definitely gets a big thumbs down from me. It is baran completely useless just to quickly touch on the battery life, so you get around about four hours out of this now there is something going on here with the battery not been calibrated correctly, because when you run it right down to say, I think it's 7, it will continue on for at least another half an hour or 40 minutes almost an hour, so something wrong with the calibration here now it's saying that it only has a 4519 milliamp hour battery within there, which isn't correct, because, according to the specs it's supposed To have is 6500 milliamp hour battery and then the tablet dock has an additional 3500.

I would say with the dock and the internal batteries were the two batteries together you should be able to get more or less, I would say – 7 hours, maybe 67 hours. So okay kind of battery life here, but the calibration issue does make it seem like you're running out of battery a lot quicker. You look down here that same you only have I'm at 85 only has three and a half hours left and has currently been on for 37 minutes and that is consumed to 15. So a battery life, yes average, not the best. The T book is one of the few tablets that I have seen that will allow you to actually charge via the micro, USB 2 port or the DC port there. So using a 2 amp, 9 volt charger there, it will charge at approximately three hours to fully charge which isn't bad at all so it's, quite quick, aided by the extra volts it has there. If you see there's a tiny little stylus LED light that lights up and if you use micro, USB you're looking around five hours. So almost the two hours extra they're quite slow to charge. And if you try and charge it when in use, it will not actually gain any charge using the micro USB 2 port that, if you use the DC jack, then it will actually be able to charge, is only 2 megapixels and I find the quality to actually Be all right: I've used it in Skype and here's it just a sample there, it's fine as long as you're in good lighting.

If you go into a dark dim lit room, then it will get very grainy and very pixel II, which is always the case with these kind of cameras there we are missing a camera on the rear. But honestly, like I mentioned before that, you're not really missing out on much because your mobile phone will take a far superior image than what any rear facing camera would. So this is a stall game. Asphalt. 8 airborne, definitely not running at 30 frames per second that's. A little stutter II little slow, let's see how league of legend runs now I'm, using a keyboard to control the game. Alright, so the default settings not running – and I think it's 1080p here that's just too slow – you can see 18 frames per second I'm. Definitely gon na have to lower that down now. Alright, so I changed the resolution to 1024 by 768 and you can see already hitting around well 30 frames per second sorry, 60, but it's only just the beginning of the game here. So we'll see how it goes, but it seems definitely gon na be playable should be anyway, because it does run on other FM X, 8300. Okay, tipping down to about 30, then all right so it's safe for me to say now that you at least going to get around 30 20 – maybe it might dip down to about 25 frames per second but I'd still say it's going to be just playable there.

You can, of course, lower resolution down even further from what I have here now look at Counter Strike global Offensive running on the lower settings: 800 x, 600. Everything is set to low I'm going to play the dust to map. Ok, so you can already see it's running quite slowly, around 20 frames per second, so 24 frames per second dipping, not really ideal frame rates, a lot of leg day with this mug and I'm dead. So, just to recap, my findings that I think the build quality of the tea book 10 here is excellent. The full metal alloy rare on it is very nice and we do have small bezels that are only around about a thumbnail in width, which we normally see on these tablets a lot larger than that. So that is good to see. Now I don't have the keyboard. So I cannot comment on that, yet until I actually receive that, but that should add additional battery life. The better life is one of the worst parts of this tablet, because it's a little disappointing to only get around three and a half to four hours and windows, and about four and a half for an Android it's, not really the best now there's, something going on. Also with the calibration there were the battery how it still runs, even though it's on 7, it will still keep going for a little while longer I've seen that on other tablets before and the next worst thing to is the speakers which in Windows are very bad, But in Android they're average, but in Windows they just aren't loud enough and they do lack a lot of there's, no bass to them.

Just tinny, not very good there. But the screen is nice. Okay, maybe it's a little on the dull side, maximum brightness, but you can probably see here. This is 100 cent brightness and it looks quite good indoors. So don't really think that too many people going to have a problem with that brightness level. Aside from those two real issues – there's a minor issue too sorry, which is the wireless reception, it doesn't have the range I've seen of other tablets, but it's it's not deal breaker range. I don't think it's still, okay, I'd, classify that as yeah it's, alright, but not the best.